Which modem is Good for 4G LTE TDD network?

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					                       Which modem is Good for 4G LTE TDD network?

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More and more 4G networks are launched to commercial as time being, many users want to have
their own mobile gadgets to experience faster surfing speed. However, there are so many 4G
modems on the market now, which one is better?

It's a good question. First, we should know some knowledge about 4G Network. LTE and WiMAX
are two most popular 4G Network. Since LTE dominates the 4G trend. Today, we would introduce
4G modem for LTE network.

As the most popular 4G network, LTE uses TDD and FDD technologies to transmit the data.
Subsequently, there are 4G TDD modem and 4G FDD modem. They both have special advantages
and weakness. This is not our topic today. Today we talk about the 4G modem for TDD network,
i.e. 4G TDD Modems.

TDD Frequencies Band & Spectrum

              LTE BAND    ALLOCATION(MHZ)OCATION              WIDETH OF
              NUMBER                 (MHZ)                    BAND(MHZ)

                 33               1900 - 1920                      20

                 34               2010 - 2025                      15

                 35               1850 - 1910                      60

                 36               1930 - 1990                      60

                 37               1910 - 1930                      20

                 38               2570 - 2620                      50

                 39               1880 - 1920                      40

                 40               2300 - 2400                     100

                 41               2496 - 2690                     194

                 42               3400 - 3600                     200

                 43               3600 - 3800                     200
Below are the top TDD Modems that are good for 4G TDD networks:

4G modems for band 38(2600MHz):

    1. Asiatelco ALT-C180 .
    2. Asiatelco ALT-C186
    3. Asiatelco ALT-C187
    4. Huawei E392-92
    5. ZTE MF820S2
    6. ZTE MF820T
    7. ZTE MF880
    8. HUAWEI E392u-21

4G modems for band 40(2300MHz):

    1. Asiatelco ALT-C160,
    2. Huawei E392-92,
    3. ZTE MF820S2 .
    4. ZTE MF880
    5. ZTE MF820T

So if you are hesitate on which TDD Modem to choose/buy, hope above information would help
you make the decision. But since the TDD modems for rest bands are very few, we will make a
summary next time about 4G LTE dongles.

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