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					Eduardo A. Chongkan L.

Condominio San Marino # 56, 200m este de PASOCA. La unión de 3 Ríos,
Cartago, Costa Rica.

Date of Birth: 22-02-82 / Marital Status: Married.

Cell phone: 8879-42-94

2000 2002         Universidad de Costa Rica                             San Pedro, San José
                  Mechanical Engineering

2005              Universidad Latina de Costa Rica                      San Pedro, San José
                  Bachelor Degree, Computer Science


2005              Universidad Latina de Costa Rica                      San Pedro, San José
                  CCNA 1 - Networking Basics ( 1 module )

Professional experience

10.05     01.06   Gold Capital Services S.A.                            Pavas, San José

                  IT Assistant

                  Network management and Technical Support, Web(IIS), Proxy, DHCP and DNS
                  servers administration and maintenance. We hosted 20 websites.

                  Time in position: 3 months.

02.2006           Hewlett-Packard Co.                                   La Aurora, Heredia

                  ISS server support engineer level 2
                  ISS - Proliant servers support for USA and Canada. Technical Supervisor.
                  Also webmaster of the regional and worldwide ISS webites. (IIS)
                  - Design and programming of several regional websites (ASP & PHP)
                  - Assigned to the internal world wide ISS website maintenance team.

                  Time in position: 2 years.

Eduardo A. Chongkan L.

03.2008          HP-RISS/IAP Technical Consultant
                 Software and Hardware support for HP Integrated Archiving Platform, a Linux
                 and java based appliance over apache tomcat that stores email, files and
                 medical images in a SAN.
                 Remote Employee.

                 Time in Position: 2 years.

04.09-09.10      SigmaOne Corp. / Web developer.
                 Team leader of the IT department, maintenance of an US Department of State
                 sponsored page and a Portal-X CMS based intranet site. Remote Contractor.
                 Time in position: 1.5 years.

06.10-08.11      Likan Development. / Web developer.
                 Co-founder / Joomla Web developer. Custom Components, Module, Plugins
                 and Templates development.
                 Time in position: 1.2 years.

05.11-08.11      Bosz Digital. / Creative Engineer / Sr. Web developer.
                 Development and Maintenance of several websites running on top of a
                 Java/Spring platform.
                 Time in position: 3 months

Freelance Portfolio:
          Native Spanish & Advanced English level.

       Intermediate to high level: PHP, Joomla! CMS ( MVC programming, JavaScript,
JQuery, CSS, XHTML SQL Server, MySQL, IBM-DB2, Adobe Fireworks.

        Intermediate level: Java, Android SDK/ADT (Eclipse), Photoshop, Ilustrator, Flash,
Oracle and several other web based Open Source applications, Pascal, Visual C# .NET, Visual
Basic 6.0/.NET, C, C++, ASP, ASP.NET.

          Basic Level: Flash ActionScript, Flex environment.

          Technical: Hardware and software installation and configuration.
          PCs, Servers, RAID controllers, Windows Server, Linux.
        Other : SEO & Internet Marketing Microsoft ISA Server firewall and firewall client,
Sygate Personal Firewall and Microsoft IIS administration and management. AD


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