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					   J.A.T.C. News                                                                                       PRSRT STD
                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
Fall Courses      that   are                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
planned:                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                               1517 WOODRUFF STREE
                                             STREET                                                         PAID
                                                                                                    PITTSBURGH, PA
Honeywell Digital Build-                                                                               PITTSBURGH,
                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 1099 PA
                               PITTSBURGH, PA 15220
ing Controls Solution
Training: Four Thursday                                                                                PERMIT NO.1099
evenings from 6:00 PM –
9:00 PM starting Septem-
ber 23, 2004. The course
will be taught by Honey-
well BC Specialist – Ste-
ven Amato. This class will                                                                                                         2004 U.A. SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT
be limited to 24 students.

Medical Gas Intaller Certi-
fication: This certification        “HEATS ON 2004”            All suggestions for topics to be covered in the
consists of a code under-
                                                                                       newsletter are of legis-
                               All suggestions for topics to be covered in the welcomed. A piece heartily
                                                               newsletter are heartily
                                    Will be held on September
standing exam and a braz-      welcomed. A piece of legislation, an event, present or future concerns, etc. etc.
                                                              lation, an event, present future concerns, are
ing exam. The class is a        25,2004 @ 7:00 a.m. for breakfast
forty hour course and will
                                                                    all fair game.
                                                                                   work for you. All let it work for
                               are all fair game. Restaurant on newsletter, let itThis is your newsletter, suggestions
                                 at the Tambellinis This is your    you. All suggestions should be submitted in writing
be offered starting Tues-               be submitted in writing and sentsent the union hall.
                               shouldRt. 51, Pittsburgh, PA.
day, September 14, 2004                                             and to to the union hall.
from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
The course will run every                   FREQUENTLY CALLED PHONE NUMBERS
Tuesday and Thursday
evening for six weeks.
                                          Union Hall……………………………………                      412-381-1133
We will be scheduling a                    Toll Free …………………………………… 1-800-253-6960
scaffolding certification
course, an OSHA 10                        Union Web Page ……………………………...
course, an AutoCAD                        Apprentice & Journeymen Training Center....   412-481-0333
course, a Johnson Digital
controls course, and oth-                 Vaccaro & Associates ……………………….               412-481-0300
ers.                                       Toll Free …………………………………… 1-888-355-5665
The weld shop will have                   Highmark …………………………………..                    1-800-241-5704
some open booth’s on                      Social Security ……………………………… 1-800-772-1213
Monday’s and Wednes-
day’s evenings from 6:00
                                          Credit Union …………………………………                    412-678-9564                          The Annual U.A. Softball Tournament was        confident the team was ready. How right they
PM – 9:30 PM starting                     PNC Response Line ………………………… 1-800-374-4631                                     held on June 18th -20th, 2004. We usually ex-      were! They proceeded to beat up on Toronto Local
September      13,  2004.                 Delta Dental …………………………………. 1-800-932-0783                                      perience rain during the Tournament but this       # 46. Final score 21-1 ending in a 10 run rule.
Welders are welcome to
brush up on any welding                   NPA …………………………………………. 1-800-467-2006                                            year the games were rain free with beautiful       (When you are up by 10 the game is over after 5
process they desire. You                  MAP (Member Assist Program) ……………….. 1-800-656-9678                             sunny skies. Once again, the host union, Cin-      innings.) A hockey game might have been a differ-
must call for a welding                                                                                                   cinnati Local # 392 did a great job for the 27th   ent outcome. The team gained confidence and next
booth assignment because                  Mobile Medical ……………………………… 1-888-662-8358
                                                                                                                          consecutive year. We landed in the “C” Divi-       played Fort Wayne Indiana at 6:00 P.M. Normally
of limited space.                         Home Page Training Center …… 449                    sion this year with 15 other U.A. Locals. Our      this is a grudge match with Local #166 and us but
The upcoming UA Weld                                                                                                      first game was against Ann Arbor Michigan          our team was in high gear from thrashing the Ca-
                                                            SCHEDULED EVENTS                                              Local # 190 at 12:30 Friday afternoon. The         nucks and again we prevailed. Final Score 13-5
Test will be: September
26, 2004, October 23,          Monday, September 6, 2004 ………………… Labor Day Parade (Mellon Arena)                          team from Michigan jumped out in front of us       over the combination Local from Indiana. We had
2004, November 20, 2004        Sat./Sun. September 11-12, 2004 …………        State Softball Tournament (Pittsburgh, PA)     early and they never looked back (we didn’t        one more game to play on Saturday.
and December 18, 2004.
Please register for the UA
                               Friday, September 17, 2004 ………………… Union Meeting (Union Hall Meeting Room)                 hit) and they beat us 13-3. The next game was      It was against our good friends from Akron Ohio,
Weld exam and the above        Friday, October 1, 2004 ……………………… Union Meeting (Union Hall Meeting Room)                  Saturday morning at 10:15. After getting up        Local #219 at 9:00 P.M.
mentioned classes by call-     Friday, October 15, 2004 ……………………...Union Meeting (Union Hall Meeting Room)                early and taking some batting practice,                                  (cont. page 4 )
ing the Technology Center      Tuesday, November 2, 2004 …………………..Election Day                                            Coaches Ken Midgley and Harry Sterling felt
@ 412-481-0333.
                                                       88                                                                                                                    1
                  2004 GOLF TOURNAMENT
       The Annual Steamfitters Golf Outing at Cedarbrook Golf Course started out with 148
golfers in attendance on a beautiful sunny morning. This year we played the “red course” for
the first time and everyone enjoyed the change. We now will alternate between the gold and red
course every year. Hopes were high with everyone wishing they would be the one to win the
$10,000 hole in one. Although that it did not happen, the day was still filled with lots of fun and
laughs. This year we had four eagle eyes on hole No.11 as the witnesses, Harry Sterling, Bob
Braithwaite, Bill Tuite and Sean George. They also took pictures of all the groups at that tee.
      Playing a new course brought a new champion this year. Finishing in first place this year
at 12 under par was the team from our sister Local #354, led by International Rep. John Wright
and Business Mgr. Dave Donato along with Agents Don Paulovich and Tim Custer. Second
place at 11 under went to perennial champs Tom Wiggins, Joe Wiggins, Jim Wiggins and Rob
Lockwood. Third place also at 11 under but losing the #1 handicap hole to the Wiggins team
was Bill Gardner Sr., Bill Gardner Jr., Jim McCann and Joe Quirin.
      The following members won the skill prizes: closest to the pin No.3- Tim Custer, closest
to the pin No.5- Tim Conley, closest to the pin in two No.9- Mark Ledergerber, closest to the
pin No.11- Dave Sinneway, closest to the pin No.15- Bill McDonald, closest to the pin in two
No.16- Jeff Rupert.
      We had many great prizes again this year, most donated. Clubs, balls, shirts, towels, hats,
and coolers. Almost everyone went home with something. A big hit were the Steamfitter turtle
neck shirts that everyone received this year. Special thanks go out to Guido Lorenzi, John Har-
kins and Harry Sterling for their help with registration in the morning and during the dinner dis-
tributing tickets and prizes.
     We hope to see a great crowd again next year but remember, we only take the first 144
golfers that are paid at the hall. Next year cut off is at 144 again so get your money in as soon
as you receive the entry form in the mail.
         Mark your calendar now for Saturday June 11, 2005.


                                                 c                                                    77
                                     KNOW YOUR BENEFITS
                                     WHAT IS MY HRA?
                            2004 GOLF TOURNAMENT
Your HRA (Healthcare Reimbursement Account) is funded by Employer Contributions of $.25 per hour paid.
These contributions are accumulated for you and your account balance is shown on your quarterly Work History
report (see example below). You may be reimbursed from your HRA only for medical, dental, vision or self-
payment expenses not covered by your insurance.

In the example below, the HRA balance of $400.00 may be deducted from the $910.00 self-payment owed to con-
tinue coverage. The member would send a check to the Fund Office for $510.00 along with a signed request to
deduct $400.00 from his/her HRA balance.

          Joe Steamfitter                                           ID No:           12345
          123 Main Street                                           Local:           449
          Anywhere, PA                                              Date of Birth:
                                                                    Work Per:        03/2004 - 05/2004
                                            11                      Rec’d Date:      04/2004 - 06/2004
                                                                    Benefit Per:     08/2004 - 10/2004

Work                                   Welfare         Pension        Retirement             Credit
Month     Employer                     Hours            Hours          Sec.Amt               Union

Contributions for current quarter:

Mar-04 Xyz Company                  160.00         160.00            $0.00             $0.00
Apr-04                               0.00           0.00             $0.00             $0.00
             We hope to see a great crowd again next year but remember, we only take the first 144
                                     0.00           0.00                               $0.00
May-04golfers that are paid at the hall. Next year cut off is at 144 $0.00 so get your money in as soon
           you receive the entry form in the mail. 160.00
        asTotals:                   160.00                           $0.00             $0.00
Special Exemption Provision - 0 Hours
                  Mark your calendar now for Saturday June 11, 2005.
A3 - Insured & Spouse (Non-Medicare) PPOBlue

You must contribute $910.00 by July 31, 2004 to continue coverage. Please make check or money order
payable to : Steamfitters Multiple Funds and mail to the address shown above

This is a record of your Healthcare Reimbursement Account.


Previous HRA Balance:                                            $360.00
HRA Contributions received 04/01/04 - 06/30/04:                   $40.00
HRA Claims paid 04/01/04 - 06/30/04:                               $0.00
Total HRA Balance:                                               $400.00

                                                     66                                                            3

       2004 SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT                                      Retirees’ Corner
(cont. from page 1)
                                                        Membership meeting                                          IT COULD HAPPEN TO                                 he had not. Sean had a message that was worth-
   Akron, a strong team, jumped out early up                                                                                                                           while and powerful and seemed to move the men
11-4 after 2 innings. They were up 14-10 after
                                                          The regular scheduled membership meeting was                    YOU ! ! !                                    in a positive direction.
                                                        held June 15, 2004 at the Teutonia Mannerchor.            When life hands you lemons……..make lem-
5 innings but in the six inning, our team fought                                                                                                                           Since that inauspicious beginning, standing in
                                                        Among the topics discussed were the July 21,          onade. That’s what Sean George has done with
back and with Ray Dulaney on second base                                                                                                                               the gravel of Keystone, Sean has put together a
                                                        2004 Tour of Heinz Field, that guests were wel-       what was arguably the worst experience of his
Chris Mullen went yard. This homerun put us in                                                                                                                         professional quality presentation that he has deliv-
                                                        come to attend followed by a buffet lunch at the      life. The explosion at the West Allegheny Middle
the lead 15-14. With strong defense we held on                                                                                                                         ered to Steamfitter Apprentices and Journeymen
                                                        Teutonia Mannerchor Club. The corn roast will         School that burned Sean over 65% of his body
to win a great game. Nothing better than com-                                                                                                                          in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, here in Penn-
                                                        be on Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at the North Park      and killed his cousin John Rogers was some 29
ing from behind to win a big game against a sis-                                                                                                                       sylvania, and in Florida. He has spoken to OSHA
ter Local. Sunday morning with clear sunny              Lodge. The Seneca Casino Overnight trip, Niag-        years ago, Sean’s third day on his first job as a
                                                        ara Falls, N.Y. is scheduled for Monday/ Tuesday                                                               classes, college students, at two Safety Seminars
skies we opposed Providence R.I. Local #51.                                                                   Steamfitter Apprentice, John’s last days as a
                                                        October 18-19, 2004. Members are welcome to                                                                    at Penn State and IUP respectively, he was one of
After a 5-5 first inning we kept hitting and run-                                                             Steamfitter Journeyman.
                                                        bring guests. The trip includes: transportation,                                                               two Keynote Speakers at the Workers Memorial
ning the bases, Providence did not. Final Score                                                                   Although we are all well aware of the inherent       Day Remembrance in Market Square this past
18-6, another big victory. Next game Sunday at          one-night accommodations (Quality Hotel &             dangers in our chosen trade, no one goes to work
                                                        Suites), one breakfast, baggage handling, casino                                                               April. There will be a story written in The Pitts-
noon against Miami Florida Local #725. We hit                                                                 expecting an accident. We all plan on driving            burgh Post Gazette on Sunday September 5th,
but they out hit us. 20-7 was the final score and       bonus and taxes. Vials of Life were distributed to    home at the end of the day in our vehicles, none of
                                                        all members desiring them.                                                                                     2004 about Sean’s ordeal and his efforts today to
with our second loss we were eliminated from                                                                  us have romantic notions about taking a helicopter       promote safety in the workplace.
the Tournament.                                            Ron Conley, former National Commander of           ride to a hospital. It can and will happen though
                                                        the American Legion, spoke to the thirty-seven                                                                     Sean wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Ken
   It was one of the best showings we had in                                                                  it’s not always to “the other guy”. If you don’t
                                                        members and guests in attendance regarding Vet-                                                                Broadbent, Dale Glavin and all of the Officers of
Cincinnati. Our record was 4 wins 2 losses and                                                                believe me, ask Sean.
                                                        erans Benefits.                                                                                                Local 449, without whose help this would not be
we finished 4th in our Division. The Union ap-                                                                    The road from September 19th 1975 to the pre-        possible and all of the Journeyman and Appren-
preciates the coaching job done by Ken Midg-            Heinz Field Tour                                      sent has been quite a roller coaster ride for not just   tices through the years on whom Sean has de-
ley and Harry Sterling. The players deserve a           On July 21, 2004 twenty-seven members and             Sean, but most everyone involved in his life.            pended heavily to get through some tough times.
big hand for giving up a weekend of there valu-         their guests met at Heinz Field to tour the facili-   There have been countless surgeries, many emo-           It is a great feeling to be in possession of some-
able time to represent and market our Local Un-         ties. The tour included the field, the locker         tional challenges, and a battle with drugs and alco-     thing that just might save a life. The best is yet to
ion.                                                    rooms, the press boxes, the clubhouse and the         hol that Sean says he has lost. With a lot of help       come.
   The next Softball Tournament is the Pennsyl-         great hall. Afterwards, most of the group at-         from family, friends, and many Steamfitters
vania Pipe Trades State Softball Tournament to          tended a buffet lunch at the Teutonia Mannerchor      throughout the years Sean has come full circle
be held Saturday September 11th at Universal            Club.                                                 from that tragic day in “75”. He reports that his
Park in Penn Hills. Games start around 9:00                  Below are some of the activities scheduled       life is “better today than it has ever been”.
                                                                                                                                                                                        449 STEAMFITTER
A.M. Food and beverages are served all day                                 for this year                          It was about two years ago on a shutdown at
long. Come on out, have some fun and support                         Social calendar for 2004                 the Keystone Power Station that Sean was first                                 NEWSLETTER
our team.                                                   September 21, 2004: Membership Meeting            asked to share his experience with Building                                      COMMITTEE
                                                        October 18 & 19 2004: Seneca Casino,                  Trades members. This was at the behest of Gerry
                      RETIREES                                                   Niagara Fall, NY trip        Klimo, the Steward and MOST Safety certified                                412-381-1133– phone

                                                               November 2004: Bowling / Dinner                Boilermaker onsite at Keystone. Sean listened                                412-381-7875—f ax
                       June 2004                                                                              with some skepticism as Gerry reported with con-
                 BYRNE S. DOYLE
                                                                December 6, 2004: Christmas Party
                                                                                                              fidence that if only one of his 150 men were                      Kenneth Broadbent         Gary Steigerwald
                 ARTHUR E. GATH                                                                                                                                                 Martin Noone              Alan Steigerwald
                                                                       IN MEMORIAM                            reached through these efforts, then it was worth-
                                                                                                              while. After much discussion, Sean agreed and                     Richard King              Marty Schindehette
                      August 2004                                                                                                                                               John Neely                Dale Glavin, Jr.
           THOMAS V. ANTONOVICH                                                                               spoke with the men in three groups of 50 each.
                                                                Jeremiah P.O’Carroll . . . . .7/04
             RONALD F. CONLEY                                                                                 What happened over the next few days was a
                                                                                                                                                                              A newsletter of the Steamfitters Local Union
             CHARLES P. EICHNER                                 Charles T. Finnegan . . . . . . 8/04          complete surprise to Sean as the Boilermakers on                #449, members of the United Association of Jour-
              THOMAS H. HODILL                                                                                the job began approaching him and sharing how                   neymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe
                                                                                                                                                                              Fitting Industry of the United State and Canada.
           CHARLES J. KETTERER, III                             Clarence E. Harris . . . . . . . . 8/04       his story had really been a wake up call for them.
              MELVIN A. MOORE                                                                                 Sean realized that Gerry had seen something that
              DAVID E. STORMER
               JOHN J. WEYANDT
                                                    4                                                                                                             55

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