Air cargo volumes show some improvement

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					Air cargo volumes show some improvement
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released traffic results for November
2012 which showed an improvement in air freight demand, with volumes edging up
1.6% after declining 2.6% in October, year to year.
“November brought some positive signs for air transport demand—particularly for air
cargo,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO. “It is premature to consider
this a turning point for air cargo markets in terms of bouncing back and regaining lost
ground. But, when coupled with positive economic developments in the U.S. and an
improvement in business confidence in recent months, the conditions are aligning to
see a return to growth in 2013.”
Tyler added that in 2013 IATA expects that cargo volumes will grow 1.4% worldwide.
This reflects a shift in seasonal shopping to online retailers, he said, which depend
heavily on air cargo.
“It also shows improved consumer confidence in the US. Seasonally-adjusted air freight
volumes have now risen back to the levels of mid-2012, after declines in the third
quarter,” said Tyler.
Although some of this increase reflects the impact of the Thai floods in the year-ago
period, the month-on-month increase of 2.4% is a positive sign, but industry analysts
said this may not be reflected in rates.
“It’s our feeling that rates will continue to remain at present levels during the first quarter
of 2013 and likely remain so unless there is a discernible economic recovery that will
include robust consumer spending,” said Charles “Chuck” Clowdis, managing director of
transportation advisory services for IHS Global Insight.

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