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					                                  Dianna Martinez
                     Senior Web Programmer in Los Angeles, CA

My work...

Vonderland Studios
Senior Developer (July 2012 - current)

Tuesday Creative
Senior Developer (December 2003 - July 2012)

  •	 Universal VOD Consumer Site -
     Built custom CMS using PHP/Oracle to dynamically update the web site; Built tool to pull
     in	new	data	from	the	Digital	Distribution	Affiliate	Extranet	on	a	schedule	via	an	XML	feed;	
     Worked	with	thePlatform	to	integrate	a	video	player	generated	in	MPX	and	modified	it	to	
     share custom deep links; Integrated page layouts.

  •	 Traxee -
     Built	custom	CMS	using	Ruby	on	Rails	to	update	the	blog	and	event	listing;	Site	also	
     allowed users to track their miles in the runner’s log, along with the miles put on their
     shoes;	Integrated	page	layouts;	Designed	and	built	flash	advertisement.

  •	 DIRECTV US Press Center
     Built	custom	CMS	using	PHP/MySQL	to	upload	media	photos	and	video,	update	company	
     bios	and	show	information	on	the	press	extranet;	Built	tool	to	pull	new	data	from	the	
     external	DIRECTV	press	site;	Implemented	Limelight	CDN;	Integrated	page	layouts.

  •	 One West Bank -
     Built	OWB’s	site	using	Ektron	CMS400.NET,	writing	custom	templates	in	ASP.NET	and	C#;	
     Integrated page layouts.

  •	 NBCU Television Consumer Products -
     Built custom CMS using PHP/MySQL to maintain property information, control home page
     main	promos,	control	downloadable	files	and	their	access	rights	and	add	press	releases;	
     Integrated page layouts.

  •	 Green is Universal -
     Acted	as	lead	on	customized	WordPress	build	and	provided	support	to	site	development.

  •	 Healthy at NBCU DinnerTool “What’s for Dinner” app -
     Built	an	API	for	the	iPhone	and	Android	app	to	get	live	data	from	the	Facebook	page	and	
     save	badges	for	achievements.

  •	 Text for Trees 2012 Sweepstakes (no longer live)
     Built	sweepstakes	portion	for	the	campaign	and	provided	support	for	texting	APIs.

  •	 Disney Dads -
     Built	customized	WordPress	site	using	Custom	Post	Types,	Custom	Fields,	multiple	Post	
     Thumbnails	and	Theme	Options;	Integrated	page	layouts.
  •	 DIRECTV Latin America Press Center
     Leveraged	code	from	US	version	to	create	a	custom	CMS	for	Latin	America	to	upload	media	
     photos	and	video,	update	company	bios	and	show	information	on	the	press	center,	along	
     with	their	translations;	Added	security	for	territory	access;	Implemented	Limelight	CDN;	
     Integrated page layouts.

  •	 Sprokk - (currently in development, launching Fall 2012)
     Front-end	development	and	integration;	Used	jQuery	to	interact	with	the	backend	via	API	
     calls	(built	with	CakePHP	framework)	and	display	resulting	JSON;	Communicated	with	Flash	
     elements to send and get data.

     See complete list at

Disney Internet Group
Site Content Developer (September 2000 - December 2003)

  •	 Responsible	for	TEA	template	changes/updates/additions	on	and	Video.
  •	 Receive	and	integrate	video	Web	sites	to	comply	with	Disney	standards	(including	the	
     addition	of	footers,	chromes,	ads,	Hitbox	tracking,	etc.),	as	well	as	test	Web	sites,	
     troubleshoot,	and	fix	bugs
  •	 Occasional	graphic	and	Flash	updates
  •	 Maintain	video	Web	sites	for	and

Disney Internet Group
QA Tester (August 1999 - September 2000)

  •	 Tested	Web	sites	for	and

My Skills...

Proficient                       Familiar                      Other

HTML                             Perl                          Fast	and	accurate	typist
JavaScript	(jQuery)              TEA                           Very	detail	oriented
CSS styling and layout           Ruby on Rails                 Capable of writing code
PHP/MySQL                        ASP.NET                       compatible with all current
PHP/Oracle                       SEO                           browsers
WordPress 3                      Adobe	Flash                   Comfortable in both Windows and
Drupal 7                         Adobe Acrobat                 Mac	environments
Adobe Photoshop                  Adobe InDesign                I	love	my	Canon	cameras	and	
Microsoft Word                   Adobe Illustrator             Apple products, making soaps
Microsoft	Excel                  Ektron	CMS400.NET             from scratch and creating photo
                                                               jewelry	with	resin

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