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Web Design Service with Taj Technotech Ltd.
There would hardly be a webmaster who wouldn’t like the idea of his site achieving the status of internet
stardom so that it can achieve more sales, experience more customer traffic and boost up the business.
But as they say, it is easier said than done. There are thousand other websites, which deal in the same
products and services as you do are struggling hard to capture maximum share of customer traffic along with
Naturally customers are going to visit sites which will feature on the top of search results. So, its important for
you to build a website which along with being attractive and informative, can manage to feature in the top
search rankings as well, thus bringing in considerable amount of customer traffic for your business. The
experts at Global Website Design are committed to provide the best web designing solutions at your disposal.
The staff at Global Website Design is experienced in different aspects of website designing which will help to
promote the products and services of your company in the best possible way. The web designing team at
Global Website Designs includes renowned professionals in the field of SEO ranging from SEO copywriter,
W3C Markup consultants and search engine optimization specialists.

The professional web design services provided by us include:
Custom website design and development
Web hosting
Domain name registrations
Redesigning of your website
SEO copywriting
Search engine submission
Maintenance of the website and SEO content
Though we welcome the idea of custom making a website which will be best suited to your business purposes,
our team at Global Website Design would love to extend their services to clients who feel that their existing
websites needs remodeling and is not currently suited to the SEO standards of internet marketing.

    Website designing Services             Search Engine Marketing                   Intenet Marketing

       Website designing Services          Search Engine Marketing               Safe Email Marketing
       Website redesigning                 Search Engine Optimization            Intenet Advertising
       Web Services                        Proper Keyword Selection              Mall Linking Service
       Logo Designing                      SEO Consultant Services Organic       Business Service
       Software/Web Development            Search Engine Optimization            Increase Traffic,Leads and Sales
       Flash Development                   Link Building                         Affiliate Marketing,
       Search Engine Marketing             Reciprocal one-way Link Building      Social Media Marketing,
       Multimedia Presentation             Content Writing and Optimization      Viral Marketing
       Flash Website Designing             Blogging and Social Networking        Local Paid Advertising
       Banner Designing                    Directory Submissions                 Strategic services
       Flash Intro                         PPC Mgmt on Google Analytics          E-mail marketing
       Brochure Designing                  Search Engine Submissions             Video Advertising
       Website Maintenance                 Article Syndication                   Mobile Advertising
       E-Commerce Solutions                SEO Packages                          Podcasting
       Flash Corporate Presentation        SEO Affiliate Program                 Web Usability
       Graphic Designing                   Bookmarking                           Web Analytics
INVISIBLE COP SOFT. is a computer network activity recording-monitoring-capturing software. This software
records emails sent and received, web sites visited, conversation made in office,programs run, network bandwidth
used, files downloaded,allkeypressed&mousepressed,porn-adult websites visited,facebook-orkut-twitter and other
social sites visited,documents and letter opened-created-modified, internet used, web searches
made,passwordentered,confidential files such as quotation-bills-purchase price list tempered/changed,cyber
crimedone,illegal activities made,network computers used,files shared and transferred,folders and files
copied/stolen on CD/pen drive,files and softwaresdownloaded,Video
CDs/DVD watched, instant messages sent, chat conversations made, IP
address hacked, server hacked , websites& data hacked and all other
major/minor activities made on computer system with exact date- time -
user information in five different formats : images,text,snapshots,video and
Also records conversation of staff membersconfidentially.Know what your
staff is thinking and talking about you and your company.Very powerful and
useful feature.
This software works 100 % confidentially and silently.Starts working at
system boot in background and without informing people working on
computers.Your staff members will never come to know that INVISIBLE
COP SOFT. is installed and watching and recording their activities every
moment.Even computer experts or hackers or maintenance people can
not find threads of this software.
Blocks and allows desired websites and webpages.Stop your staff
members watching websites
liketwitter,facebook,orkut,monster,naukarietc.Block websites using keywords like porn, adult,cricket,
chat,games,gambling,sports,friends,girls etc.
INVISIBLE COP SOFT. locks and restricts software applications,programs,all major and minor options of Ms-
Windows,systemtools,internet,e-mails, etc. as and when required.
Increase your business productivity and efficiency.Stop your staff doing personal work in office hours. INVISIBLE
COP SOFT. software has the ability to create recordings of all on-going activities in real time. It is a useful
surveillance utility that enables organizations to audit the activities of employees during work hours. It helps
employers to keep an eye on internet and PC activities.
INVISIBLE COP SOFT. is a result oriented and cost effective employee monitoring software that allows company
administrators to monitor and supervise their employees' PC from a central location. It is an affordable and best way
to boost the employees' productivity in an organization. Offline and online recordings are created with this software.
Offline recording is useful when the monitoring server is either closed or you are not present to monitor or track
activities. It is very useful for companies and organizations that are facing problems of confidential data transfer,
wastage of working hours, net surfing, and time spent on personal activities by their employees.
With INVISIBLE COP SOFT. employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can
experience the enhanced efficiency and increased output at work. It is the perfect employee monitoring software that
monitors every activity including currently running applications, typed keystrokes, websites visited, list of the file(s)
uploaded / downloaded through FTP protocol, opened / closed windows application, desktop screenshots, chat logs,
internet activities, system process, and much more.
Website designing is the best means to modify the website so as to make it user friendly. Web design plays a
vital role in bringing traffic to the websites. We accomplish your website designing by developing, executing,
structuring and modeling your web content on computer softwares and programs such as tablets, illustrator
and caffeine.

Here are the factors that we keep in mind while designing a website.

We carry out navigational and usability issues of your website.
We study the market and construct a viable analysis of client’s website.
We avoid giving flashy headers to your website as they can distract the readers.
We never clutter up the WebPages by advertisements, unnecessary banners or images as it can disinterest
the target audience.
We don’t use dark backgrounds on light fonts such as blue as this way your content will become illegible for
the target audience.
We never use those graphics that takes time in downloading as it can influence the target audience to click
on other website’s link. We use an image editor or GFX writer that can edit the image so as to make the
downloading faster.
We focus on making a well-designed and neat header graphic as this is the first thing that the target audience
notices and decides whether to continue or not. We give a professional header so as to reflect relevancy of
the website.

                                        Website designing Services
                 Website designing Services                       Flash Website Designing
                 Website redesigning                              Banner Designing
                 Web Services                                     Flash Intro
                 Logo Designing                                   Brochure Designing
                 Software/Web Development                         Website Maintenance
                 Flash Development                                E-Commerce Solutions
                 Search Engine Marketing                          Flash Corporate Presentation
                 Multimedia Presentation                          Graphic Designing
Search Engine Optimization basically is a method by which one get its site up in the rankings for keywords,
search engine optimization in India, is making your website visible and relevant to both search engines and
search engine users.
How is this done? The Basics of Good website Optimization for search engines. Good search engine
optimization is very basic. A successful search engine optimization campaign will contain these listed points:
Content - Content is what makes search engine rankings higher, Content brings users to your site, and
content, when distributed properly with keyword phrases, will help search engine spiders. Content is key in
search engine optimization.
Sober CSS Design - Sites that are successful in the search engine results have this in common-they are all
simply designed, with a minimum graphics, slowly loading animations, and are easy to navigate. Simple,
clean designs are what search engine spiders and search engine users like, because it enables them to get
to what they're looking for.
Good Meta tags - Meta tags-keyword, description, and title- are important but not so important, Meta tags
are merely part of the overall success strategy. They need to be written with compelling, keyword phrase-
heavy content that will make the user click through from the search results page.
Search Engine Optimization Sure, you can get really complicated and technical with SEO, just like any other
subject. However, search engine optimization at its heart is simple and clean. Don't worry so much about the
scary technical stuff if you're just starting out. Start slowly, read, learn, read some more. Most of all is patient
with you.
Taj Technotech Ltd. provides quality search engine optimization services by which you can enhance your
online business rapidly, with no spamming and risks.
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services                                     Search Engine Marketing
                                                             Search Engine Marketing            Blogging and Social Networking
Link Building Services                                       Search Engine Optimization         Directory Submissions
                                                             Proper Keyword Selection           PPC Mgmt on Google Analytics
SEO Copywriting Services                                     SEO Consultant Services Organic    Search Engine Submissions
                                                             Search Engine Optimization         Article Syndication
Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Services                      Link Building                      SEO Packages
                                                             Reciprocal one-way Link Building   SEO Affiliate Program
                                                             Content Writing and Optimization   Bookmarking
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services
Recently like most other business, the e-business has witnessed an incredible expansion. Most of the
business house has jumped into the World Wide Web to get some space for them. To get business into the
World Wide Web it is very essential to develop a compatible web structure.

In the contemporary times, there are many amazing web application available such as the Flickr and Google
Maps, which were not available earlier. Even you can do the same kind of elements for your websites; all you
need to know is some of the web development programs through which these web developments were
made possible. Many complicated code is present in “Ajax style” web functions, but most of these
complicated code has been solved. There are JavaScript libraries, which give most of the function of the Ajax
or the DOM scripting.

The Application Programming Interfaces, or the APIs, provide you the facility to transfer complex web
applications such as the Flickr and Google Maps to your website. Web services such as the YouTube and
the Flickr provides you with all the necessary aspect that needs to retrieve and store all you media such as
the video, music and images without worrying about the file naming and the bandwidth issues. To develop a
productive web site that is productive all you need to do is out together all the functionalities of Ajax and Dom
Scripting responsibly and productively.
We all agree that it is technology that drives the world today. Everything from shopping to banking to auctions
to travel services has all come down to the click of a button. E-Commerce thus emerges as possibly the most
important activity online. Hence it has become that much more important to have an active, dynamic and
user friendly website.

At Taj Technotech Ltd. we bring to you a vast array of online solutions. With our experience and expertise in
developing E-Commerce Solutions we help you develop a website that enables you to have a competitive
edge and market your products effectively. Our latest is the shopping cart solution that addresses your
unique and specific requirements. Our e-commerce development solutions, e-commerce shopping carts
and e-commerce web solutions are customized to meet your business requirement to its smallest detail. We
ensure that our solution helps you in your website optimization and consequently increase your revenue as
these solutions are a far more cost effective and attractive alternative to physical stores.
Our e-commerce design and development services include the follownig
? Product catalogue
?  E-commerce Shopping system (Shopping carts or Dynamic database handling)
?  Online Payment Integration
?  E-commerce Integration (Business process streamlining an integration)

Our competent e-commerce solutions involve all online transactions. Our clients range from large and small
business enterprises to individuals as well as corporate organizations who deal directly with the end user
through the internet.
The websites as well as shopping portals that Taj Technotech Ltd. develops are replete with the following
?  Full featured electronic catalogues
?  Customized shopping carts
?  Convenient and safe payment gateways powered by PayPal, 2Checkout, CC Bill and CC Avenue
?  Customized administrative panel
?database programming backed by SQL and My SQL Server
A team of highly skilled professionals develop these solutions using the PHP, ASP.NET and CSS template
formats. To give you a solution that fits like a glove we follow a tested work flow pattern which begins with:
?  Consultation - We study your business needs and assess your requirements
?  Plan Proposal- Comprehensive report and implementation methods are explained and budgets decided
? and Development - Your website is designed and developed such that it is aesthetically
appealing, user friendly and informative
?  Implementation - The project is now implemented
   Go Live
? - One your approval is received the website is officially launched                 


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