Know the Relation Between Fun at Work and Company Output

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					                                                                             - Thursday, February 21,

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                           Know The Relation Between Fun At Work And Company Output by Anima Sharma
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                        Know The Relation Between Fun At Work And Company Output
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   Career (62493)     Studies show that when employees have fun at work are more productive, creative and committed. Fun at work must be
   Christianity       adequate and yet energizing employees to attack your work with renewed energy. All employees enjoy being social and fun at                Advertiser Login
(14286)               work helps to meet this need. For fun activities, employees interact with each other and build bridges which in turn make it
   Collecting (10226) work better as a team. Social interaction between employees breaks communication barriers. It also serves as a creative outlet
   Communication and takes some of the boredom of routine daily activities. Employees who have fun at work to help support a company culture
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(108002)              that is positive. Social activities allow employees to network better. Fun in the workplace can be of various forms. It could be
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   Computers          an activity to break the ice before the start of a workshop or seminar. It could also be a competitive event in which different
                                                                                                                                                                 90 Days-1.5 Million Views
(218173)              departments form teams and compete against other bowling or any other sport. Through these events unconsciously
   Construction       employees can learn to work together as a team. Fun in the workplace can be arranged during working hours or after working
   Consumer (40107)     Technicians can especially benefit from these activities, as they have the opportunity to develop their social skills through fun
   Cooking (15991)      at work. As we know, the development of social skills is as important as hard skills to an employee. This events shows
   Copywriting          employees show their most personal and often this can help alleviate conflicts or misunderstandings among employees. This
(6169)                  also helps build personal relationships between employees who are not only based on the work. Experts believe that the
   Crafts (16477)       leaders and business owners should understand that fun at work is an important factor to motivate employees and recognize
   Cuisine (6982)       them as people, not just workers. This is also an effective tool for managing employee retention. Many senior leaders however,
   Current Affairs      fail to make the connection between fun and productivity and losing your best employees in the business.
                                                                                    Therefore it is important that leaders be part of the fun activities too.
   Dating (42559)
                                                                                    It is not enough to ask employees to participate. When employees
   EBooks (18309)                                                                   see their bosses really have fun they join the activity automatically.
   E-Commerce                                                                       Fun at work this activity after all should not be something that an
                                                                                    employee is required to be a part of. It should be something you
   Education                                                                        really enjoy an employee. A pleasant working environment boosts
(153903)                                                                            productivity and helps in retaining qualified employees. Many
   Electronics                                                                      organizations experience low morale as staff members are
(74443)                                                                             overloaded with too many unwanted tasks or responsibilities. This
   Email (5686)                                                                     creates an environment where individuals rarely smile, have a bad
   Entertainment                                                                    attitude, and only do the bare minimum to get paid. Outside stress
(143988)                                                                            also affects the general attitude of people within a company.
                                                                             A variety of approaches are available to make a positive change in
                                                                             any work environment. Incentives are a cost effective method to
  Ezine (2817)                                                               make work fun and give something individuals can expect as they
  Ezine                                                                      progress through the day. Reward packages are applicable for: •
Publishing (5261)                                                            Developing Self – Confidence • Boosting Productivity • Improving
  Ezine Sites (1443)    Departmental Success • Gaining New Customers • Developing Individual Performance • Heightening Sales • Employee
  Family &              Retention
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                        Some small gifts provide a short-term lift in productivity, positivity and effort. Travel options to extend these findings by
  Fashion &
                        providing everyone a grand prize work hard to get. A trip to Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh offers much more excitement to
Cosmetics (175124)      people who are struggling to get away and supplies motivation by organizing activity like outbound training or rafting tours and
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