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Trekking in india is one of the famous adventure sports. GOI offers fascinanted India trekking, trekking himalayas

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Indian Himalayas Full Of Thrill And
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India is one of the few countries that offer a wide range of thrilling activates to experience            Categories
and more over Indian Himalayan Mountain Ranges offers various sports like trekking,
hiking, mountain climbing, river rafting etc to its adventure lover tourist.                                Arts & Entertainment
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The thriving forests and wildlife sanctuaries in the Himalayan Mountains is one of the                      Business
prominent and pleasantly lures people to visit in India. Hikers from across the world can                                                                   Log in
also get enjoyment from the gentleness of nature, imposing waterfalls and countryside                       Communications
around the India tour. An ideal trekking trips to India has every aspect of happiness and
striking as seekers of unfamiliar force on a journey through the nature track. We all know                                                     Signup to submit articles »
that hiking is an adventure sport that does not entail any prior training or practice, but the              Environment
hiker should be in good physical condition. Himalaya the youngest mountain in the world is
the land where many cities and towns have originated and some its places name also                          Fashion                        Pages
mentioned in our great epic and some of it are known for its beauty and some for its
religious places. Sikkim in the Far East, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Leh & Ladakh in                        Finance
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Jammu Kashmir, Garhwal Region in Uttarakhand are some of the important places where
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you quench your trust of adventure sports.                                                                                                   A fee soon
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Sikkim: A gem bounded by mountains enclosed with blizzard, Sikkim is an ancient land that                   Home & Family
is unique in its own way. It is a treat for hikers and enlivening ultimate destination for who
loves visiting to some wonder land of the world. It offers everything from the ancient                      Internet Business
monasteries of Buddhist culture to the challenges of one of the peaks of the highest
mountains of India called the charm of Khangchendzonga peak (third highest peak in the
world).                                                                                                     Product Reviews

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Ladakh:Ladakh is one of the beautiful regions in the Indian Himalayas and beautiful part of
the Jammu and Kashmir valley. It has become more and more popular with foreign                              Science & Technology
tourists. It is the land of undefeatable barren mountains and ancient Buddhist gompas with
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monks chanting. Its high mountain passes are well marked with Buddhist temples and
prayer of flags, which secrete thought as neighbor’s prayers for those who put them there                   Society
on their visit to this magical land. It is world famous destination as best spot for trekking
in India .                                                                                                  Sports & Recreation

Darjeeling:The most admired destination in West Bengal is Darjeeling, "tea capital of India”
and the British hill station legendary hanging in the foothills of the Himalayas. The northern              Travel & Leisure
West Bengal where this beautiful hill station is located is bounded by many every green                     Writing & Speaking
tea gardens, as you look in the horizon you will only get to see green and green and this
view will definitely give a peace of mind and it is an ideal for hiking with a wide range of flora
and fauna.

Thus from this we can make out that there is lots of things to do in beautiful country. Now it
is quite clear why it is a dream destination for many and they come in a large numbers in
gropes to take test of adventure trips in India, great democratic country of the world.
Trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports that you can enjoy during India tour.
With the varied geography of vast and diverse it has some of the best trekking trails in the
world. Hikers trekking adventurers seeking to acquire to the next level, it's certainly going
to be worth visiting the Indian Himalayas. A trip to here is a divine way to know how one of
the most beautiful valleys in the world.

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