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FWC 2011 Annual Report - Faith Works Coalition


Annual Report

                                   1. Letter from the Chair
The Faith Works Coalition 2011 Annual Report highlights our activities and accomplishments from
January 1. 2011 through December 31, 2011. Our work throughout the year found us all faced with
challenging economic times that create and have created financial and social hardships. These
difficulties often compromise the safety and security of a family’s home. This is particularly crucial
for citizens who are most at risk in our communities due to aging, disability and/or economic need.
The text below speaks very well to the critical need for our work:

Challenging times create economic and social pressures that can undermine our most basic values.
For the past four years, Faith Works Coalition has been offering families in need of a helping hand
resources to correct damage and other problems with their homes; and, improve their potential to
live independently in a safe, healthy environment. Through our volunteers and donors that lend a
helping hand to families experiencing hardship, we make sure their voices are heard, and help build
a more caring and responsive community that embraces the principle of helping others. By example,
we help build a better community through home repair, while demonstrating through deeds, the
responsibility to do the serious work demanded of us all as citizens.

I have had the opportunity to serve as a Director and Officer for a number of charitable organizations
and it gives me great pleasure to report that nowhere have I seen the unity and selflessness that we
find in our volunteers and Board. Each participant embraces our mission with uncompromising
integrity and generosity which has been the keystone to our success. As you will see in this Annual
Report, we have helped fifty-four families this past year while maintaining a healthy balance sheet
and adequate donations.

Most importantly, I want to acknowledge and express our thanks to you, the people in Virginia
Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton Roads. The support we have received this year from our
volunteers, government officials, local vendors, church and synagogue congregations, and donors has
been critical to our success. The good people of this community are the lifeblood of proof that Faith

Please look over this report and feel free to contact our organization for additional information and
visit our website at

With much appreciation,

Matthew Weinstein, President, Chairman of the Board

2.   Table of Contents

1.   Letter From the Chair                                  Page 2

2.   Table of Contents                                      Page 3

3.   Mission Statement and Organization                     Page 4

4.   Projects Completed in 2011                             Page 5

5.   Committee Reports

     5.1    Construction Projects Committee                 Page 11

     5.2    Fundraising and Community Relations Committee   Page 12

     5.3    Volunteer Committee                             Page 12

     5.4    Recruitment Committee                           Page 13

     5.5    Disaster Assistance Committee                   Page 13

6.   Financial Report                                       Page 14

7.   Supporting Churches                                    Page 15

8.   Officers Board of Directors and Committees             Page 15

3.    Mission Statement and Organization

Faith Works Coalition is an alliance of local faith-based organizations and individuals
founded to assemble and responsibly steward financial, material, and human resources
sufficient to address substandard housing in Virginia Beach and other communities.

                                 Mission Statement
Faith Works Coalition endeavors to eliminate substandard living conditions in our
community by repairing homes for elderly, disabled and disadvantaged low income and
working families.

           Improve housing for low income working families, veterans, disabled
            persons and the elderly;
           Improve quality of life in low income neighborhoods;
           Build community spirit through collaboration with other community
           Enhance the joy of fellowship inherent in faith based volunteer
           Provide emergency relief through repair and reconstruction of homes in
            communities affected by natural disasters; and,
           Collaborate with City of Virginia Beach departments and other community
            organizations that share our mission and values.

                                 Organizational Structure
The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from community organizations and
congregations that oversee all Faith Works Coalition activities. The Board meets
monthly and elects officers at its annual meeting to include a President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. Fiscal accountability starts with the Finance Committee’s
responsibility for monthly reporting, and is exercised through the Board and Treasurer.
We have a structured organization for each project to properly manage duties and
responsibilities contained in each functional area established to support the
undertaking. The Board through its committees:
           Recruits new members and publicizes our objectives.
           Identifies properties for improvement.
           Does thorough pre-planning for upcoming projects.
           Supports and provides oversight for projects that are in progress.

The following are established as standing committees:
           Finance
           Fundraising and Community Relations
           Construction Projects
           Recruitment
           Volunteer
4.    Projects Completed in 2011
      4.1 Colony Motor Home Park, January 17, 2011. The roof on a mobile
home leaked in several places. The homeowner’s son agreed to apply roof
sealant if FWC would provide. Accordingly, two cans were purchased by FWC
and delivered on Jan. 17 at a cost of less than $50.
       4.2 Shillelagh Rd., January 18, 2011. The homeowner needed a
handicap ramp. The Ruritans, a local community organization, volunteered to
move a ramp already constructed, but needed an assist with the cost of materials
required to adapt the ramp to the house. FWC Chesapeake Affiliate helped
detach the ramp and move it to its new location. FWC paid $64 for materials.
       4.3. Polluck Dr, County View Mobile Home Park, January 21, 2011. A
sizable portion of flooring needed to be repaired and new hallway carpet laid. A
section of wallboard was replaced along with some wall paneling. Two lavatory
sinks were refurbished; and a donated washer and dryer were installed. Total
cost was less than $500.
       4.4. N. Palmyra Dr., January 29, 2011. Rusted toilet tank bolts were
replaced and a new flapper valve was installed. The rollers on a sliding glass
door were lubricated, and the roller track was cleaned of dirt and debris. Total
project cost was less than $10.
        4.5. Colony Mobile Home Park., January 31 to February 4, 2011.
Volunteers rebuilt the floors in the kitchen, hall and bedroom, and installed new
carpet and vinyl. They also made numerous electrical repairs and installed a
ceiling fan and light. Total cost was less than $350.
      4.6. Hamill Ct. February 26, 2011. FWC volunteers, with the help of
several area church youth groups and adult advisors, renovated a badly
overgrown yard. Work included removal of several dead trees, planting of four
bushes and a major trim effort of all plants and shrubs through out the entire
property. Additionally, a small wheelchair ramp was installed. A picnic lunch
was provided courtesy of FWC. Total cost of project was less that $215.

       4.7. Dark Star Run, Derby Run Mobile Home Park, March 4-6, 2011.
FWC volunteers, with Navy volunteers, rebuilt living room and kitchen floors in
this mobile home to include installation of a new carpet and vinyl floor covering.
They installed a ceiling fan, a new tub wall surround and replacement tub faucet
in the bathroom. Several electrical outlet repairs were also made. Total cost of
the project was less than $850.

       4.8. Gannet Ct., February and March, 2011. Last month FWC
volunteers delivered a good used refrigerator and made some emergency roof
repairs. This month we rebuilt the front stoop and made extensive repairs to the
large back deck. Our roofer also finished the roof repair. This project is now
completed at a cost to FWC Chesapeake of approximately $1300.
       4.9. Tuition Drive, March 10 and 17, 2011. From a long “wish list” of
minor items requested by the homeowner, FWC chose to complete only those
items considered necessary for health, safety, and comfort. Lowes was
contracted to install a carpet in one room, while FWC volunteers installed a new
sink faucet, baseboard in the powder room and front door weather stripping. A
       4.9. Tuition Drive, March 10 and 17, 2011. From a long “wish list” of minor
items requested by the homeowner, FWC chose to complete only those items
considered necessary for health, safety, and comfort. Lowes was contracted to install a
carpet in one room, while FWC volunteers installed a new sink faucet, baseboard in the
powder room and front door weather stripping. A wobbly front entrance railing was also
repaired. Total cost for this project was $412.

       4.10. Honeygrove Rd. April 1 - 2, 2011. FWC volunteers made repairs to some
missing soffit and gutters, built a back porch railing and installed two interior hand rails.
They also cleaned up a much cluttered, overgrown back yard including removal of a
deteriorated above ground pool. The garage door was scraped, primed and painted as
was the back door. Total cost of this project was approximately $425.

       4.11. Colonial Run Mobile Home Park, April 26-29, 2011. FWC Construction
Committee members and Navy personnel from the USS Truman rebuilt and installed
vinyl on three floors in a seriously deteriorated mobile home. A support structure under
the bath tub was also erected, and a new bathroom sink was installed. The total cost of
the project was less than $500, of which $200 was contributed by the homeowner.

       4.12. Beautiful Street, June 3, 2011. Faith Works volunteers, mostly Navy
volunteers from Assault Craft Unit 4 stationed at Little Creek, rebuilt a handicapped
ramp for a disabled single lady. The ramp structure was in good condition, but the
decking was dangerous. We removed the old decking and installed new sturdy decking
on this 50 foot ramp. The home owner now has a safe ramp. FWC expended less than
$ 400 for materials.

       4.13. Sierra Dr., June 9, 2011. The services of an electrical contractor were
engaged to replace a main breaker box in this home that was without electrical power
since the beginning of the year. All electrical circuits are now working. FWC volunteers
framed and installed a new meter base. Cost of the project was $1200.00.

       4.14. Pastern Brief, June 10, 2011. The Family had been cited by the city to
make fascia and yard cleaning repairs and do some exterior painting or face fines and
possible court action. FWC volunteers replaced and painted the front fascia, repaired
the soffit, and removed some heavy tree and shrub growth next to the home. Total FWC
funds expended were approximately $120. The family provided the paint and was very
thankful for the help.

       4.15. Rose Marie Avenue, June 10, 2011. This 82 year old widow has a lovely
yard and works hard to keep it nice. In a recent wind storm the neighbor’s tree limb fell
and ripped her fascia on the corner of the house, also bringing down her power and TV
cables. The utility companies made temporary repairs. FWC volunteers replaced a
small section of fascia and swept the debris from her roof. There was no cost to FWC.
       4.16. Loving and Caring Ministries, July 17-19, 2011. This charitable
organization is located in a time weathered home in a rural section of Virginia Beach,
and is in need of several quality of life repairs. FWC engaged the services of an HVAC
contractor who repaired the air conditioner condensate line. The old 40 gallon water
heater was replaced with an 80 gallon unit to better serve the 15 plus residents; and,
the old ductless kitchen range hood was replaced with a new duct configured hood.
Total cost to FWC was $1,561.

        4.17. Transition House, January 2010-July 2011. Over a period of a year and
a half, volunteers from far and wide transformed a derelict house into a beautiful home
for women transitioning from prison to civilian life. While this was not an FWC
designated project, the organization provided project leadership, repair and restoration
services, volunteer management and building materials logistics. The egregious
material condition of the house required restoration from the bottom up. This included
replacement and/or repair of structural members; installation of new plumbing,
electrical, HVAC and utility systems; and, replacement of exterior siding, eaves and
roof. All appliances, furniture and floor coverings are new as are all doors, windows,
and window dressings. The home is situated on a lot that has been landscaped and
groomed to perfection. All labor and most materials were donated. Appliances,
furniture and fixtures were donated, as was the cost of contractors employed from time
to time during restoration. FWC contributed $1,000 to this project.

      4.18. Youth Projects Week of August 1st. The Johnston Presbyterian Church
Youth Group, from Gaithersburg, Maryland, was hosted by First Presbyterian Church of
VB. FWC was asked to schedule work projects for the Youth Group. On Monday and
Tuesday they painted a two story townhouse. On Wednesday, they accomplished
extensive yard cleanup by clearing over grown brush and trees for an elderly client; and,
on Thursday they did the same for another elderly and disabled client. The young folks
worked hard with great enthusiasm making it a very successful week. FWC expended
$700 for paint, supplies, and debris hauling.

       4.19. Sea St., August 5, 2011. Volunteers completed extensive ceiling repairs
caused by a leaky roof. A local roofing contractor was engaged to fix the roof leaks.
Total cost to FWC was $200.

       4.20. Spartan St., County View Trailer Park, August 8, 2011. An electrical
contractor was hired to install an AC line and breaker panel. He replaced numerous
switch plate covers and removed unused extension cords. He replaced several smoke
detectors and provided instruction to the homeowner regarding safe use of electrical
outlets. Volunteers replaced a ceiling fan, repaired a deteriorated floor, installed a new
carpet and reworked two window AC units replacing rotted wood and weather stripping.
Cost to FWC was $325.

       4.21. Marshall Ave., Portsmouth, August 15-18, 2011. Volunteers rebuilt the
kitchen floor, laid new vinyl and installed new cabinets. Volunteer Navy Chief selectees
and Kings Grant Baptist Church volunteers provided the bulk of the labor. Total cost to
FWC was approximately $1,215.

         4.22 – 4.24. National Day of Caring, September 12, 2011. As part of this
annual event, FWC volunteers joined forces with city employees and completed three
critical home repair projects.

      4.22. Doyle Way. FWC and City volunteers replaced rotted rugs and flooring
throughout the home, and installed vinyl flooring. Cost to FWC was $1,000.

        4.23. Britt Terrace. Volunteers replaced a kitchen sink faucet, cleaned a drain
trap, replaced a hall light and fixed a toilet. On the outside, they repaired a screen,
reattached gutters and downspouts, and repaired a damaged soffit. Volunteers
cleaned, a badly overgrown yard. Total cost to FWC was $430.

       4.24. Middle Ground Run. Volunteers scrubbed, primed, and painted a soot
damaged bedroom caused by a house fire. The sub floor was replaced and covered by
a new rug. Two additional rooms received new rugs and new ceiling light fixtures.
Cost to FWC was $335.

       4.25. Rica Dr., September 15, 2011. A roofing contractor was engaged to
replace three vent pipe collars, replace several damaged shingles and repair popped
roofing nails. Total cost to FWC was $145.

       4.26. Aspen Dr., September 16, 2011. Volunteers fixed a leaky kitchen sink
drain and replaced a badly damaged cabinet floor beneath the sink. Cost was $10.

       4.27. Holland Dr., September 22-30, 2011. In a large two-phase project,
volunteers made multiple floor repairs, restored two bathrooms to good operating
condition, made repairs to the roof, and constructed a wheelchair ramp. Cost to FWC
was $1,500.

       4.28. Seaboard Ave., September 23, 2011. Volunteers replaced rotted
carpeting with vinyl. Several rotted Floor areas were replaced. Oak Grove UMC
donated all materials.

       4.29. Rellen Ct., September 26, 2011. The FWC HVAC contractor corrected a
leaking condensate line from the heat pump at no cost. FWC volunteers installed
access panels to facilitate future repairs. Total cost to FWC was $10.

       4.30. Landola Ave., September 27, 2011. The roof on this mobile home was
deteriorated and sagging, allowing standing water to make its way into the home. A

local contractor was engaged to rebuild the roof at a cost of $2,600. Volunteers then
removed and rebuilt the ceilings in three rooms. Total cost to FWC was $3,500.

       4.31. Speedy Ave., September 27, 2011. A roofing contractor was engaged to
repair a leaky roof. A plumber was engaged to check all plumbing lines and fixtures.
Total cost to FWC was $135.

       4.32. Guinevere Dr., September 28, 2011. FWC engaged the services of a
plumbing contractor who repaired one shower, and rebuilt another. He also checked all
drains and made repairs where necessary. Cost to FWC was $685.

     4.33. Bainbridege Ave., September 29, 2011. A local plumbing company was
engaged to convert a gas stove to propane. Cost to FWC was $390.

      4.34. Woodhue Ct., October 3, 2011. Volunteers made repairs to water pipes,
room doors and exterior hand rails. Total cost to FWC was $50.

      4.35. Southgate Dr., October 4, 2011. Water damaged wall and baseboards
were replaced by several volunteers. No funds were expended.

        4.36. Lake Crest Rd., October 13-14, 2011. FWC volunteers made multiple
repairs for a single Mom and 10 year old daughter. They rebuilt the back wall of a water
damaged utility room, made several plumbing repairs, replaced a deteriorated gutter,
and repaired two broken door locks. A contractor also replaced two windows that were
beyond repair. The homeowner assisted by providing lunches for the volunteers. The
total cost of the project was $900.

       4.37. Meadowbrook Court., October 15, 2011. FWC volunteers coached the
homeowner on several in-house repairs, which he was able to accomplish. He was
pleased and thankful that he can do this on his own. We had our roofer replace the vent
collars and make other shingle repairs. FWC cost was $70.

      4.38. Lambert Trail, October 15, 2011. FWC volunteers trimmed tree limbs
and bushes that were interfering with the house. Rotted brick molding was replaced
where necessary, and a small exterior deck was repaired and expanded. Total cost to
FWC was $188.

        4.39. Martin Ave., October 18, 2011. This homeowner was quite capable of
performing repair work but could not afford repair materials. FWC purchased several
interior doors, door hardware, hot water heater, stove and subflooring. FWC volunteers
coached the homeowner who was able to make all repairs and installations himself.
Total cost to FWC was $2,000.

     4.40. Military Hwy, October 22, 2011. FWC volunteers assisted the
Chesapeake Free Clinic, an organization serving the medical and dental needs of the
uninsured, with landscaping by planting trees, flowers and shrubs. They also spread
decorative mulch in preparation for a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating a major clinic
expansion. No funds were expended

       4.41. Muth Lane, October 24, 2011. FWC assistance was requested to fix a
water leak behind a bathtub. Volunteers also repaired the bonnet and stems on two
bath faucet knobs. A professional plumber was engaged to replace control valves and
build an access panel to the tub cutoff valve. Cost to FWC was $250.

      4.42. Bunker Ridge Arch., October 25, 2011. FWC volunteers installed a front
porch safety hand rail. Total cost to FWC was $110.

        4.43. Northern Dancer Run, October 26, 2011. FWC volunteers removed
rotted flooring in the utility room of this mobile home, and replaced the rotted section
with OSB and a new vinyl covering. Total cost was $100.

      4.44. Rellen Ct., October 31, 2011. FWC hired an electrician to install a circuit
breaker for installation of a new water heater. He also repaired numerous worn and
burned wires. Cost to FWC was $250.

      4.45. River Forest Rd., November 1, 2011. FWC hired an electrician to replace
several faulty wall sockets, switches and GFI’s. Cost to FWC was $100.

        4.46. Play St., November 3, 2011. Our plumbing contractor cleared the main
drains and reinstalled one commode. FWC volunteers installed hand rails on a back
stairs landing and rebuilt the steps. Lattice work was installed around the landing and
steps. Total cost to FWC was $500.

        4.47. Smoke Tree Ln., November 4, 2011. FWC engaged the services of an
electrician to correct several electrical problems. Cost to FWC was $200.

        4.48. Kirkwood Ave., November 4, 2011. FWC volunteers replaced the
kitchen sink faucet, and repaired the downstairs shower. They weather proofed all
three outside doors by installing new sweeps, rebuilding two thresholds, and hanging a
new storm door. They also replaced one rotted door and bricked–up a hole in the back
wall of the house. The services of a professional roofer were engaged to install a vent
collar. Total cost of the entire project was $370.

       4.49. Rica Dr., November 8, 2011. FWC volunteers fixed or repaired 15
different home items ranging from fixing a closet door lock to installing a pre-hung
exterior door. Total cost to FWC was $470.

       4.50. Southgate Ave., November 18-19, 2011. FWC volunteers, including a
group of Navy personnel from ACU-4, built a handicap ramp for an elderly couple. This
project was completed in cooperation with the Department of Housing and
Neighborhood Preservation, City of Virginia Beach, who will provide the family with a
handicap accessible bathroom. Cost to FWC was $500.

       4.51. Battlefield Blvd., South, November 21-22, 2011. FWC volunteers rebuilt
a badly deteriorated kitchen floor, and completed preparations for sheet rock installation
in a bedroom which was water damaged due to a roof leak which has been repaired.
Total cost to FWC was $802.

       4.52. Plainsman Trail, December 15, 2011. Contractors were engaged to
replace several deteriorated windows, a long overdue roof replacement and rotted
fascia boards. Cost of the project was about $5,800.

      4.53. Level Green Blvd., December 18-19, 2011. A contractor was hired to
replace three windows and a sliding glass door. An electrician was engaged to replace
two burnt receptacles. Cost of the project was $2,100.

      4.54. South Military Hwy, December 23, 2011. The family was cited by the
mobile home lot manager for missing porch railings. FWC volunteers installed railings
and balusters to meet code standards. Cost of the project was $35.

5. Committee Reports.

      5.1 Construction Projects Committee.                 During 2011, FWC was
involved in projects that were completed at 54 separate locations or almost double the
number of projects in 2010. Of these locations, 51 were family projects for individual
homeowners; one (Chesapeake Free Clinic) was a volunteer project; and two
(Transition House and Loving and Caring Ministries) were community projects.
       During 2011, FWC continued to recommend potential contractors as well as
advise the homeowners on how to work with contractors to ensure good results at a fair
price when they did not qualify for direct FWC assistance. Use of outside contractors
also increased, generally for roofing, plumbing and electrical work. Referrals continue
to come in from the cities and several this year involved correction of citations.
       Other interesting facts include:
       - Eleven projects were completed on mobile homes
       - Four projects involved no direct expenditure of FWC funds (i.e. only labor &
           equipment were provided)
       - Nineteen projects required some or all work to be performed by outside
       - Five projects involved handicap ramps
       - Three projects were completed on Youth Project Days by church youth
       Of the 54 projects completed during 2011, 4 involved no FWC expenditures; 11
were in the $0-100 range; 23 were in the $100-500 range; 5 were in the $500-1,000
range; 10 were in the $1,000-5,000 range; and 1 was greater than $5,000. Expanded
use of contractors was a factor in the higher percentage of projects in the $1000-5000
       While the average dollars spent per project is minimal, the value to homeowners
is enormous, and is made possible by the many hours of time given by our volunteers.
All Projects were centered on health, safety and/or quality of life issues.

      5.2 Fundraising/Community Relations Committee. During the
2011 Calendar Year, FWC held its 4th annual golf tournament at the Broad Bay Country
Club on September 19th in which 60 golfers participated. As an adjunct to the
tournament, a raffle and silent auction were held. After expenses and fees, FWC netted
       In the area of community relations, letters were sent to homeowners who had
received FWC help in the past. The intent was to determine how service might be
improved, and extend an invitation to other homeowners in the respective communities
who might need FWC help.

      5.3. Volunteer Committee. During 2011, our volunteer base was comprised
of a combination of several diverse groups coming together to help repair and renovate
homes for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged low income and working families.
Our volunteer group grew to over 200 individuals. We were fortunate to have members
of the Navy and Marine Corps participate in several projects. We continue to be blessed
with a core team of volunteers hailing from Virginia Beach congregations that have long
supported Faith Works Coalition. We decided after several attempts at organizing the
calls for volunteers that a single email call was most effective and efficient. Our lunch
providers list grew and functioned well. We are very grateful for the willingness of our
volunteers to give of their time and energy to help those less fortunate in our
community. The organization title is true: “Faith Works”.

      5.4 Recruitment Committee. Throughout 2011 the Recruitment
Committee has worked to increase volunteer and financial support by contacting
outreach ministries in various Virginia Beach and Chesapeake churches and
organizations. Although the FWC website provides a panoramic view of what FWC is
all about, committee visits are personal and tailored to specific audiences.
       Central to Recruitment Committee goals and objectives for 2011, is the effort to
establish a data base outlining initial church and organization contacts, follow-up
meetings and a record of Power Point presentations. The latter contains a

comprehensive view of FWC, and provides a dynamic picture of the affect it has had on
the quality of life of people in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake with limited resources.

      5.5 Disaster Assistance Committee. Seven FWC volunteers traveled
to Salvo, N.C. on Hatteras Island, the week of November 6th to help repair/restore two
homes damaged during Hurricane Irene.
        The first home is an enhanced trailer that was flooded two feet above floor level.
The subfloor was replaced throughout the trailer, and luan was installed in the kitchen
and dining areas in preparation for vinyl installation. Insulation was installed in the
trailer underside.
        The second home was more severely damaged with flooding four feet above the
floor which required replacement. A kitchen counter and cabinets were installed, and
preparations were made for placement of a refrigerator. A bathroom was restored and
made ready for water hookup. Damaged wiring was replaced throughout the house,
and preparations were made for installation of an electrical panel. Total cost was $433.

6.   Finance Report - FYE December 31, 2011

                           BALANCE SHEET
              Cash Virginia Beach                $31,837
              Cash Chesapeake                     12,774
              Special Projects Dedicated Fund      1,915
              Capital Property                     2,299
              TOTAL ASSETS                       $48,825

               Liabilities                          0.00
               Equity                               0.00
               Cash On Hand                      $46,526
               Capital Property                    2,299
               TOTAL LIABILITY & EQUITY          $48,825

                         INCOME STATEMENT
                     Project Recipient            $3,526
                     Congregations                23,556
                     Corporations                   1,200
                     Organizations                   220
                     Individuals                  10,039
              Golf Tournament                     10,249
                             TOTAL REVENUE       $48,790

                     Building Materials          $27,664
                     Contractor Costs             22,168
                     Insurance                       753
                     License, Fees and Permits       229
                     Project Support                 333
                     Trash Removal                 1,060
              Golf Tournament                      3,744
              General & Administrative
                     Postage & Shipping               232
                     Printing and Duplicating         255
                     Stationary & Ink                 163
                     Warehouse Rental              1,200
                     Website Expense                  560
                             TOTAL EXPENSE       $59,900

                            NET INCOME (LOSS) ($11,110)

7.   List of Supporting Churches in 2011

     Nimmo United Methodist                 Thalia United Methodist
     First Presbyterian                     Great Bridge United Methodist
     St. Mark's Catholic                    Emmanuel Episcopal
     Church of the Holy Family              Foundry United Methodist
     Bayside Presbyterian                   Kings Grant Baptist
     Providence Presbyterian                Eastern Shore Chapel
     Wycliffe Presbyterian                  Our Savior Lutheran
     Lynnhaven United Methodist             Great Bridge Presbyterian
     Old Donation Episcopal                 St. Steven Martyr
     Ohef Sholom Temple                     Prince of Peace Catholic

8.   Officers, Board of Directors and Committee Members
     Matthew Weinstein, President
     Rick Galliford, Vice President
     Pat Roll, Secretary/Treasurer

     Matt Schorr, Nomination and Board Training Committee Chair
     Bob Brenton, Construction Projects Committee Co-chair
     Bob Alexander, Construction Projects Committee Co-chair
     Lorie Stephan, Fundraising and Community Relations Chair
     David Carré, Volunteer Committee Chair
     George Chafee, Recruitment Committee Co-chair
     Bruce Warren, Recruitment Committee Co-chair
     Mike Nickelsburg, Disaster Assistance Committee Chair
     Ron Chinnock, Director
     Rae Gordner, Director
     Richard Norman, Director
     Ray Kirby, Director
     Frank Bannister, Director
     Morris Ellison, Director
     Starr Janicki, Director
     John Nogosek, Director
     Carol Marinak, Director


     Finance Committee
        1. Pat Roll, Chairman
        2. Linda Frye
        3. Nancy Best
Construction Committee
  1. Bob Brenton, Co-chair
  2. Bob Alexander, Co-chair
  3. Rick Gallford
  4. George Chafee
  5. Matt Schorr
  6. Mike Nickelsburg
  7. Richard Norman
  8. Pat Roll
  9. Alex Frye
  10. Vanessa Dallas

Disaster Assistance Committee
  1. Mike Nickelsburg, Chairman
  2. Bob Brenton
  3. Rick Galliford
  4. George Chafee
  5. Richard Norman
  6. Matt Schorr
  7. Bill Wahab

 Brian Gridley

Fundraising and Community Relations
  1. Lorie Stephan
  2. Rick Galliford
  3. George Chafee
  4. Brian gridley

Recruitment Committee
  1. Bruce Warren Co-Chair
  2. George Chafee Co-Chair
  3. Starr Janicki

 Volunteer Committee
  1. David Carr’e, Chair
  2. Lorie Stephan
  3. Morris Ellison
  4. Frank Bannister


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