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					BURA – When Backup Recovery and
Archive come together
Yoel Ben-Ari- MBI
             Traditional Backup and Archive Process

                  • Production environment
   Apps             grows

                  • Backup environment capacity
 Process            tied to production

  Archive         • Growth of Archive
              The Life of a Typical 1 MB File

User creates 1 MB ppt file and e-mails it to 10 people
        They all save the file on the network drive
        A month later the e-mail is put in a PST folder on the network drive

For an average customer, that one file gets backed up:
  1.   Weekly for four weeks x 10 on the file server = 40 copies
  2.   Daily for four weeks on the e-mail server = 28 copies
  3.   Monthly for five years x 10 of PST = 600 copies
  4.   Monthly for five years x 10 of file = 600 copies

That 1 MB file takes up over 1.2 GB
         of tape capacity
         This Design Leaves IT Struggling

The same data is backed up over and over again
Multiple identical copies of information
Cannot finish backups in available windows
Recoveries are slow and unpredictable

                 Typical Answers?
        • Add more tape, add faster tape
  • Speed backup and expense of recovery
   (Incrementals, multiplexing, or less frequent backups)
      Backup and Restore – Competing Requirements

Accelerating Backups            Accelerating Restores
Backup using incremental or     Recover from full backups
differential technologies       One server per tape
Interleave/multiplex multiple   Backup as often as possible
servers onto the same tape      (reduce log impact)
Don’t backup as often           Backup everything
Just don’t backup some data
             Backup & Archiving ARE Different

Backup:                            Archive:

•A secondary copy of information
                                   •Primary copy of information-
•Used for recovery operations
                                   Available for information retrieval
•Typically short term (weeks or
                                   •Typically long-term (months,
                                   years, or decades)
•Data typically overwritten on
                                   •Data typically maintained for
periodic basis (i.e. monthly)
•Not for regulatory compliance –
                                   •Useful for compliance
though some are forced to use
       New Architecture for Backup/Recovery
       and Archive

   Recovery                                        Archive
   process                Production               process

Understand your environment
Actively archive valuable information to tiered storage
Back up to disk active production information
Retrieve from archive or recover from backup
         New Technology Enables New Architectures

Affordable ATA-based offerings
Disk libraries offer benefits without process change
Disk based storage that meets regulatory requirements
“Smarter” backup applications understand disk
Application-aware solutions to automate archiving
Backup & Restore
         NetWorker Backup and Recovery

     Basic Architecture                 Solution Features
Heterogeneous                           Enterprise protection
    clients                                   Critical applications
                applications                  Heterogeneous platforms and storage
                                              Scalable architecture
                                              256-bit AES encryption and secure
                                LAN           authentication
                                        Centralized management
                     Backup                   Graphical user interface
                     server                   Customizable reporting
  NAS                         Storage         Wizard-driven configuration
(NDMP)                         Node     Performance
                                              Data multiplexing
                                              Advanced indexing
                                              Efficient media management
               CLARiiON Disk Library Overview

Plug-and-Play, Easy to Use, Affordable
  Supports existing backup environment
                                                                 Application / backup hosts
  Appears as tape library
  Stores data in native tape format for offsite storage
  Policy-based automated implementation                    CLARiiON
  Offloads creation of second copy from backup            Disk Library
  Solution based on the affordable CLARiiON                                SAN
  platform and ATA technology

  Single-stream performance up to 90 MB/s
  Sustained performance up to 1,200 MB/s

Reliable and Highly Scalable
  Built on proven CLARiiON with ATA disk drive
  Data compression (up to 3:1)                             Standard
                                                          tape library
  Emulate multiple libraries in a single system
Active Archiving
                   Application Specific ILM

Policy based data movement over tiered infrastructure
Improves operational efficiencies
Helps support governance / compliance requirements

     File System Data    Mail and Messaging         Databases

   EMC Xtender Family of Archive Software
      File System Assessments Identify Inactive Files

Data collector captures data from
   file systems
Interview provides insight into
   current operations
Captured data and interview are
   sent to EMC corporate for
                                                70% of data
Report with customer data and                has not changed
   TCO results returned to EMC               in over 6 months
EMC field delivers report
   Disk Xtender Moves Inactive Files to Active Archive

Before                              Move inactive              After
Full backup = 5 TB                 data off primary            Full backup = 1 TB

 Active                                                                              Active
  data                                                                               data

   data              DiskXtender                                                     Reclaimed

           Primary                       Secondary                         Primary
           storage                        storage                          storage
  FSA for Windows Servers reduces backup and restore windows, resulting in improved RTO
                       and RPO and lower production storage costs
                 DiskXtender Supports Multiple Media Types

                                                                            View is always local,
Filesystems are scanned
                                                                            and access is
and files matching policies
                                                                            transparent to user
are identified
                                                                            or applications

                                      UNIX, Linux, Windows,
                                        NAS filesystems

Policies classify files:                                                 Files can be moved to
Name, Size, Type, Last                                                   single or multiple targets,
Access, Last Modified…                                                   or across multiple tiers

                        RAID / SCSI     CAS       ATA   Tape   Optical

                              Open systems storage platforms
                     How Centera Works

                                                                Centera performs
                                                                Content Address
                                                                 calculation and
      Object is created                                          sends address
         and sent to                                           back to application
      application server

                                LAN                                     CA

      Application server sends object to Centera over IP network

       Database stores
      Content Address
     for future reference                     Content Addressing
                                                Content            Digital
                                   10001010    Address
                                               algorithm             fingerprint
                                                                   Globally unique
                                                Content              independent
                                   10111011    Address
          Case Study – Industrial Segment

   – 30 TBs of Data- SAN, NAS
   – OS’s: Windows, UNIX, Linux and Open VMS
   – DBs: Oracle Configuration) and SQL
   – 250 servers
The Challenges:
   Needs of Consolidation of all storage& Centralized backup
   Saving Storage Cost- 70% data is inactive !!!
MBI Solution:
   Implementing Central storage with Data Replication solution.
   HSM solution (for files).
   LAN and SAN backup topology with NDMP backup Implementation

Solution Components:
    •EMC/Legato NetWorker+ Neo 8000/LTO-3 tape library
    •Legato DiskXtender for Celerra
    •EMC CX700 Storage Sub-System+ EMC Mirror View
                Storage and HSM Implementation

        Main Site                                          DR Site

                     Data Replication
          FC                                               ATA   13 TB

 3 TB                                                      ATA   13 TB
                                               Snap Area

                              Data Migration
                                                           ATA       13 TB
               The Backup Solution

Main Site            LAN                                DR Site
                           Backup Server

                                            Snap Area    SATA

                                           B2D Area      SATA

                   Tape Library
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