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									2009 President’s Report
                                                                    Open Door Policy
1      A Message from the President
2      Growing through Preservation                                 The only valid philosophy for North Carolina is the philosophy of total
                                                                    education, a belief in the incomparable worth of all human beings, whose
3      Growing Sustainability
                                                                    claims upon the state are equal before the law and equal before the bar
4      Growing Students                                             of public opinion; whose talents (however great or however limited or
7      Growing Programs                                             however different from the traditional), the State needs and must develop
                                                                    to the fullest possible degree. That is why the doors to the institutions in
12     Growing through Leadership                                   North Carolina’s System of Community Colleges must never be closed
13     Growing the ECC Foundation                                   to anyone of suitable age who can learn what they teach. We must take
                                                                    the people where they are and carry them as far as they can go within the
                                                                    assigned function of the system. If they cannot read, then we will simply
Mission Statement                                                   teach them to read and make them proud of their achievement. If they
                                                                    did not finish high school but have a mind to do it, then we will offer
Edgecombe Community College is                                      them a high school education at a time and in a place convenient to them
                                                                    and at a price within their reach. If their talent is technical or vocational,
dedicated to fulfilling the educational,
                                                                    then we will simply offer them instruction, whatever the field, however
training, and cultural needs of the
                                                                    complex or however simple, that will provide them with the knowledge
                                                                    and the skill they can sell in the marketplaces of our State, and thereby
                                                                    contribute to its scientific and industrial growth. If their needs are in the
                                                                    great tradition of liberal education, then we will simply provide them the
For additional information about                                    instruction, extending through two years of standard college work, which
Edgecombe Community College, visit us                               will enable them to go on to the University or to senior college and on
on the Web at                                                       into life in numbers unheard of before in North Carolina. If their needs
<www.edgecombe.edu>.                                                are for cultural advancement, intellectual growth or civic understanding,
                                                                    then we will simply make available to them the wisdom of the ages and
                                                                    the enlightenment of our times and help them to maturity.
Edgecombe Community                                                                                                       – W.D. Herring, 1964
College Board of Trustees

Jonathan K. Felton, Chair
James H. Long, Vice Chair
Jean M. Bailey
Wick Baker
Helen W. Collins
Jessie M. Jones
Bernice M. Pitt
Jerry W. Price
Gladys C. Shelton
Jerry W. Spruell
James I. Taylor
Gloria Wiggins-Hicks

Cover: Historic preservation trades student Sean Wood (left) and
instructor Larry Waldrop repair the roof on the historic Norfleet
House on the Tarboro campus. Read more about the renovation
under way on page 2.
                                                                                                       A Message
                                                                                                       from the
The college’s first Preservation Trades School was held in 2008
on the grounds of Coolmore Plantation, a National Historic
Landmark near Tarboro. Part of the paint demonstration was
the announcement of the new color of Coolmore, a shade
of sandstone believed to be the original color of Coolmore.
Shown is a Trades School participant helping Dr. Deborah
Lamm apply the first strokes of the new color.

        ustainability is a lens through which increasing numbers of community college and other higher education institutions are examining
        shared ecological, social, and economic world systems. Sustainability is being integrated into community colleges’ missions and planning,
        curricula, student life, operations and purchasing, and community partnerships. Students and staff at hundreds of campuses across the state
and nation are engaged in sustainability committees and actions.
    According to Dr. Scott Ralls, president of the North Carolina Community College System, “for almost 50 years, N.C. community colleges
have been national leaders in developing the connection between economic and workforce development.” For our system to play a role in the
future, Dr. Ralls believes that our community colleges must be among the national leaders in green job training and education, supporting the new
and existing green economic opportunities across the state.
    As a result, Dr. Ralls has started the Code Green Initiative that is providing colleges with a structure for going green. Initial efforts have begun
with the naming of a president-level committee to lay out the framework for how we train for green economy jobs, how we foster sustainability on
our campuses, and how we might use our campuses as learning labs for our students and our communities.
    The NCCCS has identified six areas of emphasis for the state’s community colleges: sustainable construction, green fuels such as biofuels,
green transportation, sustainable agriculture, advanced manufacturing in green-related industries, and sustainable energy. Nearly every one of the
state’s 58 community colleges is engaged in Code Green.
    At Edgecombe Community College, our green initiatives began in 2005 when we instituted a four-day work week in the summer. Employees
work ten-hour days Monday through Thursday, and the college is closed on Fridays. One building on the Tarboro campus – the Fleming Building
– remains open for community events, but the remaining buildings in Tarboro and Rocky Mount are closed and air conditioning is cut back to
save on energy costs. In the first year of the modified summer schedule, the college saved $8,300 in utilities. Since then, we have saved as much as
$23,000 over the summer.
    In addition to incorporating sustainability practices as an institution, we also are developing courses and programs in sustainability in both the
curriculum and continuing education divisions. You will read about these new programs in this report.
    The heart of our sustainability programs at Edgecombe is the Norfleet House. This historic home was a gift from the Town of Tarboro
and was moved to campus in October 2009. Historic preservation trades students are restoring the structure, which will become the college’s
new Community Heritage Center. We are very excited about this project and look forward to the time when can open it to the community as a
resource for materials on genealogy and preservation.
    Preserving the Earth’s resources is a task for everyone. As educators, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to introduce our students
and community citizens to greener ideas and to provide the training they need to be successful in green jobs.
    We remain grateful for your support of Edgecombe Community College.

Deborah L. Lamm, Ed.D.

2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                                            1
                                   Historic Norfleet House Moved                         Public response to the program has
                                                                                     been very positive, and students from all
                                   to Tarboro Campus, Renovation                     over North Carolina and neighboring states
                                   Under Way                                         have attended the classes, most of which are
                                                                                     held on weekends to accommodate working

                                             he heart and soul of sustainability     professionals.
                                             initiatives at Edgecombe                    In October 2009, the program was
                                             Community College are the historic      further strengthened when the historic
                                   preservation trades program and renovation        Norfleet House was moved to the Tarboro
                                   of the Norfleet House as a Community              campus. The home, nearly 200 years old,
                                   Heritage Center.                                  will become the college’s new Community
                                       “Historic preservation is the ultimate        Heritage Center and the cornerstone of its
                                   recycling project,” says ECC President Dr.        historic preservation trades program.
Norfleet House in the early days
                                   Deborah Lamm. “The preservation of old                The structure’s original location was near
                                   structures saves on costs associated with new     the Tarboro campus. In recent years, it had
                                   construction and protects environmental           been moved north of Tarboro on U.S. 258. It
                                   resources. Also, historic preservation is a       had been vacant for many years. The house
                                   catalyst for community pride. It’s a win-win      was divided into two parts to be moved, and
                                   from every angle.”                                the journey back to campus took two days.
                                       Through a partnership with a college              Historic preservation students are
                                   advisory board, Preservation North                working on restoring the structure. The
                                   Carolina, N.C. Division of Archives and           house has its original flooring in two rooms:
                                   History, Golden LEAF Foundation, the              22-foot long heart pine lumber. Three rooms
                                   Town of Tarboro, and Edgecombe County,            are upstairs. The program coordinator’s
                                   the college has become a leader in the state      office will move to the facility, which also will
                                   and nation in historic preservation trades        contain a library for research and a museum
                                   training.                                         where local artifacts will be on display.
                                       Edgecombe Community College is one                A grant from the Golden LEAF
Norfleet House circa 1930s
                                   of only five in the nation that offers a degree   Foundation (see page 8) is supporting the
                                   in historic preservation trades and the only      renovation and also will purchase library
                                   community college in North Carolina that          resources. The fireplace will be restored with
                                   offers a program in preservation-related          a mantle built by a historic carpentry repair
                                   building trades.                                  class. “We attempted to copy the mantel from
                                       The program was launched in Fall 2008         an old photo of the Norfleet House interior,”
                                   with a daylong trades school that featured        says Monika Fleming, program coordinator.
                                   demonstrations by preservationists. A                 “The house will be a working lab – a
                                   six-course certificate program also began         structure where students can gain real know-
                                   then. Since that time, a one-year diploma         how on restoring an actual historic house,”
                                   and two-year degree have been added to the        she adds. “I can’t imagine a more relevant
                                   curriculum.                                       teaching and learning experience for our

August 18, 2009

Moving day, October 21, 2009       Permanent site on the Tarboro                      March 19, 2010
                                   campus, October 22, 2009

 2                                                                      EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
Surgical technology students model the new green reusable surgical scrubs. Program Director Linda Harrison (second from
left) is wearing a blue disposable paper gown that has been used in the past. The new washable scrubs will save the college
about $1,000 each semester.

      Surgical Technology Switches to                Green Team Organized                                 The college is working to incorporate
                                                                                                      conservation as an institution. Lighting has
      Eco-Friendly Scrubs                                                                             been converted from T12 to T5 fluorescent
                                                     The college formed a sustainability

                                                     committee in December 2009. The new              bulbs in the large robotics, auto body, and
             urgical technology students at
                                                     committee will oversee the implementation        automotive labs, resulting in a 42 percent
             Edgecombe Community College have
                                                     of sustainability and green technology efforts   reduction in wattage used in those areas.
             gone green with reusable surgical
                                                     on both campuses. Eighteen members serve             ECC employees and staff from the state
                                                     on the committee, including administrators,      energy office completed an audit of selected
          The previous scrubs were made of
                                                     faculty, staff, and two students.                buildings and evaluated energy efficiency of
      paper, “hot paper” as one student described.
                                                                                                      equipment, lighting, and thermostats. The
      Students use between 50-65 scrubs in
                                                                                                      college also collaborated with Edgecombe
      labs and clinicals each week, and the paper
                                                                                                      County in applying for a block grant for
      scrubs could be worn only once. The new        Conservation Infuses College                     energy upgrades.
      scrubs are made of a washable gortex-
      type fabric, according to Linda Harrison,      Programs and Facilities
      program director. They are manufactured
      at a plant in Mebane, NC, which provides       Several new curriculum and continuing            College Hires Sustainability
      pick-up and delivery service.                  education programs introduced in Fall 2009
                                                     focus on green technology and sustainability.    Coordinator
          The scrubs contain a microchip in the
      hem that identifies them as Edgecombe              New curriculum programs are:
                                                     • Automotive Alternative Systems                 Edgecombe Community College hired its
      Community College scrubs, so the same                                                           first sustainability employee in Fall 2009.
      scrubs are rotated at the college. Students    Technology certificate in Automotive
                                                     Systems Technology                               George Anderson was selected as the first
      love the new scrubs. “They’re much cooler,                                                      JobsNOW/sustainability coordinator.
      very comfortable, and won’t tear,” said one    • Energy Management Systems Technology
                                                     certificate in Manufacturing Technology               Anderson was previously employed at
      student. “Also, they look lovely.”                                                              Martin Community College, where he was
          “One of the most important skills that     • Green Energy Systems Technology
                                                     certificate in Facility Maintenance Worker       the assistant to the president and director
      students learn is how to gown and glove                                                         of business and industry training. He also
      themselves,” Harrison explains. “These             A new Residential Weatherization
                                                     certificate program was created as part of       coordinated the JobsNOW program as well
      scrubs are the same ones that are used                                                          as campus Code Green activities.
      at Heritage Hospital and Pitt County           the college’s JobsNOW initiative. Training
                                                     focuses on residential remodeling to improve          He holds a bachelor’s degree from N.C.
      Memorial Hospital, so it’s especially                                                           State University and an M.B.A. from the
      meaningful for students to learn this skill    energy efficiency. Also, a new Building
                                                     Operators certificate program, another           University of South Carolina.
      using these scrubs.”
          She estimates that the reusable scrubs     JobsNOW course, is teaching facilities
      will save the college about $1,000 per         maintenance engineers and technicians how
      semester.                                      to maintain energy efficient buildings.

     2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                                   3
ECC student Kim Gaston is among 150 community college students nationwide named a 2009 Coca-Cola National Finalist.

                                                    Theta Kappa chapter. The Coca-Cola                    ECC experienced the largest percentage
  Biology Student Named Coca-
                                                    National Finalist competition is limited to       increase of any community college in the
  Cola National Finalist                            Phi Theta Kappa members.                          state in Fall 2009.
                                                                                                          “To have this much growth in one year

                                                         To qualify she submitted three essays
            n Edgecombe Community College           and two letters of recommendation from            is astounding,” says ECC President Dr.
            student is one of 150 community         instructors.                                      Deborah Lamm.
            college students nationwide to               Biology instructor and Phi Theta Kappa           While the enrollment growth is
  receive a prestigious Coca-Cola scholarship       advisor Bruce Panneton penned one of those        primarily tied to the economy, Dr. Lamm
  based on academic achievement.                    letters. “She typically leads during group        also attributes the increase in students to the
      Kim Gaston of Sandy Cross is a 2009           work and is first to help her fellow classmates   implementation of a new communication
  Coca-Cola National Finalist. A part-time          if they don’t understand something,” he says.     flow at the college which is enabling college
  student working toward an associate in            “Her study habits and skills have started to      staff to be more effective in staying in touch
  science degree, she will receive a $1,000         ‘rub off ’ on her peers.”                         with prospective students.
  scholarship.                                           “This would not have been possible               Programs and courses are serving more
      “I was extremely surprised and very           without the help of Phi Theta Kappa               students than ever before. The cosmetology
  honored by the recognition,” she says. Gaston     advisors Tamara Frank-Pourvady and Bruce          program, for example, enrolled about
  is the first ECC student to be named a Coca-      Panneton and my academic advisor Carole           70 students in its hair, nail, and esthetic
  Cola National Finalist. She was notified in       Mehle,” Gaston says.                              programs in Fall 2009. About 25 students is
  April 2009.                                            “They have guided and helped me every        a more typical number.
      The program is sponsored by the               step of the way. Everyone at Edgecombe has            The college adjusted to the enrollment
  Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and is              been supportive. Edgecombe is definitely the      increase by adding sections of classes;
  administered by Phi Theta Kappa, the honor        place to be.”                                     offering multiple lab sections for the same
  society for two-year colleges.                                                                      course; adding online courses; offering
      Gaston’s selection was based on scores                                                          more hybrid classes, which split instruction
  earned in the All-USA Academic Team                                                                 between the classroom and online course
  competition. She maintains a 3.9 grade point      Edgecombe Sees Largest                            work; and hiring part-time instructors.
  average at ECC.                                   Enrollment Increase in State                          Online courses are likewise growing at a
      Gaston enrolled at the college in 2004.                                                         record pace. In Fall 2009, the college offered
  She is attending ECC part-time while              New enrollment records were set at                114 courses online, and 2,109 students took
  she takes care of her family, including two       Edgecombe Community College in 2009               at least one online course, representing an
  teenagers.                                        as the struggling economy and high                85 percent increase from Fall 2008 online
      “I started out in the nursing program         unemployment sent students back to school         figures.
  but loved biology so much that I switched,”       to learn new job skills.                              Distance education at Edgecombe is
  she explains. Ultimately, she hopes to                Spring 2009 enrollment of 2,486 was a         the fastest growing distance program in the
  complete her master’s degree in biology and       record for spring attendance at the college.      state and among the fastest growing in the
  either teach or conduct scientific research.      Fall 2009 enrollment of 3,224 also shattered      southeast. Two curriculum programs are
  “Working in either field would be a privilege.”   enrollment records and marked a 30 percent        entirely available online: health information
      Gaston is president of the ECC Phi            increase in enrollment from Fall 2008.            technology and business administration.

    4                                                                                    EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
    “We are excited about our ongoing role       Mention; two Distinguished Chapter Officer,        High School Students
in helping to turn the economy around as we      Honorable Mention; and four advisor
continue to train workers to meet current        awards, including Distinguished Advisor
                                                                                                    Attend College Camp
needs in the job market,” Dr. Lamm says.         Award.
                                                     Phi Theta Kappa is an international            Medical Science Academy
                                                 honorary society formed in 1918. The society       students attending Nash-
Student Recruitment                              comprises more than 1,200 chapters at two-
                                                 year colleges across the United States and in      Rocky Mount Schools
Strengthened                                     several other countries. It is the largest honor   participated in Community
Edgecombe Community College hosted
                                                 society in American higher education.              College Camp at
                                                     ECC’s chapter has been a five-star
several Open House events and New                chapter for about a decade. The five-star
                                                                                                    Edgecombe Community
Student Orientation sessions in 2009 to          rating is the pinnacle of chapter recognition.     College in June 2009.
better serve students.                           Of the 78 chapters in the Carolinas Region,        Shown on the left is a
     Open House events for prospective           only 16 are five-star chapters.
students are held prior to registration for
                                                                                                    student starting an IV in
                                                     To become a member, students must have
spring, summer, and fall semesters. Guests       completed 12 credit hours in an associate
                                                                                                    the nursing lab under
learn about the admissions process and           degree program and have a cumulative grade         the direction of Robin
how to obtain financial aid, take a campus       point average of 3.5 or higher. Students must      Pigg, dean of Health
tour, and meet faculty members and current       then maintain at least a 3.25 grade point
students.                                                                                           Sciences at ECC. Students
                                                 average to remain in the group.
     New Student Orientation also is held            More than 600 students have joined the         “resuscitated” a patient in
prior to registration for spring, summer, and    ECC chapter since its founding in 1994.            the respiratory therapy lab,
fall semesters. During orientation, students     During any given semester, from 25 to 40           took and studied x-rays
may register for classes and complete            students are current members.
financial aid information.                                                                          in the radiography lab,
     The events are part of ongoing efforts to                                                      and practiced suturing
strengthen student recruitment at the college.                                                      in the operating room
“We want to give prospective students every
opportunity to learn about us and what we
                                                                                                    lab. They also attended a
offer,” says Michael Jordan, vice president                                                         presentation on CT/MRI
of student services.” We want to be their                                                           imaging and dissected rats
educational choice, so our goal is to make                                                          in a biology lab. According
that choice as simple and as positive an
experience as possible.”                                                                            to Pigg, several of the
                                                                                                    students selected health
                                                                                                    care careers as a result of
Honor Society Wins 18 Regional                                                                      the camp. The students
Awards                                                                                              attended the camp
                                                                                                    voluntarily during their
Edgecombe Community College’s honor              Dr. Scott Ralls, president of the
society received a record number of awards at    N.C. Community College System
                                                                                                    summer break.
a regional conference in March 2009.             and ECC Commencement speaker,
    Members of the Alpha Omega Nu                addresses members of the Class of
chapter of Phi Theta Kappa attended              2009. “You are well prepared to
the North and South Carolinas Regional           meet current challenges; you are
Conference held in Rock Hill, S.C.
                                                 heartiness personified,” he said.
    “We enjoyed the opportunity to
reconnect with other Phi Theta Kappans
from our region,” says Phi Theta Kappa
advisor Tamara Frank-Pourvady. “We came
                                                 Class of 2009 Praised for Their
back with 18 awards, a record number in          Drive
recent years.”
    The awards for the chapter include Most      A capacity crowd filled Keihin Auditorium
Distinguished Chapter, Honorable Mention;        on May 9, 2009, as college faculty and staff,
Five-Star Chapter; Four-Clover Challenge         family members, and friends watched the
Award (for service); Carolinas Superstars        Class of 2009 walk across the stage during
(for active chapters in good standing in the     Commencement exercises.
region); Newsletter Award; and Yearbook              The event marked the 40th graduation
(Scrapbook) Award.                               ceremony at the college.
    Individual awards include three Hall             “The world looks quite different today
of Honor Trophy awards for members;              than when I graduated in 1986,” said Dr.
Distinguished Chapter President, Honorable       Scott Ralls, graduation speaker and president

2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                      5
of the North Carolina Community College            about why she aspires to a career in geriatric   therapy because of his personal interest in
System. “Today college graduates enter a           nursing, submit two references from nursing      the field. He was diagnosed with emphysema
world filled with more challenges and anxiety      instructors, and submit a reference from an      in 2000, and four of his wife’s cousins have
than we did in 1986.”                              employer.                                        died from cystic fibrosis.
    He spoke about the traits of leadership            Joyner says she is “extremely happy” to           Barker now works as a respiratory
– integrity, competency, the ability to inspire,   receive the scholarship and that it “comes at    therapist at Wayne Memorial Hospital in
and forward thinking – and he added a fifth        a time of need.” She is currently working as     Goldsboro.
trait to this list: heartiness.                    an LPN in Tarboro. She returned to ECC                Pat Willis is the release of information
    “Community college students are                through the nursing transition program to        clerk in the Health Information Management
particularly adept at this quality of              complete her studies to be an RN.                Department at Heritage Hospital in Tarboro.
heartiness. You have raised children, and              She says her grandfather was a resident      Her major, health information technology,
you have worked” while attending college, he       at the Golden Living Center in Tarboro           is a fully online curriculum, and Willis says
said. “Your education has not been an ivory        and that his experience there prompted her       this appealed to her because she “needed to
tower education; yours has been earned every       interest in geriatric nursing.                   work, and the flexibility of online classes was
step of the way. You are well prepared to                                                           appealing.”
meet current challenges; you are heartiness                                                              Willis holds a bachelor’s degree in
personified.”                                                                                       medical technology from Northern Illinois
    ECC’s Class of 2009 comprises 421                                                               University. She says that HIT was the
students, including 315 associate degree,                                                           perfect fit because it “is a complement to my
diploma, and certificate students; 98 GED                                                           medical technology degree.”
students; and 8 Adult High School students.                                                              She moved to Tarboro in 1990 and
    Dr. Ralls assured graduates that their                                                          worked at the Tarboro Clinic and the
“heartiness” will serve them well in these                                                          Edgecombe County Health Department
challenging times.                                                                                  until 2000, when she began caring for her
                                                                                                    father, who needed a full-time caregiver. She
                                                                                                    also was a part-time preschool teacher at
                                                                                                    Calvary Episcopal Church.
                                                                                                         Two students from each of the state’s 58
                                                                                                    community colleges are chosen to receive
                                                                                                    the Academic Excellence Award each year.
                                                   ECC graduates Boyd Barker and                    Winners receive a plaque, medallion and
                                                   Pat Willis received the 2009 N.C.                ribbon, tote bag, and a personal letter of
                                                   Community College Academic                       congratulations from N.C. Community
                                                   Excellence Award.                                College System President Dr. Scott Ralls.

                                                   Graduates Win State Academic
                                                   Excellence Awards

From left are Jessica Joyner, ECC                  ECC graduates Boyd Barker and Pat Willis
                                                   received the North Carolina Community
nursing student and Golden
                                                   College Academic Excellence Award
Living scholarship recipient; Kathy                presented during ECC’s Commencement in
Williford, director of the Nash-                   May 2009.
Edgecombe-Wilson-Halifax Nursing                       The award is based on academic
Consortium; and Robin Pigg, dean                   achievement and service to the college.
of the Division of Health Sciences                     Boyd Barker of Wilson completed a
at ECC.                                            degree in respiratory therapy, maintaining a
                                                   3.6 GPA. Pat Willis of Tarboro completed
                                                   a degree in health information technology,
Nursing Student Wins                               maintaining a 3.9 GPA.
Scholarship                                            “When I enrolled at Edgecombe I knew
                                                   no one, but that soon changed,” says Barker.
Jessica Joyner, a Tarboro resident and nursing     “The staff and faculty quickly made me
student at Edgecombe Community College,            feel at home. Over the last few years I have
received a $1,000 scholarship through              been continually astonished by the faculty
the Golden Living Community Support                and staff ’s commitment to seeing that each
Initiative in April 2009.                          student achieves his or her goals.”
    Joyner is a student in the associate degree        Barker retired from a steel company
nursing program. To be eligible for the            after 30 years and chose to study respiratory
scholarship, she was required to have a 3.0
grade point average, submit a 250-word essay

  6                                                                                     EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
Medical office administration was among the new programs added at ECC in Fall 2009. Shown from left are student Valenté
Tillery; Betty Collings, office administration program chair; and student Andrea Williams.

      College Receives SACS Approval                   an internal review. The college first received      are qualified to do some skin treatments,
                                                       SACS accreditation in 1972, and it was              such as microdermabrasion. ECC is the only

              dgecombe Community College               reaffirmed in 1978, 1988, and 1998.                 community college in the region that offers a
              received reaffirmation of its                                                                program in esthetics.
              accreditation status by the                                                                  • Manicuring Instructor
      Commission on Colleges of the Southern                                                               This certificate program covers the skills
                                                       New Programs Added to                               needed to teach the theory and practices
      Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
      in July 2009.                                    Curriculum                                          of manicuring. ECC offers a certificate in
          SACS is the regional body for the                                                                manicuring.
      accreditation of higher education in the         Four new curriculum programs were                       These additions bring the slate of
      southern states. Accreditation indicates that    launched at Edgecombe Community College             curriculum offerings at Edgecombe
      an institution maintains clearly specified       in Fall 2009.                                       Community College to 28 two-year degree
      educational objectives that are consistent            “We are pleased to offer these new             programs, 21 one-year diploma programs,
      with its mission and appropriate to the          programs, which should lead to more job             and 41 certificate programs, which can be
      degrees it offers.                               opportunities for Edgecombe residents,” says        completed in four to six classes on average.
          “We are very pleased that SACS               ECC President Dr. Deborah Lamm.
      has reaffirmed our accreditation,” says               New curriculum programs are:
      ECC President Dr. Deborah Lamm.                  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
                                                                                                           2+ Wesleyan Offers Classes on
      “The reaffirmation process is lengthy            This two-year degree program prepares
      but thorough, and Edgecombe is a much            students to become MRI technologists. The           ECC Campus
      stronger institution as a result.                college already offers an MRI certificate and a
          The SACS report had no                       combined CT/MRI diploma.                            The 2+ Wesleyan program, which began at
      recommendations, a result that is not typical.   • Medical Office Administration                     North Carolina Wesleyan College in 2008,
      “I am aware of only one other community          Medical office administration is a projected        provided more options for Edgecombe
      college in North Carolina that received no       growth area in the health care industry.            Community College students in Fall 2009 by
      recommendations in recent years,” Dr. Lamm       The college offers programs in office               offering classes on the ECC campus.
      says.                                            administration, medical transcription, and              The 2+ Wesleyan program enables N.C.
          “The college now has a Quality               ten health sciences programs, so the addition       residents who have completed their two-
      Enhancement Plan in place that will help         of medical office administration is a natural       year associate degrees at ECC to transfer
      three-fourths of our students who are taking     fit and provides students with a new health         smoothly into the bachelor’s degree programs
      developmental studies courses, especially        care employment option.                             at Wesleyan, with costs comparable to
      reading. Staff will track students’ successes    • Esthetics Instructor                              or below those at North Carolina state
      and provide a follow-up report to SACS in        This certificate program covers the skills          universities.
      five years,” she adds.                           needed to teach the theory and practices of             2+ Wesleyan classes in criminal justice
          SACS approval was the result of a review     esthetics. ECC offers a certificate in esthetics,   and business administration are held on the
      process that began at ECC in 2007 with           which focuses on skin care, and graduates           Tarboro campus. 2+ Wesleyan classes also
                                                                                                           are taught on the N.C. Wesleyan campus in
                                                                                                           Rocky Mount.
      2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                                       7
                                                    respiratory therapy at ECC, Myers wrote,
                                                    “The professionalism and volunteerism
                                                    demonstrated by students like yours…gives
                                                    us assurance that we have a bright future and
                                                    individuals willing to step up and be leaders.”
                                                        Webb is chair of the North Carolina
                                                    Respiratory Care Board. Tim King, clinical
                                                    education director of respiratory therapy
                                                    at ECC, is chair of the North Carolina
                                                    Society for Respiratory Care’s (NCSRC)
                                                    Professional Standards Committee. He and
Respiratory therapy students                        other state leaders in respiratory care had
participated in a national ventilator               been working to develop a mentor program
                                                    for North Carolina respiratory students, and
survey related to the H1N1 virus.                                                                       Historic preservation trades
                                                    they saw the survey project as a means to
From left are Respiratory Therapy                   formalize these efforts.                            students will restore the Norfleet
Program Director Ralph Webb,                            “To further enhance the AARC’s efforts          House, which will become the
students Jesse Kumm, Cody Jones,                    related to the National Ventilator Inventory        college’s new Community Heritage
Addie Hudson, Whitney Rains,                        and the NCSRC’s efforts in strengthening            Center. Golden LEAF funds will
Dirk Mattin, Felicia Young, Sarah                   professional development for our students,          be used to provide the tools
Jackson, Kristyn James, Scott                       we now have a mentor program up and                 and supplies associated with the
Coleman, and Director of Clinical                   running,” Webb says.                                renovation of the center.
Education Tim King. Students who                        Every respiratory therapy program
participated in the survey but were                 in the state will select one student as a
                                                    representative to this program. The selected        program has been very well received by the
not available for the photo are                                                                         public and the preservation industry,” says
                                                    student will then be paired with an active
Lindsey Godsey and Millard “Pete”                                                                       Dr. Deborah Lamm, ECC president. “This
                                                    AARC/NCSRC member who will serve as
Lamm.                                               his or her mentor.                                  generous grant from Golden LEAF will
                                                        “I believe this is an outstanding way to        enable us to make the program even stronger.
                                                    promote professionalism within our ranks,”          Preservation has great potential for bringing
Respiratory Students                                                                                    new, high quality jobs to eastern North
                                                    Webb says. “Our state society and the AARC
Instrumental in New Statewide                       will reap tremendous benefits from this             Carolina.”
Mentoring Program                                   program in years to come.”                              Plans for the historic preservation trades
                                                                                                        program including using a historic home
Respiratory therapy students at Edgecombe                                                               as the college’s new Community Heritage
Community College participated in a                                                                     Center. The Norfleet House, a 199-year-
nationwide survey related to the H1N1 virus
                                                    Golden LEAF Grant Strengthens                       old structure, was donated by the Town of
which ultimately led to a new mentoring             Historic Preservation Trades                        Tarboro and moved to the Tarboro campus
program for respiratory students across the                                                             in October 2009. Golden LEAF funds will
state.                                              Edgecombe Community College received                be used to provide the tools and supplies
    The project began in August 2009 when           a $55,000 grant from the Golden LEAF                associated with the renovation of the center.
ECC students assisted in the National               Foundation in February 2009 to support                  The Community Heritage Center will
Ventilator Inventory survey, a project of the       the college’s innovative historic preservation      be “set up as a working lab – a structure
American Association for Respiratory Care           trades program.                                     where students can gain real know-how on
(AARC).                                                 The continuing education program leads          restoring an actual historic house,” explains
    The U.S. Department of Health and               to a certificate in historic preservation trades.   Monika Fleming, historic preservation trades
Human Services asked the AARC to                    In 2010, the college will begin a curriculum        program coordinator. “I can’t imagine a more
inventory all ventilators in the nation’s           program in historic preservation trades,            relevant teaching and learning experience for
hospitals in preparation for the flu due to the     offering a degree and a diploma.                    our students.”
H1N1 virus.                                             No other community college in the state             “The Golden LEAF Foundation is
    Senior-level respiratory therapy                offers a training program in preservation-          pleased to support a community-driven
students at ECC contacted the clinical              related building trades, skills which are in        project that is projected to enhance the
facility directors at the college’s nine clinical   high demand in North Carolina.                      employability of those working in the
sites to discuss the survey. The clinical               The Golden LEAF grant will help fund            renovation and construction trades,” says
facility directors were quick to praise the         an annual daylong workshop that features            Dan Gerlach, Golden LEAF president.
students and to tell other respiratory care         demonstrations by preservation specialists in       “Our focus remains on developing the talent,
professionals about the class project.              such areas as masonry, window restoration,          knowledge, and skill of all North Carolinians
    Tim Myers, president of AARC and                roofing, and plaster repair.                        so that they meet the challenges of our ever
director of respiratory care at Children’s              The grant also will support general             changing economy.”
Hospital and MacDonald Hospital for                 instructional costs and will help finance the
Women in Cleveland, Ohio, said the ECC              college’s new Community Heritage Center, a
students did a terrific job. In an e-mail           project that will begin in 2010.
to Ralph Webb, program director of                      “Our Historic Preservation Trades

  8                                                                                       EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
Performance Series Targets                       chair for nursing. “Everyone in the NEWH        Biology Class Helps Count
                                                 Nursing Consortium worked very hard to
Headline Acts                                    assure a successful review,” Williford says.    Tundra Swans
                                                 “The N.C. Board of Nursing had high praise
The 2009-2010 Edgecombe Performance              for the entire group.”
Series is bringing four high profile acts to                                                     In February 2009, ECC
Edgecombe to appeal to a diverse audience.                                                       biology students traveled
     In its fifth season, the series reduced                                                     to Lake Mattamuskeet in
the number of shows to four in order to
secure the most highly acclaimed performers
                                                                                                 Hyde County to help track
possible.                                                                                        radio- and satellite-collared
     Country sensation The Lost Trailers                                                         tundra swans that migrate
kicked off the series in October 2009 with a                                                     to eastern North Carolina.
near-capacity crowd. Lead singer Ryder Lee
is a Tarboro native, so Keihin Auditorium                                                        The class project came
was filled with particularly loyal fans.                                                         about through former ECC
     Other performers are:                                                                       student Carla Taylor, who
• North Carolina Symphony
                                                                                                 took classes with biology
• Doc Watson with Richard Holt and
Richard Watson                                                                                   instructor Bruce Panneton.
• The Drifters featuring Rick Sheppard                                                           In Spring 2008, Taylor
     “The idea was to have a diverse lineup     Mellonie Webb of Macclesfield                    completed an ECC Service
of entertainment so there will be a little      is working toward a certificate in
something for everybody, and at the same
                                                                                                 Learning Project at Sylvan
                                                ambulatory billing and coding,
time, book shows that we are reasonably         one of 16 JobsNOW programs at
                                                                                                 Heights Waterfowl Park
certain will be able to support themselves      Edgecombe Community College.                     and Eco-Center in Scotland
financially,” says Eric Greene, cultural arts                                                    Neck. The aviary sanctuary
                                                                                                 hired her to work part-time,
                                                Edgecombe Residents                              and she contacted Panneton
Nursing Programs Approved                       Discovering New Careers                          to see if his class would be
                                                Through JobsNOW                                  interested in participating in
The associate degree nursing program and                                                         grant-funded tundra swan
the practical nursing program at Nash,          The future of numerous Edgecombe County
Edgecombe, Wilson, and Halifax community        residents looks brighter thanks to a new         research. Shown below
colleges were approved by the North             program designed to put people back to           from left are Dan Louk,
Carolina Board of Nursing in November           work.                                            education director at Sylvan
2009.                                               JobsNOW: 12 in 6 is a 16-month
                                                statewide program that unites community
                                                                                                 Heights Waterfowl Park;
    The N.C. Board of Nursing conducts
a review every eight years. The education       colleges and the Department of Commerce.         Carla Taylor, former ECC
consultants from the board had no               The program began in September 2009 as an        student and Sylvan Heights
recommendations, and they praised nursing       initiative by Governor Beverly Perdue to help    staff member; and Bruce
faculty at the four community colleges for      rebuild the state’s economy.
their enthusiasm for the program and for            ECC offers 16 different JobsNOW              Panneton, ECC biology
their seamless implementation of a new          programs. All of them are short-term             instructor.
curriculum.                                     training programs that lead to jobs needed
    The associate degree nursing program        locally. The college received $250,000 to
and the practical nursing program are           support the program through the American
administered by the Nash-Edgecombe-             Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Wilson-Halifax (NEWH) Nursing                       Mellonie Webb is learning new skills for
Consortium, an affiliation of Nash,             a career in medical coding. She works full
Edgecombe, Wilson, and Halifax community        time for a local business, but she was looking
colleges. Admission policies, graduation        to make a change. “I am approaching 50,”
standards, and curriculum requirements are      she says, “and I wanted new skills, something
uniform across the four schools.                stable that I could count on for the future.”
    The governing NEWH Nursing                      “I have already heard from someone who
Consortium Policy Board consists of the         says to call when I complete my certificate,
four presidents of the member community         that they may have a job for me,” she says.
colleges. The office of NEWH Nursing                All N.C. community colleges were
Director Kathy Williford is located on          charged with developing 12 programs that
the Rocky Mount campus of Edgecombe             could be completed in six months or less.
Community College.                              ECC has developed 16:
    Each affiliating campus has a department    • Ambulatory Billing and Coding
                                                • Building Operator Certification

2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                    9
• Residential Weatherization
• Nursing Assistant I
                                                                                                   Two Logistics Programs
• Nursing Assistant II                                                                             Developed
• Medication Aide
• Phlebotomy                                                                                       Two new continuing education programs
• Medical Office Administration                                                                    in warehousing and logistics began in
• Tire Manufacturing                                                                               September 2009 at Edgecombe Community
• Warehouse & Logistics Associate                                                                  College.
• Warehouse & Logistics Leadership Skills                                                              Warehousing and logistics focus on
• Automotive Alternative Systems                                                                   storage, inventory, transportation, and
Technology                                                                                         tracking of goods. Both of the new programs
• Facility Maintenance/Green Energy                                                                are part of the college’s JobsNOW initiative.
Systems Technology                                                                                      “There are no other continuing education
• Manufacturing/Energy Management                                                                  programs for logistics businesses in our
Systems Technology                                Seated from left are Sara Lee                    region, and this industry segment is likely to
• Historic Preservation Trades                    executives David Jones, group VP   ,             grow,” says Oppie Jordan, vice president of
• Autobody Repair                                 operations (Illinois); Paul Clark,               Carolinas Gateway Partnership.
     Courses began in September 2009. From        plant manager (Tarboro); and                         The transportation and warehousing
September through December 2009, 137              Debra Shankle, VP supply chain
                                                                       ,                           industry employs roughly 8,000 individuals
individuals enrolled in a JobsNOW course.                                                          in the eastern North Carolina economic
                                                  operations (Illinois). Standing are
At the end of December, 110 students had                                                           development region, according to the N.C.
                                                  ECC and Sara Lee/Tarboro officials:
completed a JobsNOW course. Also through                                                           Department of Commerce Community
                                                  J. Lynn Cale, ECC VP of instruction;             Profiles. More than 2,000 of these
December, 118 students had received a
                                                  Jayson Grayson, Sara Lee senior                  individuals are in Edgecombe and Nash
credential or license.
     “We did the studies, determined what         HR manager; Mike Duggins, Sara                   counties.
jobs were in demand in our service area,          Lee continuous improvement                           Edgecombe warehouse and logistics
and put together classes to meet those            specialist; Patricia Washington,                 companies include Kanban Logistics,
needs,” says George Anderson, JobsNOW/            Sara Lee HR manager; and Dr.                     AmeriCold Logistics, QVC, and MBM
sustainability coordinator.                       Randi Dikeman, ECC director of                   Corporation.
     “Now we’re seeing people completing the      business and industry services.                      The first program is a certificate in
classes, and they are telling us that they are                                                     leadership skills. It is designed to develop
getting jobs.”                                                                                     the skills needed for first-level leadership
     He and other college officials are           ECC Training Instrumental in                     in warehousing and logistics positions.
currently tweaking JobsNOW programs.              Sara Lee Distinction                             Students may be those already working in
In historic preservation trades, for example,                                                      warehousing or logistics businesses and ready
the college will offer a course that will be      Two vice presidents from Sara Lee                for leadership development.
applicable to general carpentry as well as        Corporation of Downers Grove, Illinois,              The second program is a certificate
carpentry in historic dwellings.                  made a special trip to Sara Lee of Tarboro       in warehouse and logistics associate. It is
     Also, Anderson explains, “We will offer a    in October 2009 to congratulate Plant            designed to develop the skills needed for
five-day course in residential weatherization     Manager Paul Clark and his workforce for         entry-level employment in warehousing and
that will qualify an individual to begin          being selected Plant of the Year/Food Service    logistics positions.
weatherizing homes right away. We will still      Division in the U.S.                                 “Every plant has some sort of logistics
offer a three-month course in residential             Clark acknowledged that the company’s        resources,” explains Dr. Randi Dikeman,
weatherization that will give students more       success was due, in large part, to the           director of business and industry services. “It
advanced skills, but the public was interested    continuous improvement program Sara Lee          can be difficult to find supervisors who know
in a shorter course.”                             has in place. Edgecombe Community College        much about logistics, so we hope to bridge
     Other programs of particular                 is the primary trainer for Sara Lee.             this gap with our new programs.”
interest have been nursing assistant, tire            “It is great to have such a wonderful            The ECC logistics certificates are based
manufacturing, phlebotomy, ambulatory             resource in ECC to partner with to help          on training programs of the Association
billing and coding, and medical office            train and improve the skill level of all our     for Operations Management (APICS),
administration.                                   employees,” Clark says. “We find the training    the premier professional organization for
     Mellonie Webb is in class for four hours,    both relevant to our workforce and effective.”   operations management. College officials also
two nights a week, but she is certain that            More than 600 employees have taken           sought input from local logistics experts as
the sacrifices will pay off. “Eating, sleeping,   the WorkKeys/Career Readiness Certificate        they developed the curriculum.
working, and studying are about all that I do,    assessment through the college. Other                “Ideally,” Dr. Dikeman adds, “these
but what I will gain at end will definitely be    ECC training has included Lean Six Sigma         programs could be extended into professional
worth it,” she says.                              (Yellow, Green, and Black Belt), Practical       development for high-end managers in
     After she completes her certificate in       Project Management, Introduction to              the industry. Also, there are professional
ambulatory billing and coding, she hopes          Computers, K-T Analytic Troubleshooting,         certifications through APICS that could be
to continue her education at ECC and              Basic Maintenance Skills, Electrical             offered at the college.”
earn a two-year associate degree in health        Maintenance, Instrumentation and Control,
information technology. “JobsNOW has              and HVAC & R (steam traps and boiler
been a wonderful opportunity for me,” she         operations).

  10                                                                                   EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                 Continuing Education Adds                        Finnish Educators Visit
                                                 Programs in Horticulture and                     ECC
                                                 Community Theatre
                                                                                                  A delegation of five Finnish
                                                 The Division of Continuing Education             educational leaders visited
                                                 promotes lifelong learning through
                                                 numerous programs and hundreds of                ECC and other local colleges
                                                 courses.                                         in October 2009, marking
                                                     The division served about 8,500 students     their fourth visit to eastern
                                                 in 2009. More than 1,300 classes, including      N.C. The visitors were guests
                                                 programs in occupational extension, human
                                                 resources development, basic skills, and the     of ECC, Nash Community
                                                 Small Business Center, were offered.             College, and N.C. Wesleyan
ECC President Dr. Deborah Lamm
and District Attorney Robert Evens
                                                     Two new programs were developed in           College. In April 2008,
                                                 2009 in response to local interest.
discuss the new Alive at 25 safe                     A five-class series in horticulture is
                                                                                                  ECC officials signed an
driving course for young adults.                 helping area residents find greater success      agreement with educational
The program is the only one of its               in landscaping and gardening projects.           leaders from Finland
kind in this region.                             The series began in Fall 2009 and will run       creating opportunities for
                                                 through Spring 2010.
                                                     Classes are introduction to horticulture,    collaboration and exchange.
Alive at 25 Aims to Improve                      landscape maintenance, landscape design,         Several members of the
Driving Skills of Young Adults                   landscape gardening, and plant propagation.      Finnish delegation in
                                                     A second new program that began in Fall      October continued training
A safe driving program targeting young           2009 offers training in community theatre.
adults who break traffic laws began in           Six courses are required to complete the         in Six Sigma Greenbelt,
Edgecombe County in August 2009.                 certificate.                                     which is specialized quality
    The Alive at 25 program is a partnership         “Several members of the Edgecombe            control training for business
between Edgecombe Community College,             community came to us with the idea of
                                                 developing a training program in community
                                                                                                  and industry. Others toured
the Safety and Health Council of North
Carolina, and the District Attorney’s Office.    theatre,” says J. Lynn Cale, vice president of   local industry. Seated from
    The Safety and Health Council developed      instruction.                                     left are Finnish educators
the course for young adults ages 16 through          “Community theatre is a popular pursuit      Vesa Hiltunen and Markku
24. “This young driver intervention program      in our area,” he explains. “The Tar River
teaches young drivers how to take control of     Players is a very active troupe and actually
                                                                                                  Loiskekoski. Standing are
situations by taking responsibility for their    holds their performances in our McIntyre         J. Lynn Cale, ECC; Dr. Kristi
own driving behavior,” explains J. Lynn Cale,    Auditorium on the Tarboro campus. Several        Snuggs, ECC; Ari Orelma,
associate vice president of instruction.         other organizations in the area also provide     Finland; Jarno Tuimala,
    “The class is designed for those young,      opportunities for theatre.”
inexperienced, and vulnerable drivers who are                                                     Finland; Dr. Deborah
already getting traffic tickets in their short                                                    Lamm, ECC; and Dr. Randi
driving careers.”                                Project GATE Will Help                           Dikeman, ECC.
    While the four-hour course will be
delivered by the community college on both       Workers Start Businesses
the Tarboro and Rocky Mount campuses,
students will receive the class information      Edgecombe Community College has been
from the District Attorney’s Office. Taking      named one of only eight community colleges
the class may reduce the charge involved in      in North Carolina to administer a new
the citation.                                    program to assist workers who’ve lost their
    The course is already being offered at 32    job start their own business. GATE is being
North Carolina community colleges. The           directed in Edgecombe and surrounding
community colleges closest to ECC that offer     counties through the Small Business Center
Alive at 25 are Wayne and Johnston.              at ECC. North Carolina is one of only four
    According to the National Safety             participating states.
Council, drivers between the ages of 16 and          The GATE Program – Growing
24 are the group most likely to be involved      America Through Entrepreneurship
in fatal collisions. Each year, young adult      – began in April 2009 and is funded by
drivers are involved in more than six million    the U.S. Department of Labor. GATE is a
collisions, resulting in 14,000 fatalities.      scholarship program that provides training
                                                 and coaching for laid-off or dislocated
                                                 workers from rural counties for assistance
                                                 related to starting and running a business.

2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                  11
                                                                                New Trustee Joins Board

                                                                                         overnor Beverly Perdue appointed Dr. Jerry
                                                                                         W. Price of Tarboro to the ECC Board of
                                                                                         Trustees in July 2009.
                                                                                    Dr. Price is a self-employed general dentist
                                                                                in Tarboro. He received his bachelor’s degree in
                                                                                pharmacy from the University of North Carolina at
                                                                                Chapel Hill and his doctorate in dental surgery from
                                                                                the UNC School of Dentistry.
                                                                                    “Edgecombe Community College is the
                                                                                cornerstone of education and training for the adult
                                                                                population in Edgecombe County,” he says.
                                                                                    The board has 12 members who each serve four-
                                                                                year terms. The governor, local board of education,
                                                                                and local county commissioners each appoint four

                                                                                Biology Instructor Receives Keihin
                                                                                Endowed Faculty Chair
                                                                                Bruce Panneton, a biology instructor since 2005, was
                                                                                named recipient of the 2009-2010 Keihin Endowed
                                                                                Faculty Chair in August 2009.
                                                                                    “I’ve been saying this since I joined ECC four
Members of the college executive team are (seated from left) J. Lynn Cale,      years ago: I love being here, and I love teaching,” he
                                                                                said in accepting the honor during a reception hosted
associate vice president of instruction; Michael Jordan, vice president of
                                                                                by the ECC Foundation.
student services; Charlie Harrell, vice president of administrative services;       The chair was endowed by Keihin Carolina
(standing) Dr. Kristi Snuggs, vice president of instruction; and Dr. Deborah    System Technology through a $100,000 gift in 2007,
Lamm, president.                                                                and it rewards excellence in teaching.
                                                                                    As the Keihin chair holder, Panneton receives
                                                                                $2,500 and a chair with an engraved brass nameplate.
                                                                                    Panneton holds both a B.S. degree in biology
                                                                                and a master’s degree in biology from East Carolina
                                                                                University. A native of Jacksonville, he attended
                                                                                Coastal Carolina Community College before
                                                                                transferring to ECU.
                                                                                    In addition to teaching biology, Panneton is
                                                                                coordinator of the Quality Enhancement Plan,
                                                                                adjunct faculty liaison, a member of the college’s
                                                                                Service Learning Committee, and Recruiting
                                                                                    In announcing the selection, Karen Andrus,
                                                                                executive director of the ECC Foundation, said his
                                                                                innovative teaching methods were a factor in his
                                                                                selection. One student commented that he “went out
                                                                                of his way to explain and find techniques that I could
                                                                                use while studying in the evening. I do not think Mr.
                                                                                Panneton realizes the impact that he made on my
                                                                                learning as a student and growth as a person.”
                                                                                    He was selected by a committee of ECC personnel
                                                                                and KCST officials from a pool of five nominees
                                                                                who submitted a performance portfolio, a philosophy
                                                                                of teaching, and an essay. Other nominees were
                                                                                instructors Ralph Webb, Kim Bell, Carole Mehle, and
Members of the ECC Board of Trustees are (seated from left) Helen Collins,      Cathy Stephenson.
Gladys Shelton, Bernice Pitt, Jessie Jones, Gloria Wiggins-Hicks, and Jean          Panneton is the third Keihin Chair holder at the
                                                                                college. Last year’s recipient was J.H. Koonce, chair
Bailey. Standing are Dr. Jerry Price, James Long, Jerry Spruell, James
                                                                                of criminal justice. The first recipient was Monika
Taylor, and Jonathan Felton. Shown inset is Wick Baker.                         Fleming, historic preservation program coordinator.

    12                                                                  EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
ECC Foundation Board members include (front, from left) Faye Price, Karen Andrus, Dr. Deborah Lamm, Jean Bailey, Bernice
Pitt, (middle) Ruth Cherry, Joseph Spiers, Ann Kent, Gladys Shelton, Donna Cooper, Maxie Coker, (back) Norfleet Sugg, Curtis
Edmondson, Charlie Harrell, Ferrell Rollins, J. Vines Cobb, William Davis, Wick Baker, Richard Joyner, James C. Marrow Jr.,
Henry Anderson, and Bill Thorne.

      Edgecombe Community College                       Francis G. Blackwell Memorial                 ECC Foundation Board
                                                        JoAnn Brown                                   Jean M. Bailey, President
      Foundation                                        Archie R. Burnette Family Memorial            Bernice M. Pitt, Vice President

                                                        Johnnena Poulos Cannon Memorial Scholarship   James C. Marrow Jr., Treasurer
              stablished in 1982, the ECC               Robert “Bob” Cole Memorial Scholarship
              Foundation is a non-profit organization                                                 Josie Davis, Secretary
                                                        Stanley Leon Daughtridge Memorial             Karen Andrus, Executive Director
              set up to receive donations to the
                                                        Edgecombe County Veteran’s Memorial           Henry Anderson
      college. Since its founding, the Foundation
                                                        Ronald G. Ellis Jr.                           Wick Baker
      has focused primarily on meeting the
                                                        Emily “Mimi” Havens Edmondson Memorial        Ruth D. Cherry
      financial needs of students. In 2009-2010, the
                                                        Jason Erich Memorial                          J. Vines Cobb Jr.
      organization awarded $100,000 in student
                                                        Cindy Gupton Fiore Memorial                   Maxie Coker Jr.
      scholarships. More than 100 students benefit
                                                        Dr. Thomas S. Fleming                         Donna Cooper
      annually from these funds. The Foundation
                                                        Judge George M. Fountain Jr. Memorial         William F. Davis
      sponsors the Keihin Endowed Faculty Chair
                                                        Nina W. Fountain                              Curtis Edmondson
      Award, the Excellence in Teaching Award, the
                                                        Dr. Hartwell H. Fuller                        Tim Freeman
      Staff Award, and the Student Ambassador
                                                        Annie Louise Gaynor Memorial                  Lee R. Hall
      program, and also provides mini-grants to
                                                        Vivian Godwin Memorial                        Charlie Harrell
      faculty and staff. We are grateful to all of
                                                        Jonathan “Jack” Havens Memorial               Rev. Richard Joyner
      the donors for their loyal commitment and
                                                        Heritage Hospital                             Ann Kent
      generous gifts to the college and the ECC
                                                        Dr. Geraldine Jordan                          Dr. Deborah Lamm
                                                        Carolyn Weeks Kalamajka Memorial              James C. Marrow Jr.
                                                        Major Linwood T. Lewis Sr. Memorial           Earl Marshall
                                                        Gladys C. Matthewson Memorial                 Bryan Mayo
      Endowed Scholarships                              Lacey & Grace McBryde                         Faye Price
                                                        Charles B. McIntyre Jr. Memorial              Ferrell Rollins
      ACT•1 – The John & Elretha Bryant Family          Norman T. Parker Jr.                          Gladys Shelton
      Alltel Communications                             General Henry Hugh Shelton                    Joseph Spiers
      Mike Alford                                       Vivian Patterson Smith Memorial               Norfleet L. Sugg
      Berry Anderson Family Memorial                    Carl W. Stephens Jr. Memorial                 Ricky R. Thompson
      Guy E. and Alice A. Barnes Memorial               Mary T. Strickland Memorial                   Bill Thorne
      Robert E. Barnhill Sr. Memorial                   Tarboro Lions Club                            Gloria Wiggins-Hicks
      Baker Mabrey Bass Jr. Memorial                    Tarboro Student Aid Association               Margarita McDonald,
      Kim A. Bell Health Information Technology         Eddie Lee Walker Memorial                        SGA President
                                                        Sylvia “Red” Baker York Memorial

      2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                                     13
                                                                                                 Dennis Smith of Tarboro won the contest,
                                                                                                 receiving a trophy and $300. Stack’s was
                                                                                                 runner-up, winning $100. The Thomas
                                                                                                 Edmondson Agency team placed third and
                                                                                                 won a trophy.
                                                                                                     Millie’s Cafe in Pinetops won a blue
                                                                                                 ribbon for Best Booth by popular vote and a
                                                                                                 trophy for the Judges Showmanship Award.
                                                                                                     Winners of the Shag Contest were
                                                    Kathy Webb            Krista Mosley          Charles Dew of Tarboro and Mary Lou
                                                                                                 Sheppard of Washington, N.C. Ricky and
                                                 school coordinator, received the 2009 Staff     Katie Davis from Tarboro placed second,
                                                 Award. “Her passion is student success, and     and Gordon Mattot of Wilson and Vanessa
                                                 the students appreciate all that she does,”     Chasox of Rocky Mount finished third.
Shown from left are Karen Andrus,                Andrus said. “Not only does she oversee             “We were very pleased with the turnout
executive director of the ECC                    all dual enrollment students for the entire     and the enthusiasm for our first Beach Music
Foundation; Don Rupprecht; ECC                   county, she remains very active in the lives    and BBQ Festival,” Andrus adds. The 2010
President Dr. Deborah Lamm; and                  of the 125 students enrolled at Edgecombe       Beach Music and BBQ Festival is set for
Tricia Rupprecht.                                Early College High School.”                     Saturday, June 26, from 12 noon to 7 p.m. on
                                                      The ECC Foundation honored Mosley          the Tarboro campus.
                                                 and Webb with a $250 check and a plaque.
Rupprechts Establish Endowment
Don and Tricia Rupprecht established an
endowment at ECC in December 2009.
The couple lived in Tarboro for many years
and moved to Florida in 2005 following
his retirement as head of Keihin Carolina
System Technology.
     He was a champion of the college, joining
the ECC Foundation Board of Directors in
2000 and serving as its treasurer. He also was
instrumental in planning and raising funds
for the Thomas S. Fleming Building on the
Tarboro campus. The facility opened in 2004.
     Income from the Donald W. and Patricia
Rupprecht Endowment will benefit general                                                         The Tom Glennon family donated
needs of the college. “Education is the engine   About 1,500 attended the ECC                    the former site of Tom Togs in
of economic growth,” he says. “I was involved    Foundation’s first Beach Music and              Conetoe to the ECC Foundation.
with the college on many projects, and I         BBQ Festival held April 2009 on                 Shown from left are ECC
saw firsthand that resources are wisely and                                                      Foundation President Jean Bailey,
                                                 the Tarboro campus. Three beach
efficiently used. I know the college will do                                                     Tom Glennon, Alice Glennon, and
likewise with our fund.”
                                                 music bands performed, including
                                                 Tommy Black and Blooz.                          ECC President Dr. Deborah Lamm.
     For more information on how to establish
                                                                                                 The ECC Foundation presented a
an endowment at the college, please contact
                                                                                                 Paul Revere bowl to the Glennons
Karen Andrus at (252) 823-5166, ext. 212.        Beach Music and BBQ Festival a                  to commemorate their gift.
                                                 Great Success
Employee Awards Presented at                     The first annual Beach Music and BBQ            Glennon Family Donates Conetoe
Graduation                                       Festival in April 2009 drew an estimated        Building
                                                 1,500 people. The event was a fundraiser for
Teaching and staff awards were presented by      scholarships and other needs at the college.    Tom Glennon and his family donated the
the ECC Foundation during commencement               “I thought it was excellent,” says Karen    former site of Tom Togs in Conetoe to the
exercises in May 2009.                           Andrus, executive director of the ECC           ECC Foundation in early 2009.
    CT/MRI instructor Krista Mosley              Foundation. “We had a great crowd, great            Valued at $500,000, the gift is among the
received the 2009 Excellence in Teaching         sponsors, terrific music, delicious food, and   largest ever made to the ECC Foundation.
Award. “Enthusiastic, organized, prepared,       fantastic volunteers.”                              During a luncheon in February held
serious, and thorough are a few examples of          The crowd was entertained from noon         to honor the Tom Glennon family, college
the way students describe one of the best        until 7 p.m. by beach music bands Jim Quick     officials, former Tom Togs employees, and
instructors they have ever had,” said Karen      and the Coastline Band, the Holiday Band,       other special guests gathered to pay tribute to
Andrus, executive director of the ECC            Tommy Black and Blooz, and vocalist Paul        the family and its generous gift.
Foundation, in making the presentation.          Craver.                                             Tom Togs was a children’s apparel
    Kathy Webb, Early College liaison/high           Nine teams entered the Pig Cook-Off.        manufacturing facility in Conetoe from 1973

  14                                                                                 EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
until 1993. Tom Glennon was president of
                                                       2009 ECC GIVING                          The ECC Foundation
Tom Togs.                                                                                       awarded scholarships
     A new employee training program was                   CIRCLES                              to more than 100
conducted by Edgecombe Community
College during the latter part of 1973, and       FOUNDERS ($5,000 +)                           ECC students during
                                                  Estate of Nina Fountain
65 sewing machine operators were trained
                                                  Heritage Hospital                             a scholarship awards
and ready to work when the plant opened in
January 1974.
                                                  Keihin Carolina System Technology
                                                  Edgecombe Martin County -
                                                                                                ceremony in November
     “We are so very grateful for this generous     Electric Membership Corporation             2009. Scholarship amounts
gift,” said ECC President Dr. Deborah             GRAND ($1,000 - $4,999)                       ranged from $100 to
Lamm. “Workforce training has been our            Carolina Eagle - Budweiser
                                                                                                $3,000. Shown is Glen
                                                  Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant
business for more than 40 years, and the
college is proud to have trained the original
                                                  Edgecombe Garden Club
                                                  Curtis L. Edmondson
                                                                                                Daughtridge presenting
Tom Togs employees.”                              Embarq                                        the Stanley L. Daughtridge
                                                  Frederick Erich
     The Foundation is presently negotiating      Heritage Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer Group   Memorial Endowed
a lease agreement with an industrial client,      Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                Scholarship to ECC student
and the revenue from leasing the facility will      Youth Fellowship
be used to support the college’s scholarship
                                                  Junior Guild of Rocky Mount                   Latoya Battle. A resident
                                                  Kiwanis Club of Rocky Mount
fund, explained Jean Bailey, president of the     CMSGT Alexis A. Meads                         of Tarboro, she is studying
                                                  Norman T. Parker
ECC Foundation and a member of the ECC
                                                  RBC Centura Bank                              early childhood education
Board of Trustees.
     “We are grateful for such a creative
                                                  Rocky Mount Assoc. of Insurance
                                                    & Financial Advisors
                                                                                                at the college. Glen
gift,” she said. “Every dollar given to the       Roger G. Taylor & Associates                  Daughtridge is the nephew
                                                  Sara Lee Bakery
Foundation works its way back into the            Judith Sherrick                               of Stanley Daughtridge. The
community.”                                       State Farm Insurance - B. Pitt
                                                  State Farm Companies Foundation               Daughtridge Scholarship
     Tom Togs ultimately employed about
250 individuals.
                                                  Superior Essex
                                                  Tarboro Savings Bank, SSB
                                                                                                was established in
                                                  Tarboro Kiwanis Club                          1997 by Mrs. Stanley L.
                                                  The Heritage Bank
                                                  The Rotary Club of Tarboro                    Daughtridge, who passed
ECC Foundation Golf                               Thorne Drug Co.
                                                  Dorothy B. Tolson                             away in 2005. The ECC
Tournament Celebrates 24th Year                   E. Norris Tolson                              Foundation awards about
                                                  PRESIDENT’S ($500-$999)                       $100,000 in scholarship
The ECC Foundation’s 24th Annual Golf             ABB, Inc.
Tournament raised more than $13,000 for           Jean M. Bailey                                funds annually.
                                                  Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc.
student scholarships.                             Joel K. Bourne
    The tournament was held September             Susan G. Boyette
                                                  Ceco Building Division
17, 2009, at Maccripine Country Club in           J. V. Cobb
Pinetops. Forty teams played in the four-         Donna Cooper
person modified super ball tournament. The        Josie B. Davis
                                                  William F. Davis
annual competition is among the largest           Eastern Petroleum Corporation
fundraisers for the college.                      Edgecombe Community
    Keihin Carolina System Technology was         Edgecombe-Nash Retired
the corporate sponsor of the golf tournament         School Personnel
and provided a 2009 Honda Insight as a            Farris Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge
                                                  Lee R. Hall
hole-in-one prize. Platinum sponsor was           Charlie R. Harrell
Edgecombe Martin County EMC, and gold             Hartcom Power Division Inc.
sponsor was Sara Lee Bakery.                      Hester, Moore & Tucker, PLLC
                                                  Michael J. Jordan
    Serving on the 2009 golf tournament           Dr. Deborah L. Lamm
committee were Tommy Anderson, Karen              Tony Manley-Rook
Andrus, Jerome Creech, Lee Edmondson,             MBM Corporation
                                                  Parkway Ag. Center, Inc.
Charlie Harrell, Kenny Honeycutt, Deborah         Pilot Club of Tarboro
Lamm, George McFadyen, Earl Marshall,             Martha Pritcher
                                                  Rocky Mount Business
and Donald Morris Jr.                                & Professional Women’s
                                                  Rocky Mount Garden Club
                                                  Gladys C. Shelton
                                                  Stack’s Restaurant
                                                  Sundrop Bottling Co.
                                                  John L. Tart
                                                  Texas Steakhouse & Saloon
                                                     Agency, Inc.
                                                  Joe P Tolson
                                                  Voces Hispanas, Inc.
                                                  Viola B. Weeks
                                                  Woodmen of the World
                                                     Tarboro #115

2009 PRESIDENT’S REPORT                                                                                               15
                                                     2009 ECC GIVING CIRCLES
COLLEGE ($250 - $499)                     .
                                Dorothy P Everette              Tom Bendurant           Stuart Locke                    MEMORIAL GIFTS
Abrams Restaurant               Jonathan K. Felton              Howard S. Boney         Nancy Lovett                    Mike Alford
Alumni Partnership - ECC        Fountain, Roberson, Anderson    Ron Bourgoin            Darlene Lynn                    Carroll Joseph Austin
Andrus & Company LLC               Insurance Agency             Leslie Boyd             David D. Madalozzo              Sarah Courtney Moger Baker
Karen D. Andrus                 Dr. Stan Garren                 Tee Boyd                Barbara K. Manning              Ray Neil Baker Jr.
BB&T                            Eric Gerdes                     Floyd Boyer             Donald A. Morris                Guy & Alice Barnes
Brame Specialty Company, Inc.   Frances B. Godwin               Linda Branch            George H. McFadyen              Dr. William Clark Bass
Carlisle Funeral Home, Inc.     Z. B. Haislip                   Frank R. Brown          Leigh W. Moore                  Lina H. Bulluck
Comfort Inn                     Judge Joseph J. Harper          James C. Brown          Belinda V. Myers                             .
                                                                                                                        Johnnena P Cannon
Deluxe Cleaners of Tarboro      Billy Ray Harrell               Kimberly L. Brown       Melissa Nobles                  Edward Cherry
Doug Henry Chevrolet            Shreail R. Hinton               Kent Bunting            Jennifer Norville               Master Thomas Creech
Edgecombe County                Sheila D. Hoskins               Margaret Burlew         Floyd Ogburn                    W. Fred Davis
  Farm Bureau, Inc.             Leroy Hudson                    Stephanie Butler                    .
                                                                                        Charlotte P O’Neal              James R. Davis Jr.
Lee Edmondson                   Gwendolyn E. Hyman              Harry I. Cain           Candis B. Owens                 Emily “Mimi” Havens
Food Lion                       Charles D. Joll                 Melissa Cameron         Johanna Owens                     Edmondson
Fountains at the Albemarle      Timothy J. King                 Mattie Carstarphen      William M. Parker               Wilton Ellis
Dr. Hartwell H. Fuller          J. H. Koonce                    Kelly Cash              Pamela B. Pate                  Jason Erich
Hemby-Willoughby                William Carnell Lamm            Don Caudle              Stacey Patterson                Nina W. Fountain
  Mortuary, Inc.                Katherine E. Lancaster          Carla H. Clark          Anne B. Pierce                  Vivian G. Godwin
Hilma Country Club              Francine M. Long                Kendall Clark           Piggly Wiggly of Pinetops       Carol Harris
Nancy H. Hobbs                  Debra C. Lovett                 Tiffany Clark           Robert Pinner                   Joseph Leonard Jeansonne
Russell B. Holderness           Trudy H. Lynn                   Helen Cleveland         Mr. & Mrs. Berry Pittman Jr.    Turner Perry Jenkins II
Hospira Foundation Match        Gladys H. Matthewson            JoBeth Cobb             Alice H. Pope                   Sue Koonce
Institutional Interiors, Inc.   Bryan McIntyre                  Kelly Coley             Mattie A. Powell                Freddy Lamm
Kanban Logistics                Virginia L. McLendon            Betty G. Collings       Marion Proctor                  Jasper Lawrence
Ann R. Kent                     Carole Mehle                    Seth G. Cooley          Matt Proctor                    Alexander Connell Lovette
Robert K. LaMar                 NAPA-Hussey Automotive          Angela H. Cooper        Robert A. Raskin                Franklin Malone
James H. Long                   Maria R. Ortega                 Bartley Cooper          Joe R. Reeves                   Kipell Manley
James C. Marrow                            .
                                Michelle P Owens                Peggy Copeland          William Rhodes                  Gladys C. Matthewson
Mayo Knitting Mill              Brandy Palmer                   Karen D. Coward         Susan D. Roberson               Charles McIntyre
Murdock Webbing Co., Inc.       William Parrisher               Samuel J. Crews         Angelene B. Robinson            Lacy Davenport Michaluk
Col. Thomas E. Page             Joseph L. Perry                 Ray Daniels             Peter Rossi                     Tom Morgan
Piedmont Natural Gas Co.        H. H. Philips                   Scott Dargan            Charles I. Rountree             Norman Parker
Piggly Wiggly of Tarboro        Robin L. Pigg                   Anita Davis             Carol F. Ruffin                 Berry Pittman Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Price       Piggly Wiggly of Tarboro        Daniel Davis            Kenneth D. Ruffin               Robert A. Raskin
RBC Centura Bank-Tarboro        Virgina Pope                    Deborah Davis           Pat Ruffin                      Charles Sherrick
Deborah L. Rossi                Mary W. Proctor                 Emma Davis              Security, Sight & Sound Alarm   Joe Speight
Rejeanor Scott                  Carlton G. Purvis               Robert C. Davis           Co., Inc.                     Myrtle Tugwell
Stanley Sivels                  Les Renfrow                     Sarah Davis             Amy Sessoms                     William “Buddy” Wright
Dr. Kristi L. Snuggs            Feasta T. Reynolds              Thomas J. Derby         Katrina G. Sessoms
Southern Bank & Trust           Alice B. Robertson              Carol J. Dew            Garland Shepheard               HONOR GIFTS
Joseph K. Spiers                Ferrell Rollins                 B. L. Dixon             Carolyn E. Sherrill             Linda Anderson
Norfleet L. Sugg                Roofing Tools & Equipment Co.   Cathy Dupree            Signs Now #267                  Karen Andrus
Tarboro Printing Co.            Carolyn R. Rose                 Connie Dupree           Rev. William E. Smyth           Neil Baker
Taylor, Brinson & DeLoatch      Sandra D. Sanderson             Kent E. Elhoffer        Southern Bank-Rocky Mt.         Mary Tom Bass
Telco Credit Union              Betty D. Shook                  Ronald G. Ellis         Ben Spain                       Charlie Beck
The Wooten Company              Dennis Smith                    Norma Erich             William (Bud) E. Speight        Susan G. Boyette
Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.       Southeast Solutions             Jessica E. Exum         Wiley Staton                    Lynn Cale
UniFirst                        Jerry W. Spruell                Fred’s Food Club        Kevin N. Strickland             Lee G. Currin
Ralph D. Webb                   Dr. & Mrs. Alan H. Stephenson   Janet Ferrell           Heather H. Talbot               The ECC Nursing Department
Sharon Whitaker                 Suddenlink Communications       Cheryl Fisher           Tarboro Edgecombe               Fred Erich
Katherine E. Williford          Super Flame Gas Co., Inc.       Lynne W. Fleming          Jr. Miss Program              Dorothy Everette
WNCT 107.9                      Tar River Rentals & Shindigz    Monika Fleming          Hubert D. Terry                 Tamara Frank-Pourvady
                                Tarboro Realty                  John Foster             John Tilton                     Frances B. Godwin
CENTURY ($100 - $249)           Suddenlink Communications       James Fredericks        JoAnn Tripp                     Charlie Harrell
Bobby Andrews                   Super Flame Gas Co., Inc.       Dr. Tom Gennosa         Albert A. Vaudo                 Teri & Wilson Harrison
Lynn B. Askew                   Tarboro Realty                  Maggie L. Gilliam       Alton Vick                      Brad Hill
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry           Stanley Wachowicz               Debra A. Glover         Claude Walston                  Burton Holderness
Kristi Baker                    George T. Ward                  Richard C. Greene       Benjamin Warren                 Shelia Hoskins
Neil Baker                      Brooks Webb                     Ralph Grieco            LaShawnda Washington            Julie Jelks
Wick Baker                      Joey Whitaker                   Daniel L. Grimsley      Tracey Waters                   Michael Jordan
Providence Bank                 Shelton D. Whitehurst           Amy Hall                Jackie Watkins                  Ann Kent
A. Stancil Barnes               Gloria Wiggins-Hicks            Grady Hall              Scott E. Watson                 Dr. Deborah Lamm
Mary Tom Bass                   Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Wirt        Monteena Harrington     Kathy Webb                      Brian Lewis
Elizabeth C. Bateman                                            William Harris          Vickie Webb                     Ruth Mondak
Eleanor R. Battle-Sharpe        FRIENDS (up to $99)             Hank Harvey             Dean Wells                      Yvonne Murphy
Charles Beck                    Jamie Adcock                    Shelia Hathaway         Lawrence Wells                  Teresa Muse
Brewer’s Jewelry                George B. Anderson              Celina Hawkins          Priscilla Wells                 Deborah Parisher
Meade B. Bridgers               Henry Anderson                  Paula P Hawkins
                                                                        .               Ray West                        Norman T. Parker Jr.
John I. Brooks                  Linda B. Anderson               Stephen A. Herring      William Whitaker                Stacey Patterson
Bobby J. Browning               Thomas B. Anderson              Carrie Hinton           Chris H. Whitehead              Sandra Sanderson
Bryan Drugs, Inc.               Dr. Vincent C. Andracchio       Dr. J. Stephen Hoard    George Whitehurst               Stanley Sivels
Bud’s Grill                     Ellyn Andrews                   Penny Hoard             Bobby Whitfield                 Dr. Kristi Snuggs
Bullock’s Quality Meats, Inc.   Kimery Andrews                  Chris Hoke              George Whitfield                Larry Stroud
Robert E. Bynum                 Anna R. Aycock                  Jay Holland             Freddy Whitley                  Janice Tolson
J. Lynn Cale                    Mollie H. Baggett               Demetriss Hopkins       Kathy Winslow                   Crystal Worsley
Merle Carlyle                   Grady Bailey                    Kathryn H. Howard       Arnold Worsley
CFW Vending                     Phillip Bailey                  Susan Hughes
Ruth D. Cherry                  Alton Baker                     Jeff Jordan
Eric Cofield                    Boyd Baker                      Joe Lane
Brenda C. Coker                 Karen Baker                     Nancy Lane
Helen W. Collins                Angela Barnes                   Albert J. LaRose
Giles Dail                      Penny Barnhill                  Janda Latham
Dr. Randi Dikeman               Marie R. Bass                   Daryl Lawson
Dryer Vent Wizard of            Linda Beaman                            .
                                                                Brian P Lewis
   N.E. North Carolina          Fred Belfield                   Sandra Livesay
Edgecombe Casket Co., Inc.      Kim Bell

  16                                                                                   EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                  ECC Financial Information

               Operating Budget                                                               Financial Statement
          July	1,	2009	–	June	30,	2010                                                    July	1,	2008	–	June	30,	2009

Edgecombe Community College                                                       Edgecombe Community College Foundation

Revenue                                                                           Revenue
State	                                                 $14,742,081                *Contributions	                               $631,785
County	                                                  1,253,710                Interest	&	Investment	Income	                   44,777
Federal	                                                 6,553,002                Total Revenue                                 $676,562
Institutional	                                           2,209,000
Total Revenue                                          $24,757,793
Expenditures                                                                      Grants/Scholarships/other	programs	           $115,034
Academic	Support	                                        $1,589,468               Fundraisers	                                    35,269
Instruction	                                              9,610,874               Operating	Expenses	                             23,001
Public	Service	                                              10,000               Total Expenditures                            $173,304
Auxiliary	Enterprises	                                    1,652,000
Student	Services	                                         1,126,569                         Increase	(decrease)	in	Fund	Balance			$503,258
Plant	Operation	                                          1,118,610
General	Institutional	Support	                            2,369,582
                                                                                  Total Net Assets June 30, 2009              $1,761,509
Financial	Aid	                                            6,605,000
Capital	Outlay	                                             621,668
Total Expenditures                                     $24,713,771
                                                                                  * includes	donation	of	Tom	Togs	
                                                                                  	 building	in	Conetoe,	valued	at		

Written and edited by Mary Tom Bass. Designed by Stacey Patterson.
Photography by Stacey Patterson.

1,200 copies of this report were printed at a cost of $1.83 each. Printed using
10% recycled paper.

Published by the Office of the President, Edgecombe Community College,
April 2010.

Edgecombe Community College is an equal opportunity institution.
Edgecombe Community College

Tarboro campus
2009 West Wilson Street
Tarboro, NC 27886
(252) 823-5166

Rocky Mount campus
225 Tarboro Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27801
(252) 446-0436


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