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                                                                                                                                                                         SEATTLE, WA 98102
                                                                                                                                                                         Phone (206) 709-2000

  Volume 72, Number 11                                                                                                                                        DECEMBER 2007

                                                                        aboard Kent and Carol Soffel's                                             Thank you
                                                                        Windy I. SYC Commodore Jack                                                Thank you to all of the members
                                                                        Sullivan and I had a friendly wager                                        who contribute time and energy to
                                                                        on the final outcome. I was not able                                       making Queen City a great place to
                                                                        to attend the race, but after the                                          be. This month I especially want to
                                                                        morning session SYC Commodore                                              thank all of the event chairs for their
                                                                        Jack Sullivan called me to announce                                        hard work in organizing and
                                                                        that SYC was ahead by more than                                            executing the fun times. I cannot
                                                                        190 seconds. (Cammy asked me                                               thank Kathy Fish enough for all of
                                                                        what that meant—I said something                                           her hard work on the Annual. As a
                                                                        like “oh, nothing dear”). At 5 PM,                                         consequence of her tireless efforts,
                                                                        P/C Dean Lengtis informed me that                                          you should receive the new annual
                                                                        at the end of the day QCYC racers                                          directory by early December.
                                                                        had beaten SYC by a net difference
                                                                                                                                                   Budget and Projects
                                                                        of 285 seconds. I am grateful to our                                       We have a very good balanced
 COMMODORE BILL McGILLIN                                                racers for bringing home the                                               budget thanks to the Planning &
                                                                        hardware and even slightly more                                            Finance Committee and Chairman
                                                                        grateful that I was spared a domestic
     COMMODORE’S                                                        uprising. Gracious as he is timely,
                                                                                                                                                   Ron Dawson, as well as the Board of
        COMMENTS                                                                                                                                   Trustees. In addition to covering
                                                                        Commodore Sullivan presented the                                           operating expenses, the budget
                                                                        check to me at the Meydenbauer                                             funds capital projects at both the
 U    npredictable Log Racing                                           Commodore's Ball. I don't plan to                                          mainstation and Winslow. This
Sunday, October 29th, the intrepid                                      cash it, mind you—I think it might                                         funding will address deferred
Queen City racing team took on the                                      make a darned good trophy to be                                            maintenance and repair as well as
Seattle Yacht Club team in the                                          handed back and forth in years to                                          improve and preserve our valuable
annual Challenge Cup and saved                                          come.                                                                      assets. I hope that many of you will
my bacon! Each club put 5 racers                                                                                                                   volunteer to help.

        Bar Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8    New Years Eve Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16                    DECEMBER 2007

        Chet Gibson Memorial Cruise . . . . . . . . . . . 10                  Obituary, Doug Kruse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                                                                                                                              1 Dec.     Fleet Captain’s Luau
        Commodore’s Comments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1                  Observers Needed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                                                                                              2 Dec.     Special Peoples’ Cruise
        Cooky’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10       Outstation Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
        Fleet Captain’s Luau. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15          QCYC Dock Inspection Project . . . . . . . . . . . 18                           6 Dec.     Captain’s Christmas Dinner
        House Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8      Rear Commodore’s Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4                        7-8 Dec.   Lighted Boat Parade
        Kids Holiday Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14         Regatta Power Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                      8 Dec.     QCYC Kids Holiday Party
        Looking Ahead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12        Tarette’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                25 Dec.    Christmas
        Membership Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7           Valentine’s Sweetheart Celebration . . . . . . 19                               27 Dec.    Christmas Decoration Teardown
        New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17          Vice Commodore’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                         31 Dec.    New Year’s Eve Party

Democracy                                because of distance or other issues.
In this club, as in our nation, our      I would like to advance a general
founders selected a form of              question.     Should we allow                 DECEMBER
                                         absentee ballots so that everyone
government called “representative
democracy”.         This form of         has a chance to vote on important             BILGE PUMP
                                                                                       BILGE PUMP
government relies on the periodic        issues? What do you think?                     DEADLINE
election of an independent
governing body charged with the
                                         FUN AND GAMES
                                         While we all appreciate a good
                                                                                      DECEMBER 12
                                                                                      DECEMBER 12
responsibility of acting in the          democracy, we all love a good time.
people's collective best interest, but   October brought us a great Scotch
not necessarily according to each        Steak and Cigar Night with Mark           QCYC EMAIL NOTIFICATION
individual's wishes. It is different     Vanderwall as Chair. I want to          If you are not currently receiving E-mail notification
from “direct democracy” where            especially mention the stalwart          from Queen City YC of timely news and informa-
members vote on each decision.           broilermen Larry Richards and Bob
                                                                                 tion, and would like to be included, please send an
                                                                                         E-mail to:
In order to work properly, the           Lundquist who cooked the steaks,
elected representatives must             as well as everyone else who helped
actively pursue education and            make that a memorable event. The
knowledge about issues before            scotch voted best now sits on the bar
making decisions. This takes a lot of    shelves festooned with a gold
time and the exercise of good            medal.      November's Tarettes'
judgment. This form of governance        Country Store and Friday Night
must take an organized approach          Social were great. Our racers were
and cannot be haphazard or               out there bringing home the
whimsical. Obviously the elected         hardware.      Thanks to all who
representatives haven't the time or      helped and all who
the technical expertise to learn         participated—you are the ones who
enough about each and every issue        make the party fun.
and must rely on advice of               Upcoming Events
knowledgeable people before              •   Tuesday evening Nov
making decisions.                            27—clubhouse Christmas
                                             decorating party——pizza
Why am I writing about this? A
                                             and beverages for all who
number of people seemed surprised
                                             come and help out—contact
that I oppose eliminating the AAC
                                             Carol Soffel for details
(As of this writing, I do not know the   •   Saturday Dec 1—UW vs
outcome of that vote). We need the           Hawaii game calls for a special
AAC and other key advisory                   celebration—a luau and
resources in order to make informed          karaoke night—Fleet Captain
decisions. The situation with the            Paul Grimm
AAC may seem a small issue on            •   Sunday Dec 2—Special
which to lay such a heavy analysis,          People's Cruise—Captain Bill
but I believe it serves as a good            Field
example as to why the conservative       •   Thursday Dec 6—Captains
approach to governance through               Dinner—Tarettes
representative democracy works           •   Friday & Saturday Dec
best.                                        7&8—Chet Gibson lighted
                                             boat parade—Butch Scherrer
On another front, as you know, only      •   Saturday Dec 8—Children's
members who attend a meeting, get            Christmas party—Sandy
to vote. Out of more than 500                Werner
members, only 10% -15% show up           •   New Year's Eve—Rich and
for meetings. Many of our members            Chris McCroskey
cannot attend meetings either
                                                                                                               PAGE 3

                                                                                A final note about the Chet Gibson
                                                                                Memorial Lighted Boat parade. Just
                                                                                after the outbreak of WWII, the Club
                                                                                wanted to put some cheer into the
                                                                                Christmas season. QCYC members
                                                                                boarded their boats and cruised the
                                                                                lake stopping to sing Christmas
                                                                                carols to those on shore. Established
                                                                                by QCYC in December 1941—66
                                                                                years ago--this is the ORIGINAL
                                                                                Christmas ships event LONG
                                                                                BEFORE ARGOSY EVEN EXISTED!
                                                                                This parade is open to all. Call your
                                                                                boating friends and dockmates and
                                                                                get them involved. Look for details
                                                                                in this issue and in the usual places
                                                                                around the clubhouse. Let's show
                                                                                our pride in this event. Light up and
                                                                                show up. See you there.

                                                                                Bill McGillin

  N          O             T           I              C                  E      VICE COMMODORE'S REPORT

  Moorage payments are due on receipt of billing. Any indebt-                   W     ith Christmas and New Year's
  edness beyond 30 days is cause for suspension. Any indebt-                    approaching, I know it is hard to
  edness unpaid by an additional 60 days is cause for expul-                    think of anything but the time spent
  sion.                                                                         with family, friends, great food and
                                             By-Laws (Article III, Section 8)
                                                                                perhaps a little traveling. Along
                                                                                with Susie and our son Tyler, who
                                                                                will be visiting from Colorado, I
                                                                                plan do some skiing and I hope you
                                                                                have exciting plans too. After
                           All Ceramic China Toilet by Sealand                  Christmas, however, I hope you can
                                                                                help with a very important project at
                                • Low Power Draw - 15 amps                      our club; inspecting the dock
                                • No Foot Pedal!
                                                                                structures.     In particular, the
                                • Fresh or Saltwater Flush
                                • Household Size Seat                           inspection will focus on the pilings,
                                • 12-24 Volt DC                                 pile caps, stringers and other
                                • Quieter than Vacuflush                        structural members, similar what

                                • No Odors!                                     was done a few years ago. Art
                                • 24 Blade Macerating Turbine                   Mauldin and Richard Frisch are
Ne                              • Easy to Install Yourself
                                • We Take Trades
                                                                                heading up the project and plan to
                                                                                start on December 29 and continue
                                • No Clogging Design                            until early February. If you can help
                                • Quiet Flush with Low Water Usage              with this effort, please find the
                                                                                announcement in this Bilge Pump
   MARINE             S A N I TAT I O N ,                    INC.               which lists contact information. Art
                 Come See in Our Showroom                                       and Richard are looking for eight
                   On Lake Union - Since 1976
               1900 N. Northlake • Seattle, WA 98103                            members to act as inspectors and to
       Phone (206) 633-1110 ——Toll Free 1-800-624-9111                          ensure consistency in the process,
                                                                                they would need to be at most of the

scheduled inspection dates. Even if         “U” at Winslow will be limited to 15
you can only make a few dates, your         days in any 30 day period. The rules
help would be appreciated, as there         for Ganges are now similar to the
are lots of other tasks to perform. By      rules for Deer Harbor along with a
having the members do this                  new definition for length of stay,
inspection, we will be saving the           which is now defined by “nights”
club thousands of dollars and in my         rather than “days”. These changes
opinion, we will do a more thorough         will be published in the new annual
job than if we hired an inspection          and everyone is encouraged to
service. It also conforms to the            review them for exact wordage.
club's tradition of member
involvement in maintaining our              A few final tidbits; a new bike rack
facilities.                                 has been ordered for the Winslow
                                            Outstation and will be installed this
The downspout project has been
                                            winter. Also, please remember to
completed, and a huge thank you
                                            contribute to the “coffee fund” at the
needs to be extended to Tom
                                            Main-station. I'm not sure if all
Youngs for seeing it through from
                                            members know that the cost of
start to finish. Also, Docks Co-
                                            providing coffee is self sustaining,
Chairs, Randy Garvie and Dave
                                            and it is important that
Svendsen played a big role, and as is
                                            contributions continue. I apologize
typical with these types of projects,
                                            for such a lengthy report, but there
it couldn't have been done without
                                            was a lot to report this month.
lots of member participation.
                                            Happy Holidays.
In November, the Board of Trustees
passed a few moorage rule changes;          Dale Roberts
members may moor at the “U” for             Vice Commodore
seven days (formerly 10) in any 30
day period. The rule allowing an              REAR COMMODORE’S REPORT
additional seven days when
attending a club event at the main-           W
station did not change. “Blue tarps”              ith our 2007-2008 budget
or other types of poly tarps are no         approved by the Board, we'll be
longer allowed except for                   moving ahead with a variety of
maintenance, up to fourteen days.           projects on the grounds and
Tailored, fitted canvas covers will be      security. I'll briefly mention a few
allowed. With regards to the                projects and will keep you updated
moorage rules at our outstations,           as the projects unfold. Some of the
between September 15 and May                projects impact more than one
15th, moorage on the outside of the         Bridge Officer's responsibilities but

                                     I specialize in residential lending.

                                               Scott D. McPhee
                                               Mortgage Originator
                                               License # 510-LO-35016
                                               8341 10 th Ave NW
                                               Seattle, WA 98117
                                               WK (206) 931-4445

                           Get the QCYC Guarantee with your next refinance or purchase.
                                                                                                                      PAGE 5

rest assured that your Bridge            Many thanks to Dick Geving for his         mount it on the west wall in
Officers are working together to         unceasing efforts to enhance our           anticipation of the January, 2008
enhance our Club.                        Club's safety and security & also to       Officers and Past Officers cruise-ins.
                                         Scott Grimm for assisting Dick.            Thanks, Jeff, for finding this item.

Grounds Chair Linda Roehl and her                                                   On Friday, December 7th, the
erstwhile band are continuing to                                                    Bainbridge Island Police
make improvements to the grounds.        In November we inducted 5 new              Department will be having their
Thanks Linda for all your work. If       members:                                   Holiday party in the Outstation
any members have an interest in                Ronald Voegli                        clubhouse. (Ed. note – Jess, please
                                               Bill Conley                          don't come out that weekend.) They
assisting the Grounds Committee,               Tony Stempak
don't hesitate to contact Linda. We                                                 are thrilled that our Club is offering
                                               Lana McGinnis
have a lot of property and we want             Arne Svendsen                        this facility to them, and appreciate
to maintain it in a manner that                                                     it very much. Eric and I will be
brings credit to our Club.               Welcome aboard! I know you'll              around to make sure they don't get
                                         enjoy the camaraderie of QCYC and          too rowdy. If they do get rowdy,
In the near future, we'll be             I encourage you to become involved         though, who do we call?
constructing enclosures for the          in the various Club activities.
dumpsters & the HVAC on the east                                                    On Sunday, December 9th, the
hill. We are currently developing        Membership Chair Mark                      Christmas Ship will arrive in Eagle
drawings and working with Waste          LaFountaine deserves a big thank           Harbor and stop between the City
Management. Attractive and               you for all his efforts to bring in new    Dock and the Club to regale us with
functional enclosures will improve       members. Thanks Mark!                      beautiful Christmas songs. It's
the Club's overall appearance. Once      Membership is on a roll! We've             always fun to have a cup of hot
the plans are developed, we'll need      inducted 17 new members since the          buttered rum or hot cider and get in
volunteers to help with the              start of the fiscal year. Let's keep the   the mood for the holidays. Eric and I
construction.                            momentum going and try to attain           like to walk on the ferry and then
                                         our full active membership of 400.         walk into downtown Seattle and do
We're also going to develop a long-      Remember, the number 1 reason              our Christmas shopping. It is nice
term solution to the problems with       people don't join organizations is no      not to have to mess with parking a
the west hill in order to make it more   one asks them to join! Keep on             car - that is, if you can find a place to
maintenance-free and attractive.         asking.                                    park your car!

Security                                 Elaine and I would like to wish all of     Eric and I wish all of you a safe and
                                         you a Wonderful and Joyous                 wonderful holiday season.
We'll be replacing the security
                                         Holiday Season and a Happy and
computer and installing some                                                        Barb Wood
                                         Healthy New Year.
enhancements in order to make the
system more functional.                  Fair winds,
We'll also be evaluating and             Ed Jennerich
upgrading security on the docks          Rear Commodore
with a connection to the police & fire
departments. Currently, the alarms              OUTSTATION REPORT
only sound on our docks but don't        Okay, who turned on the wind?
bring help in the event of a fire or     Between Tim and Carolyn DeCook,
other security problem. There's an       myself, and the wind, keeping the
enormous amount of property on           grounds free of leaves was a breeze
the docks and we want to do our          (pardon the pun) this year. We can
best to protect it and enhance our       see it's going to be a long winter.
member's security. We'll also be
installing keypads on the clubhouse      Recently P/C Jeff Ewell brought out
door and dock 3 for reciprocal user      a projector screen that he found at
access.                                  the Boeing surplus store. We plan to

                                       were 5th in the Skipper of the Year
         Regatta Power Report
            By Bob Lindal
          Regatta Power Chair           Port Orchard YC – Fall Roundup
            December 2006
                                       QCYC Racers won lots and lots of
     IPBA Skipper of the Year          the hardware! The top three
       Jerry Bryant Trophy             Overall, the Team Trophy and lots
                                       of class awards. The morning           Flag Officer's Race
The Bryant Trophy is awarded to        dawned with a very dense Puget
the overall best racer in the IPBA –   Sound fog bank over the area and       The Race was held on the blustery
Puget Sound North. P/C Dick and        the Race Committee postponed the       weekend following the
Sylvia Timmerman returned for          race for 2 hours, when it had not      tremendous blow on Thurs 10/18.
the second year in a row as overall    burned off by 11 AM. This meant        The winds relented somewhat but
winner. Congratulations Dick and       everyone's current predictions         blew pretty steady at 10 to 15 kn all
Sylvia! Second overall went to         were way off and everyone had to       weekend; which was reflected in
SYC's Bill Grady. Second overall       re-calculate the race. Thank good      the scores. Only one racer bettered
was P/C's Lynn Montgomery and          for the computer programs which        1% which was indeed unusual in
Larrie Chmela. Bob and Doug            made the math easy, it was almost      any Lake race.
Lindal and P/C Jeff Ewell were         a non event. The change was a lot
fourth. Dick and Lynn and Larrie       like the “challenge” in the QCYC-      P/C Dean Lentgis on Kalos Filos
will compete in the 2008               SYC Challenge race (see below)         won with a score of 0.5925%. The
Barusch/Castagna Race in San           where the racers have to calculate     top 5 finishers also received the 5
Diego next summer. Dick will also      the race and do the current            flag officer plaques.
compete in the North American          corrections in an hour and a half.
Championship, (NAI) also held in       Years of practice by the QCYC and
San Diego, next fall.                  SYC racers made the re-calculation
                                       a lot easier and less stressful
Andy Gerde and Carol Soffel win
the IPBA North novice award for        P/C's Lynn Montgomery and
best performance by a racer with       Larrie Chmela on Likely Lady
less that 3 years racing.              won with a score of 0.5265%. Dave
                                       Padgett on Slip Away took second
    QCYC Skipper of the Year           at 0.7069% and P/C Dick
                                       Timmerman on Vagabond took
As was the case in nearly every        third at 0.9246%.
other year, the Club's Skipper of
the Year was determined by the         First in Class 4 and 5th overall was
outcome of the Flag Officer's race.    Bill Anderson at 1.0101%. Bill         QCYC/SYC Challenge Race
Any one of 5 Club members could        joined with Lynn, Larrie, Dave and
have won the honor by doing best       Dick to win the Team Trophy.           The Challenge race against Seattle
in this race. P/C Timmerman was        Second in Class 5 went to Bob and      Yacht Club was won by QCYC
leading entering the race but P/C                          rd
                                       Doug Lindal and 3 in Class 4           Race team for the second year in a
Dean Lentgis (aka Dean of the          went to Russ Knapp. Third in class     row on Oct 28th. The race is held
Lake) won the race and passed          2 and the Novice Award went to         on one boat, the Windy-i owned by
Dick in the standings!                 Andy Gerde and Carol Soffel on         Kent and Carol Soffel and
Congratulations Dean!                  Windy - i.                             skippered by Andy Gerde. Each
                                                                              team had a race master who laid
P/C Dick Timmerman was second,                                                out a 2 hour race, one in the
P/C's Lynn Montgomery and                                                     morning and one in the afternoon.
Larrie Chmela were third, Russ                                                The 2 teams calculate the race, and
Knapp was fourth and Bob and                                                  especially the currents, and make
Doug Lindal and P/C Jeff Ewell                                                predictions on the elapsed time to
                                                                                                               PAGE 7

run the 5 legs in each portion. The      Predicted Log Racing Classes           be a good prospect, and that is
lowest net score by all the team                                                our strongest recruiting tool. Pick
members wins. SYC held nearly a          We will again offer classes in         up some Club brochures and use
200 second advantage going into          January. The classes will start with   them to promote the benefits of
the lunch at our Winslow out-            the basics and proceed through the     membership. Remember, "The
station provided by P/C Jeff &           steps in laying out the race,          number one reason people do not
Nancy Ewell and Sue Lindal. But          calculations, currents, running the    join organizations, is: no one
QCYC racers really came back in          course and the use of the computer     asked them!"
the afternoon winning every leg          with demonstrations of Excel
and the overall by over 200              calculation programs and Coastal       Welcome new members!
seconds. The “Barrel” trophy was         Explorer, Nobeltec (and other)         On 11-14-2007, the following five
presented by SYC Commodore               charting programs. Weekend boat        members attended initiation. They
Jack Sullivan to P/C Al Smith at         timing demonstration(s) will also      are: Capt. Bill Conley, sponsor:
the awards dinner that evening.          be offered at a convenient time.       Capt . Gary Stone; Capt. Lana
The Commodores of each club              You are also encouraged to sign up     McGinnis, sponsor Capt. Tony
had a side wager on the outcome          as an observer for the First of the    Johnson; Capt. Arne Svendsen,
and Commodore Bill McGillin              Season race to see how a race is       sponsor: Capt. Robert Svendsen;
graciously is donating the “check”       run. Meetings will be at 6:30 PM.      Capt. Tony Stempak, Sponsor:
and a new perpetual “Plaque” to                                                 Capt. Jim Bailey; Capt. Ron
be awarded to the Commodore of           Tue Jan 8 – Lay out, Tactics,          Voegli, sponsor: Capt. Jim Bailey.
the winning club. The race is a          Nobeltec & Coastal Explorer
great way to end a successful            Wed Jan 16 – Calculations,             A warm welcome to all of you.
racing season.                           Currents                               We hope to see you again soon at
                                                                                a future Club event. I encourage
QCYC team members were:                  All club members and friends are       each of you to take full advantage
Racemaster: P/C Al Smith; Team           invited. Please join us. To inquire    of your membership by becoming
Members: Bob Lindal, P/C Dick            or sign up - call or email Bob         involved in the Club. It's the
Timmerman, Bill Anderson, Russ           Lindal at 206-892-1234 or              fastest way to make new friends.
Knapp & Bruce Cullen            or P/C Jeff Ewell      Many Committees need help now.
                                         at 206-464-4019.                       To find out what may be of
First of the Season Race                                                        interest to you...Speak with your
                                             MEMBERSHIP REPORT                  sponsor, or a Club Officer or
The QCYC FOS race will be held                                                  Chairman, check out the Bilge
on the long ML King Jr weekend in        There is NO waiting list to join       Pump, the Club Annual, or our
January, the 18th thru 20th. This race   Queen City Yacht Club, even            website:
is always the start of another           though we welcomed a total of
season for all QCYC racers and           sixteen new members into the           Happy Holiday cruising, and
other clubs around Puget Sound. It       Club in October, and November.         Keep Recruiting!
also is a good way for other QCYC        Many thanks to each and every
members to learn first hand what         sponsor! Our goal is to reach the      Mark LaFountaine
log racing is all about. Please join     400 active member maximum              Membership Chairman
us for any part of the weekend but       limit set forth in the by laws. We
especially consider volunteering to      all need to keep recruiting new
ride along on one of the race boats      members to insure the long term
and be an observer. You will see         health of our Club. What a terrific
how it is done and have a good           value we offer prospective
time too. Log racing is a Social         boaters, with our full slate of
Event. Observers also enjoy both a       activities, cruises, first class
free lunch and dinner on the race        facilities and moorage. Why not
day Sat Jan 19th. Please contact         identify at least one boating friend
Dave Padgett if you like more            as a potential new member? Each
information on being an observer.        of us knows someone who could

           HOUSE REPORT                        OBSERVERS NEEDED
                                                                                             If you and/or a friend or two would
The coat room on the 2nd floor is              Saturday January 19, 2008                     like to spend a couple of enjoyable
starting to accumulate coats, hats and                                                       hours on the water, please join us on
gloves. Would all Captains and mates           The 2007 predicted log racing season has      the 19th. PC Ron Rolstad will hold a
check and see if any of the items in the       barely ended and it is time to prepare for    short observer training session prior
coat room belongs to you. On                   the 2008 season which begins at QCYC          to the race on Saturday morning. For
December 24, 2007 if any of the items          on January 19, 2008 with the First of the     further details or to sign up, call Dave
are still left in the coat room they will be   Season race.                                  Padgett at 425-644-1462 or Terry
donated to goodwill. In the galley                                                           Baker at 425-644-4574.
next to the walk-in cooler there is a clip     Don't miss the fun! This is as easy as
board to write down a or condition             reading your watch. Observers are             QCYC will also be hosting the Eagle
you are reporting .This list will be           honored guests aboard the contestants'        Harbor Race with SYC on April 12,
monitor weekly to obtain additional            boats and will be treated to an               2008 at our Winslow out station.
supplies, repair or replace items as           exhilarating cruise around Lake               Please mark your calendar for that
require. The first aid kits in the galley      Washington, a free lunch while on             race and sign up early.
has been updated, they are located             board, an opportunity to meet some very
across from the freezer and next to the        nice people and to find out what              Dave Padgett
phone in the back galley hallway. New          predicted log racing is all about.            Race Committee
item, an eye wash, has been added to
the first aid kit. The galley area is
starting to collect cups, glassware,
dishes and bowls. Next time you are in
the galley check and see if any of these
items belong to you. If not claimed the
items will be given to charity or thrown


              BAR REPORT

Steak Scotch and Cigar Night was a
great success thanks to Mark
Vanderwall. Going into the event,
Mark asked me if we could advertise
the fact that we would vote on the five
scotches for the favorite scotch of the
night. The agreement was that the
winning scotch would be placed in a              GATE SECURITY: In order to improve club security, the driveway gate will continue
revered position on the bar display for          to open weekdays at 6 AM, but will now close at 7 PM. The gate will remain closed
the remainder of 2007. The winner                on weekends.
was Macallan. You will note a bottle
on the middle shelf behind the bar
with a ribbon and medal draped over                SUPPORT YOUR QCYC ADVERTISERS
                                                   SUPPORT YOUR QCYC ADVERTISERS
it. This is your winner. A 1 ½ Oz. shot
goes for $5.00. If you like scotch, it will
impress you. If you don't like scotch, I
wouldn't recommend trying it. I like it
enough that I'm not only going to keep
it until the year's end, I'm going to
keep it until the next Steak Scotch &
Cigar Night event a year from now
and replace it with that event's
winner. If you haven't tried the Steak
Scotch and Cigar Night, even if you do
not partake in the cigars & scotch, if
you like a great steak, potato & salad,
this is the best $15.00 you will ever

Jess Hill
Club Manager
                                                                                                                        PAGE 9

                                            Tarette’s Corner

      Firstly, let me thank Mark            took the boys under her wings,             Something else you can put on your
Vanderwall and his crew for an              helping with the buying, cooking,          calendars is November 27. We will be
excellent Steak/Scotch & Cigar Social.      etc!!!! Even at their ages, they still     decorating the Club House for the
The dinner was Excellent and, while I       needed the mothering treatment!!!! Ed      Holiday Season on that day and we
did not participate in the S&C part, I      Allison, Mike Dorgan, Mike Froedesen       girls can always use help of you strong
have heard nothing but compliments          (did I do it right this time??!!) helped   able bodied fellows to hoist around the
regarding the selection of scotches and     out in the kitchen and with serving;       trees and climb the ladder to do the
cigars. There was so much smoke             Chuck Cooper ran the bar; Sistee           high stuff. So come one, come all!!
outside from the cigar smokers that I       Lengtis and Shirley Rogers "manned"
thought for sure that one of the            the ticket sales (rumor has it that we     And don't forget the Hawaiian
neighbors would have called the fire        had around 106 eaters!!); and I know       Luau/Karoakeanuki event on
department!! Great job you guys -           I've missed someone but to ALL OF          December 1st, the Special Peoples
we're anticipating next year's event!!      YOU, the Tarettes, and me in               Cruise on December 2nd. the QCYC
                                            particular, thank you very, very much      Lighted Boat Parade on December 7th,
The Tarettes just had the Country           for your hard work and a job well          the Children's Christmas Party on
Store/Boutique/Social and I think it        done!!                                     December 8th and the Gala New Year's
went well. Karin McLean got blind                                                      Eve Party (I've forgotten the date of
sided by several very last minute           Now you gents have to start bugging        this event!!)
cancellations/no shows but I heard          your good ladies to make sure that
from those who did bring their wares        they take you to the Captains' Dinner,     There's always a lot going on at this
that sales were pretty good. Several        on Dec 6 (that's a Thursday). We           Club, so keep on coming and enjoying
said they would love to come again          Tarettes promise you a great dinner        the good times. Have a wonderful
and would bring in other venders!!          and wonderful entertainment;               (but not TOO fattening) Thanksgiving
The BBTs - Al Reiche, Paul Frodesen         definitely worth your while.               to you all.
(did I do it right this time!!??) and Jim   Remember. this is one of the many          Misti Allison
Hess worked very hard putting on the        ways we thank you for being you!!          Tarette President
dinner; but they could not have done it     Please contact Shirley Rogers ASAP
without the help of Fran Farber, who        with your reservations.

                                            Communications:        Monitor VHF          boat and the parade will begin. We
         THE CHET GIBSON                    Channel 9. The Communications boat          will proceed counter clockwise
       MEMORIAL CHRISTMAS                   will provide parade information             around Lake Union, through Portage
       CRUISE FOR YEAR 2007                 concerning safety and navigation.           Bay, the Montlake Cut and out into
                                                                                        Lake Washington.
     A Parade of Lighted Boats              Entry Requirements: There are none.
    Coordinated & Led by QCYC               ALL BOATERS ARE WELCOME. Just               Decorations: Both sides of the boat
                                            decorate your boat, put on a happy          should be decorated; lights should
   Approximate Parade Schedule:             face and join in the parade. Each and       dominate the display. The audience is
                                            every boat lends its own unique flavor      the people in the surrounding
                                            to the spirit of Christmas.                 communities who enjoy the
    Friday, December 7th, 2007:                                                         spectacular sight of floating Christmas
                                            Comment: This event was begun in            lights from the shore.
      Lake Union (start)6:00PM              1941 by Captain Chet Gibson and is
        Webster Point7:00PM                 being carried on under the
         Leschi Park7:25PM                  sponsorship of Queen City Yacht             Queen City Yacht Club (206) 709-2000
     Meydenbauer Bay8:20PM                  Club. It is an opportunity for the area
     Webster Point (end) 9:00PM             boaters to share their pastime with the
                                            Community and is an event the
    Saturday, December 8th, 2007:           shoreline viewers eagerly anticipate.

     Lake Union (start) 6:00PM              Note: The Montlake Bridge opens on
     Webster Point      7:00PM              request after 6:30PM, so the sailboats
     Cozy Cove          7:40PM              should line up together for a common
     Kirkland           8:10PM              opening.
     Juanita Bay        8:25PM
     Mathews Beach       8:40PM             Parade Start: On both days, boats will
     Sand Point         9:00PM              form up at the north end of Lake Union
     Webster Point (end) 9:30PM             behind the lead boat near buoy C”13”
                                            by Gasworks Park. At 6:00PM the
                                            flashing light will appear on the lead

 Sometimes during the holidays you
 want a special appetizer and this is
 the best recipe for salmon mousse I've
 ever found. You can put it into a
 fancy fish mold and it looks great
 unmolded on a pretty serving platter.
 Or, you can use this mousse to fill
 puffs or just spread on crackers. You
 can make it ahead of time and this                                                     combined. Pour
 silky seafood treat is just delicious.    In a small bowl, combine the cold water      the mousse into a
 Salmon Mousse                             and the lemon juice, sprinkle the gelatin    prepared mold and
                                           over the mixture, and let it soften for 2    chill it, covered, for at
 2 tablespoons cold water plus 1/3 cup     minutes. Add the boiling water and stir      least 8 hours or
 boiling water 1 tablespoon fresh          the mixture until the gelatin is             overnight.
 lemon juice 1 envelope of unflavored      dissolved. In a food processor blend
 gelatin (Knox) ½ pound thinly sliced      together the smoked salmon, the fresh        Bon appetit,
 smoked salmon (lox – not dry              salmon, the sour cream, the Tabasco,
 smoked)                                   horseradish, and dill until the mixture is   Shirley Renfrow
 8 oz cooked fresh salmon fillet, flaked   smooth, add the gelatin mixture, the
 (I poach it in the microwave)             scallions, and salt and pepper to taste,
 1 ½ cups sour cream                       and blend the mixture until it is
 ½ teaspoon Tabasco                        combined well. In a large bowl beat the
 1 tablespoon horseradish                  heavy cream until it holds soft peaks,
 2 teaspoons dried dill                    add it to the salmon mixture, and pulse
 ¼ cup finely chopped scallions
 1 cup heavy cream                         the motor until the mousse is just
                                                                                                                                                 PAGE 11

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Seattle, WA 98107          

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                                                                        David B. Carlson

                                                                                   LEWIS O. TITLAND, CPA PS
                                                                                     CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT
                                                                                        FISHERMEN’S TERMINAL
                                                                                           3824 18TH AVE. W
                                                                                          SEATTLE, WA 98119

                                                                                            TEL: (206) 789-5433
                                                                                            FAX: (206) 284-3450

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                                                                 THINKING OF SENDING
              DECEMBER 2007                                      A PICTURE TO US?
1 Dec. . . . . . . Fleet Captain’s Luau
                                                   When you send pictures for the Bilge Pump;
2 Dec. . . . . . . Special Peoples’ Cruise
                                                   please use the following guidelines for preparing
6 Dec. . . . . . . Captain’s Christmas Dinner
                                                   your electronic files. Don’t try to adjust the
7-8 Dec. . . . . . Lighted Boat Parade
                                                   pictures to look lighter or brighter. The pictures
8 Dec.. . . . . . . QCYC Kids Holiday Party
                                                   should, however, be 2.5” in width, have a
25 Dec.. . . . . . Christmas
                                                   resolution of at least 300 dpi. When you’re ready
27 Dec.. . . . . . Christmas Decoration Teardown
                                                   to send us the picture, just attach it to an e-mail
31 Dec. . . . . . New Year’s Eve Party
                                                   and send it to Bob Mihailov, Bilge Pump editor, at

 QCYC 2007 Club Hours
 Main Gate:        Open 0600 - 2230                ATTENTION MOORAGE MEMBERS!
 Docks:            24 hour lockdown and card        When your boat insurance renews it is your
                   access                            responsibility to provide the club with an
 Clubhouse:        Doors open 0600 - 1900           updated Certificate of Insurance to remain
                   Member Access 0600 - 2200            in compliance with moorage rules.

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                                                   BUSINESS FORMS 1.800.541.2232


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                                                                                                                     PAGE 13

          LAUGHLIN 2008                    March 11, 2008.                           which interrupted his schooling
           MARCH 25-27                     For questions call Lynn & Kathy           temporarily. After coming back
                                           Montgomery at                             from assignment, Doug received a
Its that time again to begin planning      206 276 7185                              BS in Engineering from UW. Doug
our annual trip to Laughlin, NV!           Or 206 437 3979 & Chuck & Dorothy
                                                                                     spent most of his 32 year career with
Mark your calendars…we'll arrive           Cooper
                                                                                     GE where he worked in the HVAC
on March 25 and depart on the 27th.        425 204 8828
                                                                                     group and then went into the GE
For those of you who have attended
                                              HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!                 Aircraft Division where he became
this annual party you know what
                                                                                     an environmental chemist after GE

                                                    IN 2008
fun it is! For those of you that have
                                                                                     sponsored his attending special
never been you're missing a terrific

                                                                                     classes and training at Harvard.
time! Laughlin isn't just about
                                                                                     Doug retired early from GE at the
gambling. It's a chance to visit with
                                                                                     age of 57 and enjoyed a long and
our “snowbird” friends from
                                                                                     fruitful retirement. On the side,
California and Arizona and take in
                                                                                     while working for GE, Doug formed
the sights! Laughlin offers boat
                                                                                     a private airplane cleaning business
rides,(both jet boats and paddle
                                                                                     at Boeing field. Later, he developed
wheelers) ghost towns, tours to local
                                                                                     his property management business;
dams and walks along the river.
                                                                                     owning the 30-unit Varsity Arms
They also have a several golf courses
                                                                                     apartment building, rental houses,
and even a bowling alley! And gals,
                                                                                     apple orchards near Titan in the
there's an outlet mall right across the
                                                                                     Yakima area, and other properties in
street from our hotel! Plus if you're
                                                                                     Grayland, LaConner and on Holmes
really adventuresome jet skis are
                                                                                     Harbor on Whidbey Island.
The only planned activity is a                                                       Captain Kruse joined Queen City in
cocktail party each night at 5 PM in                                                 1959 and was very active in the 60s
the Montgomery/Cooper's room                                                         and 70s. He and Eleanor participated
where we offer goodies to consume                                                    regularly in the QCYC social events
                                           Kruse, Doug
and spend our time talking about                                                     and cruises. Eleanor remembers
                                           1918 – 2007
where we been, what we've seen                                                       socializing with good friends the
and who the latest big winner (or          Captain Doug Kruse crossed the bar        Bob Burfitts and enjoying the
loser?) is. There is a slight charge for   on July 10th of this year at the age of   camaraderie of membership. When
the two nights of parties to cover the     89, two months shy of his 90th            Doug joined Queen City he owned
cost of the food. We have a raffle on      birthday.     Captain Kruse held          the “Kruser II”, a 26' Higgins and
the last night and wait til you see        QCYC membership number 009.               later moved up to a 30' Chris Craft,
what we have for prizes!                   Doug was born September 20, 1918,         the “Kruser III”. After many years of
This year we will be at the Aquarius       in Seattle where he grew up and           cruising, Doug became a licensed
Hotel again because they offer us the      lived all his life. While he was          private airplane, both land and float
best party accommodations in the           growing up, his folks owned a             planes, pilot and spent most of his
area! The cost per room this year is       hobby and fishing tackle shop and         recreational time flying although he
$27/night. Slightly higher than last       Doug's hobby was building model           traded the Chris Craft in on a 20' Bell
year because the following weekend         airplanes. He was very good at this       Boy fishing boat the “Kruser IV”. He
the rodeo is in town. (So if you           and joined “Birdmen of America”           would often fly with Eleanor to their
want, you can stay around for that,        and won several model airplane            property on Whidbey which had a
too!)                                      contests and even entered at the          nice sandy spit for docking his float
                                           national level. Doug attended             plane.
To make reservations call the
                                           Lincoln HS and UW.
Aquarius Casino Resort
1-800 662 5825 and ask for Group                                                     Doug and Eleanor have spent the last
                                           While at the UW, Doug worked full         few years as snowbirds in Yuma AZ
Code C-QCY08
                                           time at Boeing, during WW II, and at      but have kept the family home in
In order to receive the group rate all
                                           one time was assigned as a field rep      View Ridge.
reservations must be booked by

            New Years Eve Party

                        No host bar               6:00 PM
                        Hors d' oeuvres           7:00 PM
                        Dinner                    8:00 PM

          Dance to the music of Rainy City Riff Raff Band

                         Great dinner served by our own Wille
             Champagne Toast and light snack served at Midnight
                       Party Hats and noisemakers

                           Price: $50 per person
                              Guest: Welcome
                      Dress: Semi-formal or Formal
          RSVP: Call office at QCYC for reservation and payment
                               By December 26th
                                                                    PAGE 17

                   NEW MEMBERS

Ronald Voegli, Bill Conley, Tony Stempak, Lana McGinnis, Arne Svendsen

     Your club needs your help to conduct a survey of our

     Project Coordinators:   Art Mauldin
                             Richard Frisch

     When:                   Dec. 29
                             Jan. 5 & 6
                             Jan. 12 & 13
                             Jan. 24 & 25
                             Feb. 2 & 4

     Where:                  Main-station Docks

     Contact:                Dave Svendsen

     Lunch by Willie for all who help
                                          PAGE 19

Valentine's Sweetheart Celebration
       February 8, 2008
     Dinner and Dancing
  (More in the January 2008 Bilge Pump)

  Hosted by: Bob and Steffie Marcelynas

                                                     December 2007
      Sunday               Monday                 Tuesday                Wednesday              Thursday               Friday                Saturday
                                                                                                                                        SYC Commodore Ball
                                             11:45am Men’s Lunch
                                             12:00pm Ladies Bridge                                                                      Saturday Breakfast/Lunch
                                                                                                                                        Hawaiian Luau / Karoakeanuki

 2                    3                      4                       5                     6                      7                     8
 Special Peoples                             11:45am Men’s Lunch     7:30pm Tarette        WIC Luncheon           12:00-1:30pm          9:00-1:00pm Saturday
 Cruise                                                              Board Meeting         Tacoma                 Friday Lunch          Breakfast/Lunch
                                             12:00pm Ladies Bridge                                                                      12:00pm - 3:00pm
                                                                                           6:00pm Captains        6:00pm                Kid’s Holiday Party
                                                                                           Christmas Dinner       Lighted Boat Parade   6:00pm
                                                                                                                                        Lighted Boat Parade

 9                    10                     11                      12                    13                     14                    15
                      7:00 Board Meeting     11:45am Men’s Lunch     7:30pm Gen. Meeting                          12:00-1:30pm          9:00-1:00pm
                                                                                                                  Friday Lunch          Saturday
                                             12:00pm Ladies Bridge                                                                      Breakfast/Lunch

 16                   17                     18                      19                    20                     21                    22
                                             11:45am Men’s Lunch                                                  12:00-1:30pm          9:00-1:00pm
                                                                                                                  Friday Lunch          Saturday
                                             12:00pm Ladies Bridge                                                                      Breakfast/Lunch

 23                   24                     25                      26                    27                     28                    29
   30                      31                                                                                     12:00-1:30pm          9:00-1:00pm
                                             Christmas               7:30pm Gen. Meeting   Christmas Decorating   Friday Lunch          Saturday
                      6:00pm                                                               Teardown                                     Breakfast/Lunch
                      New Years Eve          11:45am Men’s Lunch
                                             12:00pm Ladies Bridge

     The Queen City Yacht Club                                                                                                                    PRSRT STD
          2608 BOYER AVENUE E.                                                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
       SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98102                                                                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 5544
                                                                                                                                                   Seattle, WA

  Phone: (206) 709-2000     Fax: (206) 709-8924
          Winslow Phone: (206) 842-8822

  Bill McGillin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Commodore
  Dale Roberts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Commodore
  Ed Jennerich. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rear Commodore
  Eric Wood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
  John Rogers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
  Stephanie Weiss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photographer
  Paul Frodesen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photographer
  Bob Mihailov (e-mail: . . . . Editor

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