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									                                                                      Application to sell foreign currency
                                                                      Cross Border foreign exchange transaction reporting
                                                                      (Bank purchase from customer)

Please use form 00143352 (foreign cheque deposit form) for foreign cheque deposits
Select type of transaction      Letter of credit

Customer details and account to be credited
Name of individual or
name of entity
Full residential / Business
Address ( not P.O. Box)
Contact name if entity                                                                     Individual, Entity or Exception
Telephone, fax no. or E-
                                                                                           Tax Number
mail address of customer
Identity no. of individual or
                                                                                           VAT Number
registration no. of entity
Bank name

Account number                                                                             Branch number
Type of account to be                                                                          Foreign Currency               If CFC account, specify
                                Current             Savings             Investment
credited                                                                                       account (CFC)                  the currency
Transaction and conversion details
Value date (yyyy-mm-dd)                                           Currency               Amount received
                                                                  Spot Cover or FEC
Exchange rate
Details of transfer                                                                                             Country of destination of goods (exports)

If export, list product(s)
Exporters customs code
Remitter details
Name of remitter. Please
provide full names

Remitter’s physical

Country                                                                                    Individual, Entity or Exception

Balance of payment details (B.O.P) (Balance of payment categories listed on page 2 of this document)
Category       Amount                                             Loan reference number if applicable      UCR number if applicable

If B.O.P. Category 901
please give details

Declaration and acknowledgement
I wish to sell foreign currency as indicated above and declare that the information provided by me is true and correct. I hereby acknowledge that Standard Bank will not
be liable for omissions or delays in transmissions arising from circumstances beyond it’s control. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the bank of all
changes to the details of the entity on whose behalf I am acting, whether it be contact details or any other details relevant to such entity.

Signature (Signatures must match specimens on record at the bank)

For and on behalf of

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

00039055      26 August 2011              The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Reg. No. 1962/000738/06           Registered Bank
                                                        BOP CATEGORIES FOR IMPORTS AND EXPORTS
                                                        NB. This page is a reference guide to BOP categories for your convenience.
                                                        The printing of this form is not a Bank requirement. Please do not include
                                                        this page when submitting your application form to the Bank.

Adjustments                                                                    Medical services
100    Adjustments related to merchandise trade                                326     Medical and Dental services

Merchandise Trade                                                              Income
101    Advance Payments                                                        401     Dividends
102    F.O.B.                                                                  402     Interest (insert loan ref. number on application form)
103    C.I.F.                                                                  403     Branch profits
104    Repair                                                                  404     Compensation of employees
105    Procured in Ports                                                       405     Commission or Brokerage
106    Exports DA 550 not required by customs                                  406     Rental

Gold imports                                                                   Transfers - current
201    Gold payments                                                           501     Gifts
202    Gold hedging                                                            502     Annual contributions

Travel Payments                                                                503     Contributions to social security schemes
260    Payments by local tour operators on behalf of resident travellers       504     Contributions –charitable, religious, scientific and cultural

Service related to transportation                                              505     Pension payments
301    Freight                                                                 506     Annuities
302    Passenger fares                                                         507     Payments by immigrants

Services related to travel and study                                           508     Inheritances
303    Business                                                                509     Alimony
306    Study loans                                                             510     Income Tax

Other services                                                                 511     Premiums paid (non-life/short term insurance)
307    Telecommunication                                                       512     Claims (non-life/short term insurance)
308    Postal and courier                                                      Transfers of capital nature
309    Construction                                                            601     Government
310    Insurance                                                               602     Non-government sector – cash linked to fixed assets
311    Financial                                                               603     Non-government sector – donations for fixed investment
312    Copyrights, royalties and patent fees                                   604     Non-government sector – inheritance taxes

Computer related services                                                      605     Acquisition/disposal (patents, copyrights, trademarks, franchises
                                                                                       Foreign investment by a resident individual in respect of cross-border
313    Data and news related                                                   606
                                                                                       Investment by a resident individual originating from a local source into an
314    News agency fees                                                        607     account conducted in foreign currency held at an Authorised Dealer in
                                                                                       Foreign investment by a resident individual in respect of cross-border
                                                                               608     flows originating from a foreign currency account held at an Authorised
Other business services                                                                Dealer in South Africa.
315    Merchanting                                                             609     Emigrants
316    Operational leasing                                                     Financial transactions
Professional and technical services                                            701     Shares
317    Legal, accounting, management consulting                                702     Bonds
318    Advertising and market research                                         703     Money market instruments
319    Research and development                                                704     Institutional investments – Investments by resident institutional investors
320    Architectural engineering and other technical                           Other / Miscellaneous payments
321    Agricultural, mining and other processing                               901     Details of payments not classified above

Personal, cultural and recreational services                                   902     Adjustments not related to merchandise trade
                                                                                       Reversal of transaction (monetary value) previously reported and
323    Audiovisual and related services                                        950
                                                                                       accepted by SARB
                                                                                       Repayment by a Non-resident of a loan (capital portion) received from a
324    Cultural and recreational services                                      998
Government services                                                            999     Loan made to a Resident by a Non-resident
325    Diplomatic transfers

Deposits/ Derivatives
804    Options
805    Futures
806    Warrants

00039055   26 August 2011            The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Reg. No. 1962/000738/06
                                                                                2                                    Registered Bank

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