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Five Important White Water River Rafting
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The spectacular water rafting can milk its value in the Himalayan region of Incredible India.           Categories
This majestic snow fed rivers is a boon for those how wants to enjoy something really
thrilling and adventurous holidays.                                                                       Arts & Entertainment
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Travel to India is an adventure in itself and nothing prepares the first time traveler to the                                                             Log in
amazing variety of languages, cultures, religions and experiences - those who seek and                    Communications
find you! If you want to get away from the usual tourist haunts and check out the
adventure tourism options available in India, here are some suggestions. Beams attracts                                                      Signup to submit articles »
all, as it gives an exceptional field exposure with a great touch of the activities of the                Environment
modern era of adventure covering on / off board, and a breathtaking view of the river huge
escalation in the region of the scenic mountains. With the longest streak of rafting                      Fashion                        Pages
experience beams approach the exciting world of cooling, and the resulting bucket. Below
are some of the popular destination where you can enjoy this majestic and heart beating                   Finance
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Zanskar Most famous of White Water River rafting starts 150 KM on the border of                           Health & Fitness
Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. It is known for giving the ultimate joy to the                                                     For academics
rafters in the summer season, as it leads through one of the most amazing gorges of Asia.                 Home & Family
The beauty of these gorges is impressive and unprecedented.
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Alaknanda Alaknanda is known for multi-day adventure is located at the foothills of                       Other
Satopanth and Bhagirath Kharak glaciers. A journey to here lets you to a world which has
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spectacular beauty of Mother Nature. As you rip through the icy cold river you will be really
thrilled to see thick jungles, white sand beaches, water swirling rapids foam and bright                  Reference & Education
nights stay. Thus, an outdoor trip to here becomes an unforgettable experience forever for
adventure enthusiasts coming from all corners of the globe. After Zanskar it is the best                  Science & Technology
destination for rafting in India .
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Brahmaputra Brahamputra or Red River of Assam follows from just middle of the heart of
the city is considered as best destination for this majestic sports. Its main origin is in Angsi
Glacier in the northern side of the Himalayas and follows down through Tibet and then in                  Sports & Recreation
India through Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and Bangladesh and finally ends in Bay of
Bengal. In all the countries it is known by many names in Tibet as Yarlung Tsangpo, Siang                 Transportation
in Arunachal Pradesh, Brahmaputra in Assam and Meghan in Bangladesh. A long weekend
in it takes rafters through remote hillsides with few indigenous settlements in the thick                 Travel & Leisure
jungles. The trip to here gives exposure to large landscapes and unique places.                           Writing & Speaking

Subansari Arunchal Pradesh which is also known as best destination for mountain biking in
India is home to Subansari one of the much loved due to its speed. It is practically
inaccessible, and hardly find any dwelling on the bank of it. A journey through it is really

Kali/Sharda Kali (also known as Sharda) in India Mahakali while in Nepal, divides Nepal and
India, is regarded as the best rafting in India. Kali River rafting doubles not only experience,
but also gives an exposure to the wonderful blessings of Mother Nature. Beams and
nature lovers get the view of green forests, wild animals and birds, while a trip through the
pristine environment, very clean, and deserted, which is rare. Therefore, a trip on it is the
first choice for those who love adventure and rafting enthusiasts.

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