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Ladakh Treks- is one of the best tourism operator including Ladakh Treks which shows a mystical land and offers one great pleasures while walking its trails

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Know Why Ladakh Is Called As Trekkers
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Awesome Ladakh is dotted with numerous mountains, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, glaciers,                Categories
etc. offer adventure sports like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, fishing, rafting, etc.
This land of gompas is one of the ideal and preferred destinations for adventure lovers.                   Arts & Entertainment
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Ladakh the land of monastery and "land of high passes” can also be called as Sangirla of                                                                   Log in
India is nestled in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir in the eastern most part of the state.                  Communications
This majestic land is situated near India China boarder and nestled between the mighty
Karakoram Range to the north and the mightier Himalayas towards the south. Leh the                                                            Signup to submit articles »
district of this mesmerizing holiday destination is the highest motorabel road in the world                Environment
and in some places it is very hard to breath also due to high altitude. Being the highest
motorabel road every year lots of people come here to be a part of biking tours. It is home                Fashion                        Pages
to many natural tourist attractions like dry rocky mountain trains, friendly people, old
culture, colorful dress and festivals and century old gompas with chants chanting this                     Finance
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entire look will make your trip to here a memorable one. People from western countries
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also come here in large number to see this majestic land. Leh Valley, Drass Valley, Kargil,                                                 A fee soon
Sani Monastery, Salt Valley, Sankoo, Rangdum, Suru Valley, Zangla, Padum, etc. are its                     Health & Fitness
some of its important place to visit.                                                                                                       For academics
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 Trekking in Ladakh is a very famous among adventure lovers. Trails are popular trekking
trails of here monastery Zangskar way, Chadar Ice Trek, Throne track gods, Indus Valley                    Internet Business
Trek, Markha Valley Classic, Sipti steps, etc. Going for an adventurous journey in these
interesting paths is something that is really reward experience. Some of these trails are
really heart pumping and are highly rated and are highly ideal by adventure lovers from the                Product Reviews
glove. Good range of rafting options is available in the Indus River and its territories
provide services needed for rafting. Rafting can also be enjoyed in the throat in the                      Reference & Education
mountains of Zanskar, Padum and Nimo. It is frequently visited by tourists Buddhist
pilgrim. It is one of the main centers of Buddhist pilgrims.                                               Science & Technology

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There are numerous monasteries and gompas in the region. Thiksey, Shey, Spituk,
Hemis, Lekir, Phyang, Rizong, Alchi, Lamayuru, etc. are some its ancient gompas which                      Society
have still preserved its old traditions. It is also famous for tourist and pilgrim tourism nature
is ideal for adventure tourism. It is a paradise for hikers and adventurers. Ladakh treks                  Sports & Recreation
tour adventure gives the ultimate experience to be remembered for life. Various types of
tour packages are available to explore the adventure, culture and beauty of this tranquil                  Transportation
place. Visit this sparsely populated country nestled in the lap of nature and fun.
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There are only two land routes to here, one of Srinagar and the other from Manali. Srinagar
is connected by air and there are many airlines that offer cheap flights to Leh. From
Srinagar, is a two-day trip to Leh road along the Srinagar-Leh highway? For the more
adventurous, there is a road from Manali-Leh. Road trips are based mostly in the Indian
capital New Delhi. Delhi is connected to almost all cities of India and abroad by air. From
here, you can get buses, rented jeeps and SUVs, motorcycles, etc. In fact, a large number
of tourists involved the motorcycle trip in a British Royal Enfield motorcycles. Like Kuari
Pass trek adventure this trek is really loved destination by every travelers.

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