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					Natural Beauty A Defining Moment in Semi-Permanent Make up
Debra Robson Lawrence’s passion for make-up began twenty years ago when she qualified as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. Back in the 1980’s make up tended to be garish and over done. This was most evident in the field of semi-permanent make up, a new technique that involved planting pigment via a fine needle into the dermal layers of the skin. The over dramatic result was a defining moment in Debra’s career. Debra recognised that the concept of semi-permanent make up was appealing to women, with its time saving and anti-aging potential, but that technique and style were poor. Frustrated by this Debra set about changing the face of semipermanent make up in the UK. By challenging the theory that permanent cosmetics had to look “permanent” Debra introduced a natural style adapting her technique and encouraging other make-up artists to experiment with colour. “When I first explained that I used taupe to naturally define a set of brows, other practitioners just laughed. Black dramatic brows were the bench mark and it took years of education and training before the rest of the industry realised I was on to something” Debra says.

Debra’s natural style has been patented as FAME (Facial Aesthetic Micro Enhancement), a technique where Debra re creates each individual hair at microscopic level, creating a natural brow lift that even the softest brow pencil can not replicate. The launch of Liquid Perfection in 2005 introduced the first range of customised pigments designed for semi-permanent make up artists backed by the training and education Debra offers as Aesthetic Director of the Academy of Semi-Permanent Make up.

Debra’s discreet Harley Street clinic offers her clientele exclusivity and discretion and a highly personalised service. endlessly wearable. Debra Robson Lawrence contributes to and is on the panel of experts for Aesthetic Medicine magazine and Consulting Room. She frequently lectures at professional beauty shows and for organisation such as the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. Debra Robson-Lawrence: 0845 2302021 For media Enquires contact: Lynne Thomas @ Flipside PR on 020 7631 5180 or As her waiting list confirms, women love her philosophy that beauty should be natural, simple and


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