How you can make the transition from a DJ to a Producer by richardgarry07


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									How you can make the transition from a DJ to a Producer
Every DJ thinks of trying his or her hand in the field of being a producer. A producer is
someone who either creates his own tunes or takes an original soundtrack and converts it into
a remix. This may sound a lot easier but it is really not that easy to sell a remixed version of
someone else’s work. It takes a lot of creativity for remixing and some legal formalities to
use the actual track. Thus, in order to become a proper producer you must get to know the
techniques and technicalities involved in producing.

I cannot cover all the points in one article but I can give you an insight to the techniques and
technicalities involved in producing. For instance, let us suppose that you want to use a song
in your production. To acquire the rights to use the track you will need two kinds of rights:

   1. The Copyright to the original track
   2. The Right to Record or Remix the track again.
In order to receive these rights you will need to discuss it with different people. For instance,
in the first case you will need to speak with the person who either created or published the
song. However, in the second case you will need to meet with the company that actually
recorded the song. This record company will be the one that had released for the first time to
the public. Again, this is not really like a cake walk because you will be using someone else’s
hard work and cashing in on that by adding a few changes of your own. Hence, although all
of this is difficult, this is where you will need to begin first.

Trying to get the owner, publisher and record companies onboard is certainly an expensive
business but it definitely does not mean that there isn’t any free option available. With the
help of the internet you can search for software that provides sample music that does not
involve any fees for usage. Thus, by using such software you could save a lot of time and
money involved in getting the rights.

Moving on from the legal aspect of becoming a producer, let’s consider the creativity factor.
You have to be a creative producer. You cannot just lower the tones or add up random lyrics
to a song just to turn it into a new one. Thus, rights or no rights, you have to put in a lot of
thought for remixing it. You have to try to build a reputation as a successful producer so that
other artists would also like to work with you. All you need to do is work hard and never give


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