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  If you have any archived e-mail stored locally on your machine, you will need to move the .PST files
  to your “P:” drive in order to move the mail to your new machine. Use the following procedure to
  save the files to your P: Drive.

  1. Close Outlook (if it is open)

  2. Click on the Start Menu, and select Control Panels.

  3. Double Click on the ‘Mail’ icon to open the Mail control panel.
4. Click on ‘Data Files’

5. The first two items Name: Mailbox – Your Name Filename: Not available and Name: Personal
   Folders Filename: Outlook.pst in C:\Doc…… are system files you need not concern yourself with.
   If there are no other files listed here you have no locally stored mail archives.

    If you have additional Personal Folder files listed as indicated here you will want to back up
    these files to move them to your new machine.
    Highlight the file you want to copy (click on it once so it is highlighted), then click the ‘Open
    Folder’ button.

6. You should now be looking at the folder where your .PST file is stored, and the .PST file you had
   selected in the previous step should be highlighted.
   Right Click this file and select copy.

7. Navigate to your P: Drive by going to My Computer and double clicking on your P: Drive, right
   click in the P: Drive window and select Paste.
Repeat this process for any other .PST files you wish to move.
1. Navigate to your P: Drive and copy your saved .PST Files from your P: Drive to your Documents
   You can find your Documents folder by opening the Start Menu and clicking on Documents.

2. Open the Mail control panel by opening the Start Menu, and typing Mail in the search field,
   then hit Enter.
3. Click on Data Files

4. Click on Add

5. Select ‘Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)’ and click OK
6. Navigate to your Documents Folder by clicking Documents on the left hand side of the window.
   Click on the .PST file you want to import (so that it is highlighted) and click OK.
7. In the next window you can enter a name for your archive folder so you can recognize it within
   Outlook. Type in a name and click OK.

8. The newly imported folder can now be found from the folder list within Outlook. Repeat this
   process for any other .PST files you wish to import.

If you are having difficulty following these instructions please contact IT Support at
603-897-8469 or

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