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Cennest Technologies!!!!

              C  ennest
                  -The Software Artists
                                                      Who Are We?

 A group of technology enthusiasts who believe making software is an art
  with need for creativity, diligence and perseverance as in the case of any
  other art. Creating software is our passion and we seek to grow and learn
  from every software we create.

 After working in CMMI Level 5 corporate companies for a major part of our
  lives we decided we have enough knowledge of the software field to try our
  hands on freelancing and Entrepreneurship

 Our extensive onsite experiences help us adapt to customer
  requirements/expectations and work environments quickly

 Having donned the hats of a junior developer, tester, designer, business
  analyst, project lead and architect in our professional career and are now
  capable of expertly handling all aspects of software project/product
  developement in a broad range of languages

                                                             C      ennest
                            Our Specialties(Technical)

 Early adapters of new technologies:- VS2010, .NET 4.0,
    Silverlight 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 3.0,Azure platform, AWS etc
   Extensive work in User Interface Intensive applications like
    WPF, Silverlight. Hands on in Blend as well as XAML
   Expertise in Microsoft Azure Platform with indepth
    knowledge of Extensible Cloud Storage, AppFabric , SQL
    Azure, their potential and optimum adoption.
   Expertise in Web based development using AJAX, jQuery,
    ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight
   SQL and OR Database expertise using LINQ, ADO.NET Data
    Services, Entity Framework
   Office Business Applications (Office 2003/2007/2010)

                                                   C    ennest
                                Technologies we work with

 ASP.NET MVC 3.0 with Razor,
 Code First Entity Framework
 Async Programming with C# 5.0
 WCF (REST enabled),
 Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services,
 WPF4.0( MVVM)
 Silverlight 4.0 ( MVVM)
 Compostite and Modular apps using MEF and Prism
 C# 4.0
 Azure Platform (Windows Azure, SQL Azure)
 Office Business Applications (OBA 2003/2007 in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
 OData
 Amazon Web Services

                                                               C      ennest
Cloud Computing Competencies(Microsoft
   Azure Cloud Storage
        Optimal Database design for number of tables/mixed/single schema to enable required transactions support and ease of
        Selection of Partition Key for optimum partition size resulting in high performance and availability
        Exponential Back off algorithms to reduce polling costs in Queues
   App Fabric Access Control
        Usage of Access Control with Windows Identity Foundation to enable Claims based authentication
        Manual and Automated updating of Access Control to create policies and rules to map Claims from various token Services
        Role Based Access Control to enable authorization in ACS protected web services coupled with Custom Service Authorization
         Manager implementation at REST WCF layer to check for authorization to web methods.
        Integration with ADFS to enable authentication via Active Directory on internet applications
   App Fabric Service Bus
        Eventing in Service bus to enable interactive cloud applications with Publish/ Subscribe model using the new Service bus
         Relay bindings.
        Use of Message buffers for Online/offline/ low bandwidth scenarios
        Use of Service bus registry for publishing and discovering service endpoint references within a service namespace
   Elasticity and Scalability
        Modular and distributed system architecture to support scalability
        Using Queues to build scalable and extensible architectures
        Ensure Optimum loading of Worker roles with optimum CPU core infrastructure to enable optimum performance.
        Observing system performances, queue and worker role utilization etc to scale the system up/down
   Pricing

        Effect of Role Virtual Machine sizes on final pricing
        Controlling cost by controlling location of resources within the same data affinity group

         Optimum database transactions, queue usage, number of roles etc for reducing cost.
         Optimum use of diagnostics to control final price
        Configuration changes which can affect Pricing details(example setting tracking to None in WCF Data Services etc).
Cloud Computing Competencies(AWS)
   Amazon Simple DB
       Creating and updating Simple DB
   Amazon EC2
       EBS backed images
       S3 backed images
       Security Groups
   Auto Scaling
       Creating trigger conditions for auto-scaling
       Creating Auto-scaling groups

       WPF/Silverlight Based Competencies

 Sketchflow Prototyping in Blend
 Templating(Control Templates, Data Templates), Styles and Resources
    using Expression Blend as well as VS.
   Data Binding with XML, Objects, collections etc
    Performance Oriented Multithreaded applications using Background
    workers and Dispatchers.
    Media and Image manipulation
   Use of Managed Extensibility Framework for Maximum extensibility of
   Use of CAG/Prism as Architectural patterns for extensibility and
   Interaction between silverlight and javascript
    Drag and Drop in TreeView, List View etc
    MVVM Design Pattern for modularity.                C          ennest
                     Web2.0 Competencies

 Integration with Identity Providers like Google, Live Id, Open Id, Active
  Directory Federation Services
 SEO Optimization of Website.
 Integration with third party service providers
     Payment Gateways
     Mass Mail
     Web 2.0 Services like Google, Friend Feed, Twitter, Flickr, Live Mesh etc.
 Development of LOB application using ASP.Net Web Forms, ASP.Net
 Development of Blog Templates for BlogEngine, DasBlog
 Implementation of retail web site using nopCommerce
 Implementation of content management system using open source
  CMS like N2CMS, Umbarco, Kentico etc.
                                                                 C      ennest
                            Our Specialties(Functional)

Apart from hands on development our role in the IT Industry today
  encompasses the following functional tasks!

 Providing Architectural Consulting to Live Projects to follow
  industry standard guidelines for development, to help design
  solution specific to the requirement meeting customers functional
  and non-functional requirements

 Conduct reviews of project at various stages to ensure best practices
  defined at organizational level based on industry standard best
  practices are been followed, architecture is been well designed, code
  quality is acceptable to be delivered to client.

 Gather, analyze and lay down user requirements, create high and
  low level designs and kick start the project by providing the initial
                                                         C     ennest
    Tools and Frameworks we are comfortable with

 NUnit                 •Enterprise Library 1.0, 2.0,
 FxCop                 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1
 StyleCop              •Composite Application
 NDepend               Block
 Expression Studio     •Unity Application Block
 Prototyping with      •Microsoft Extensibility
    Sketchflow          Framework
   Simian              •Updater Application Block
   MoQ                 •Composite Application
   MSTest              Guidance for
   VS2010 Analyser
                                         C     ennest
                            Contact us!!

 contactus@cennest.com
 Talk to us at @anshulee
 www.cennest.com

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