How to Make Money From Blogging

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					How to Make Money from Blogging
by kristazio | on February 19, 2013

How to Make Money from Blogging

Wouldn’t you love start a blog about something you are passionate about, and create the lifestyle of your
dreams from doing it? This is a dream for millions who are realizing that their jobs are just not cutting it. The
only trouble is that most people do not have any idea how to make money from blogging. The thought of
learning how is so overwhelming that they give up before they even start. The dream stays what it is “a

A Simple System that Teaches You How to Make Money
from Blogging Does Exist!
Empower Network was established October 31, 2011. It was created to help people around the world
FINALLY be able to start living the life they desired by following 8 core commitments, of which blogging
daily was one.

Co-Founder David Wood began learning how to make money from blogging in 2009 and generated 5 figures a
month from his efforts. He learned that people who had to start from ground zero, with no money, had the
ability to build a tremendous income through blogging. David Wood also enforces that learning how to
make money from blogging is a commitment. Blogging must be done every day, in fact, 2 – 3 times
a day if possible for 60 – 90 days for it to become a “cash cow.” It is not a “get rich quick” method
of generating income. If done correctly, it is a get rich more slowly and consistently forever if you
stay with it.
Additionally, blogging on a paid hosting site like Empower Network preserves and protects your content for

The Nuts and Bolts of How to Make Money from Blogging!
There are a couple of ways you can go about making money blogging.

1) Blog about trending news.
Is there a celebrity doing something? Is there an athlete in the news? Has there been a natural disaster?

What about the political scene?

Technology and updates to the latest and greatest phone apps?

These are all trending news content pieces that you can use to create your own unique article.

Then go over to Youtube and find a video that reflects the subject matter you’re blogging about AND take a
few excerpts from people posting on Facebook about it and BAM! … You’ve got yourself a great trending
blog post. Don’t worry, the Empower Network has amazing training on how to do all of this!

2) Blog about terms that are searched for on Google
This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So for example, if you want to sell “jeweled ballet flats”,
write a blog post specifically about jeweled ballet flats. Use that keyword phrase “jeweled ballet flats” in your
title, your first sentence, your last sentence and weave that in and throughout your article. Post a picture and
name it” jeweled ballet flats” and even make a video about it. Title it the same. This way, when someone sits
down to their computer and wants to learn more about jeweled ballet flats, your blog or article has a good
chance of coming up on page 1. Do not worry, how to do all of this is explained very clearly in the Empower
Network training.

3) Be Genuine and Write About Your Passions and Interests
People will resonate with you just because you’re you. Share what’s on your heart, in your head, your
thoughts and ideas, funny stories, journey’s you’ve taken… whatever. After you have written and published
your blog, Empower Network’s training can show you how to make your post go viral by sharing it on
Facebook for your friends to see and comment.

Here’s where Making Money Blogging Enters
1) People read about what you have to sell (if you’re selling something) and they want it…

…Boom! You know how to make money from blogging.
2) People can’t help themselves and click on advertisements you have around your blog which you’re an
affiliate for and when they buy…

…Boom! You know how to make money from blogging.
The “How To Make Money from Blogging” Option
There are several benefits to the Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform which you can read about. If
your primary goal is making money blogging, you will want to take an in-depth look at the entire Empower
Network program. The Empower Network blog is the first product and is currently ranked 564 in the world…
261 in the United States.

You can utilize your blog to make money referring others to Empower Network blog and products alone. You
can also sell other products on your blog in addition to this if you want to.

All of the Empower Network products are high value and purposeful in teaching people how to make money
from blogging and build a successful online business.

To take a look at the Empower Network, follow these steps:

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Scroll down and enter your best email address….

Watch the entire video !

Get your blogging system!
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To your success,

Krista Z.

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