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					Undergraduate Business Programs
               Opus College of Business
The Undergraduate Business Program
At Minnesota’s only private business college
accredited by the Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools of Business International,
we get to know more than your name. We
get to know your aspirations.

                                                                                     The UST
Each year a diverse group of learners chooses the Opus College of Business
because of our ability to offer a strong professional major combined with an
extensive liberal arts foundation in a faith-based environment. Our under-
graduate program combines excellence in business education with a focus on           Difference
real-world application, a strong emphasis on ethics and responsibility, and
dedicated service to the community.                                                  • Liberal arts core
                                                                                     • Average class size of 25
                                                                                     • 13 business concentrations from which
                                                                                       to choose
                                                                                     • More than 800 UST students study abroad
                                                                                       each year
                                                                                     • Business Learning Through Service
                                                                                       experience for all undergraduates
                                                                                     • An emphasis on decision making and ethics
                                                                                     • Professional program advising to help you
                                                                                       develop a degree plan that’s right for you –
                                                                                       and ongoing support to help you stick with it

                                                                               StThomas.edu/Business/Degrees/Undergraduate             2
    Tim Flynn ’79                              Colleen Soukup ’82                        Susan Johnson, R.N., ’85, ’95 M.B.A.
    Chairman (retired)                         Director of worldwide sourcing            CEO
    KPMG International                         General Mills                             Magellan Medical Technology

    At a Glance:
    University of St. Thomas
                                               The University of St. Thomas
    Founded in 1885                            A History of Excellence
    Catholic affiliation
    Minnesota’s largest private university     The University of St. Thomas has a long
    10,839 total enrollment
                                               history of academic excellence, fostering
    6,274 undergraduate students
    4,565 graduate students
                                               a tradition of service to the public and
    50% women                                  an energetic, thoughtful approach to the
    Six colleges and schools                   challenge of contemporary life.
    Ranked in the top five nationally for number
    of undergraduates studying                   St. Thomas offers a wide range of employment opportunities, cultural events
    abroad each year                             and volunteer activities. We are a campus connected to the community to help
    Opus College of Business                     students, alumni and the broader public meet their full potential.
    Undergraduate business program:            Serving more than 10,500 undergraduate and graduate students, we are a
    approximately 2,400 students
                                               thriving academic community for the active mind ... like yours.
    More than 40% of St. Thomas
    undergraduate enrollment
    Graduate business programs:
    approximately 1,800 students
    Thirteen centers and institutes
    Professional development and
    executive education programs
    host 3,000 students annually
    Campus buildings totaling
    250,000 square feet
    McNeely Hall, St. Paul (2006)
    Schulze Hall, Minneapolis (2005)
    Terrence Murphy Hall, Minneapolis (1992)

The Opus College of Business                                                      Top 10 Best
An Ideal Setting for Business Education                                           Job Markets in U.S.
                                                                                  Washington, D.C.
Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the                                  Austin
Opus College of Business develops effective,                                      Minneapolis-St. Paul
principled business leaders who think                                             Oklahoma City
globally, act ethically and create enduring                                       Milwaukee
value for society.                                                                Salt Lake City
                                                                                  New York
With campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Opus College of Business           Source: Forbes
allows students to earn a degree while pursuing their personal and professional
goals. Located within the vibrant Twin Cities that boasts 20 Fortune 500          Top 10 Best Cities
companies and unlimited internship and career opportunities, the undergraduate    for Work and Family
programs in business are based in the new 75,000-square-foot McNeely Hall on
the 78-acre St. Paul campus located on historic Summit Avenue.
Bordering the campus to the west, Mississippi River Boulevard provides            Philadelphia
opportunities for biking, running and rowing, while the shops and restaurants     Minneapolis-St. Paul
on Grand Avenue and in Highland Village are just short walks from campus.
                                                                                  St. Louis
Although the campus has a small-town, residential feel, the Opus College of       Cincinnati
Business is close to everything!                                                  Washington, D.C.
                                                                                  Dallas-Ft. Worth
                                                                                  Source: Fortune

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                                                                                       Top 10 Most
                                                                                       Hipster States
                                                                                       New York
                                                                                       District of Columbia
                                                                                       Rhode Island

    Twin Cities                                                                        Pennsylvania
                                                                                       Source: BuzzFeed.com
    An Ideal Setting for You                                                           Healthiest, Fittest
                                                                                       Cities in U.S.
    Today, more than 3 million people call the Twin Cities home. Whether their
    grandparents emigrated from Scandinavia or Somalia, or they moved here             Minneapolis-St. Paul
    from Los Angeles or Latin America, Twin Cities residents and Opus College of       Washington, D.C.
    Business students share a few common characteristics: an open-minded point of
                                                                                       Portland, Ore.
    view, a passion for discovery, a commitment to service, a dedication to learning   Denver
    and a sense of the possibilities this evolving area provides.                      San Francisco
    Whether attending classes, working out at the Anderson Athletic and Recreation
    Complex and cheering on nationally ranked athletic teams on the St. Paul           Virginia Beach
    campus, or taking the shuttle to the Minneapolis campus to walk through            Sacramento
    the skyway system to an internship, attend a major league sports event or see      Source: American College of
    a production in the theater district, the Opus College of Business provides        Sports Medicine
    students with experiences and opportunities to build on.
                                                                                       Top 10 Best
                                                                                       Bike Cities
                                                                                       San Francisco
                                                                                       New York
                                                                                       Source: Bicycling Magazine

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Sheneeta White, Ph.D., assistant professor,   Laura Dunham, Ph.D., associate professor,   Steve Vuolo, clinical instructor, marketing
operations and supply chain management        entrepreneurship

Faculty Overview
More than 70 full-time faculty
                                              Faculty Who Do More
Faculty hold doctoral degrees from
institutions such as:
                                              Than Teach
      • Duke University
      • Michigan State University             UST faculty are more than just teachers. They
      • Northwestern University               are mentors and learning coaches committed
      • Stanford University
      • University of Minnesota               to guiding you to your full potential.
      • University of Pennsylvania
      • Yale University                       They work closely together to create a solid integrated classroom experience,
Research specialties include:                 embrace the expertise students bring to the program and welcome their engaged
    • Business ethics                         perspectives.
    • Business law
    • Conflict management                     Faculty provide students with hands-on, interactive learning experiences such as
    • Consumer behavior                       presentations, group projects, case studies, simulations, guest speakers – as well
    • Forensic economics                      as stimulating discussion and debate.
    • International banking
    • Leader development                      Our professors have chosen the Opus College of Business for its reputation,
    • Nonprofit marketing                     commitment to teaching excellence and focus on the overall student experience.
    • Social issues in accounting             They are driven to help students succeed inside and outside the classroom and to
    • Work-life balance                       make a difference in the lives of individual students.

                                                                                                   StThomas.edu/Business/Faculty        6
    An Integrated Curriculum
    It starts with a broad-based liberal arts
    curriculum that helps you think, analyze
    and communicate clearly – and develop
    the social consciousness needed by all
    successful business leaders. An ongoing,
    in-depth study of business ethics and
    decision making is woven into your studies,
    helping you not only align your values with
    your future business practices but also
    understand the conflicts and challenges
    modern business leaders face.
    It ends with a carefully designed curriculum that helps you focus on your
    particular area of business interest, giving you the skills and knowledge to
    become a competitive leader in your profession.

    The UST Business B.A.                                            The UST B.S. in Real Estate
    Intensive Preparation                                            A Solid Foundation
    As a student seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Business              Real estate is a business that goes far beyond selling
    Administration, you choose from one of 12 concentrations         houses. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate
    to augment the basics with specific, intensive study.            program are engaged in challenging careers involving real
                                                                     estate investment, analysis, financing and development.
    • Accounting
    • Business Communication                                         The curriculum provides you with a background in general
    • Entrepreneurship                                               business and real estate theory and practice. You will study
    • Family Business                                                the many factors involved in property assessment and sales,
    • Financial Management                                           how they change and how these changes affect real estate
    • General Business Management                                    and individuals. Study includes:
    • Human Resources
                                                                     • Property Taxation
    • International Business
                                                                     • Zoning
    • Leadership and Management
                                                                     • Land-use Planning
    • Legal Studies in Business
                                                                     • Environmental Protection
    • Marketing
                                                                     • Urban Redevelopment
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management
                                                                     • Government-assisted Home Financing Programs

7       StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/Academics
The London
Business Semester
You may have traveled to other countries,
but have you immersed yourself in the life
and culture of another country for an
extended time?
Enliven your studies in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. There is no
better way to add an international perspective to your business degree than to
study in the city that Benjamin Disraeli described as “A nation, not a city.”

As a business student in London, you will visit sites such as the Bank of
England, the Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London, the London International
Financial Futures Exchange and international banks. Meet members of
Parliament and explore the city where 50,000 students study and live. You also
will have the opportunity to complete your community service requirement
(40 hours) while in London.

                                                                                   StThomas.edu/LondonBusiness   8
                                                                                               Business 200 students worked in Mexico to
                                                                                               clear a mile-long trench for an electric line to
                                                                                               serve a new orphanage.

    Business Learning
    Through Service
    UST and the business community agree that businesses need to be socially
    responsible to the communities in which they participate. Communities are
    important stakeholders for every business, and the Business 200 program will
    increase your awareness of the importance of this partnership as you pursue your
    degree and prepare for a career.

    Business 200 is a mandatory, noncredit, tuition-free course for all undergraduate
    business majors and minors. The course places students in a wide variety of
    supervised, direct community service experiences. Each year, Business 200
    students contribute about 32,000 hours of service to communities in the Twin
    Cities and around the world – and the learning they acquire will be applied
    every day of their business lives.

    Service-learning projects have included:
    • Providing food, cleaning shelters and    • Cleaning rivers, parks, highways and
      forming friendships.                       recreation areas.
    • Weekly visits to the Humane Society      • Constructing homes, schools,
      to ensure that animals waiting for         playgrounds and shelters.
      adoption are cared for and that people
                                               • Working within the context of study-
      considering pet adoption make a sound
                                                 abroad programs in areas such as
                                                 health care and poverty intervention.
    • Tutoring pre-kindergarteners, students
                                               • Staffing hotlines to assist callers who are
      in alternative high schools and new
                                                 depressed, considering suicide or have
      immigrants trying to master English.
                                                 taken the first step to seek assistance
                                                 for drug or alcohol addictions.

9       StThomas.edu/BUSN200
Academic Departments
Seven departments in the Opus College
of Business encompass the full range of
leading-edge business disciplines.
• Accounting
• Entrepreneurship
• Ethics and Business Law
• Finance
• Management
• Marketing
• Operations and Supply Chain Management

                                           StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/BA   10
     Accounting is the “language” of business.                                           Possible Career Paths
     The health of an organization is revealed                                           Accountant
     through its financial statements. Good                                              Account manager
     professional accounting systems provide                                             Auditor
     business leaders with the information to                                            Computer consultant
     make effective decisions.                                                           Operations manager
                                                                                         Revenue audit supervisor
     When you graduate from UST with an accounting degree, you will be prepared
     to work for a public accounting firm, private business, government or nonprofit     Systems analyst
     organization. You will have the skills and confidence to conduct audits, prepare
     taxes for individuals or companies, set budgets and offer advice to management.

     “The engaging faculty at St. Thomas bring excitement
     to the classroom and teach you more than what is on
     the syllabus. In my classes, I have learned not only the
     required material, but how it relates to our lives and the
     lives of others.”
                                                                     Danny Johnson ’15
                                                                      Accounting Major

Being an entrepreneur is about more than                                                Possible Career Paths
starting your own business. It’s about learning                                         Business owner
to spot the next big thing, about developing                                            Business development manager
a spirit of innovation and about putting your                                           Business consultant
skills to use in any organization, from your                                            Manager in small- and medium-size
own startup to a multinational organization.                                            businesses

As an entrepreneurship student, you will learn to manage resources, identify
business opportunities and develop a business plan, and think like an
entrepreneur. The UST Entrepreneurial Society is actively engaged with the
business community, providing a platform for you to apply your knowledge to
business ideas and plans, and offering special relevance to classroom work.

Undergraduate business students have the unique option of choosing a concen-
tration in family business. This concentration is for students who are thinking
about working in their own family business, are a member of a family that owns
a business or will work with other family businesses. Because the family business
courses focus on applying knowledge in family firms, parents or other significant
family members are encouraged to audit those classes or to participate actively
by reading class materials and helping students with many course assignments,
ensuring that the skills and insights gained may be applied immediately to the
family business.

                                          “Here at St. Thomas, I am discovering and reaffirming
                                          my own beliefs in my aspirations, as well as what
                                          processes are available to accomplish them. The co-
                                          curricular activities have provided real-world examples
                                          that highlight topics covered in class and bring up ideas
                                          that cannot be covered simply through text.”
                                                                                                                        Eyo Ekpo ’13
                                                                                    Entrepreneurship and Financial Management Major

                                                                                          StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/BA           12
     Ethics and Business Law
     The relationships between business,                                                       Possible Career Paths
     government and society are playing an                                                     Courts administrator
     increasingly prominent role in today’s                                                    Diversity officer
     business climate, including how legal rulings                                             Environmental protection agent
     impact business conduct and relationships                                                 Ethics and compliance officer
     with clients and consumers, and how ethics                                                Human resource manager
     is integrated into business practices.                                                    Investment manager

     The Opus College of Business has the largest business ethics faculty in the
     country and is one of the few to offer a major in Legal Studies in Business,
     ensuring our students can meet the need for ethical business leaders. Our
     curriculum is designed to enhance your knowledge areas of law crucial to
     business, such as contract, intellectual property, corporations and other business
     entities, and employment law. The goal is to provide a critical framework for
     analyzing the legal implications of business decisions, the business implications
     of legal decisions and the ethical implications of both.

     “St. Thomas’ curriculum prepared me for the
     fundamentals I needed within the profession but more
     importantly it helped me develop teamwork skills, which
     were highly valued by the company I interned with. The
     staff, faculty and alumni at St. Thomas take the time
     to advance you in your career before it’s even begun.
     When they care, it helps you succeed.”
                                                                        Alicia Pfeninger ’13
                                                             Ethics and Business Law Major

Financial professionals work with precision to                                Possible Career Paths
manage large amounts of money in complex                                      Commodities trader
environments. We prepare students for this                                    Consultant
exciting world by teaching them to thoroughly                                 Controller
understand financial markets, accounting                                      Credit analyst
statements and how to use these numbers                                       Financial adviser
for analysis.                                                                 Loan officer
                                                                              Marketing specialist
Finance students develop a thorough understanding of the three interrelated
areas of money and capital markets, investments and financial management.     Systems analyst
Courses are designed to sharpen analytical skills and strengthen students’
abilities to synthesize information.

                                          “My classes have given me the knowledge and technical
                                          skill necessary to be successful in the field of finance,
                                          and at the same time have given me an excellent
                                          perspective on all of the concentrations within the
                                          business program. As a result, I felt very prepared for my
                                          internship. The combination of my technical education
                                          and extracurricular activities helped me handle the
                                          stresses of the professional business environment.”
                                                                                                      Kyle Mulrooney ’12
                                                                               Finance and Leadership Management Major

                                                                               StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/BA          14
     The Management Department arms                                                       Possible Career Paths
     students with the skills needed to become                                            General manager
     tomorrow’s leaders. Students learn                                                   Human resources manager
     techniques for managing an organization                                              Information technology manager
     functioning within a dynamic social,                                                 International salesperson
     economic, legal and political environment.                                           Marketing manager
                                                                                          Product development coordinator
     General business management is the ideal program for a broad-based business
     education to complement your liberal arts studies. A degree with a concentration     Project manager
     in leadership and management provides the skills to manage change effectively
     in a dynamic work environment, regardless of the type of organization or the
     particular area in which you work.

     A degree with a concentration in human resources management will develop
     your ability to select the best talent for an organization, train that talent for
     success and contribute to the development of an organization’s greatest
     resource – its people.

     Concentrate your studies in business communication to leverage your skills
     and interests in verbal, nonverbal and electronic communications or focus on
     international business to prepare for an increasingly global economy.

     “St. Thomas is teaching me to be a well-rounded,
     successful and responsible business leader. The
     activities I am involved in have given me the opportunity
     to meet with business professionals who are using
     the ideas and methods we learn about in class in their
     workplaces on a regular basis.”
                                                                          Sean Ness ’14
                                                              Business Management Major

Prepare yourself for one of the oldest and                                          Possible Career Paths
purest forms of business: the challenge of                                          Advertising manager
identifying customer needs and taking action                                        International marketing manager
to fulfill those needs in the marketplace.                                          Inventory control manager
                                                                                    Market research analyst
The curriculum will prepare you for an exciting career in a business or nonprofit
                                                                                    Public relations manager
organization: creating and retaining profitable customers through marketing
research, competitive analysis, determination of market potential, market           Purchasing manager
segmentation and target marketing.                                                  Retail buyer
As a senior marketing major, you will take the capstone course Marketing            Sales manager
Management. Working with clients of the Small Business Institute, you will
be connected with a member of the Marketing faculty and a student team to
consult with small businesses to diagnose their business problems, then craft and
present a solution to the client.

                                           “I’ve learned about how the economy works and how
                                           my actions impact the world economy. It’s not only
                                           factual knowledge, but you can apply it to your life and
                                           the world around you. The staff and faculty not only want
                                           you to grow as an intellectual but also as a person. They
                                           really strive to make you see the big picture and care
                                           about more than what’s just going on in the classroom.”
                                                                                                               Sara Atkinson ’15
                                                                                                                Marketing Major

                                                                                     StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/BA            16
     Operations and Supply Chain
     Operations management is the design,                                                     Possible Career Paths
     management and improvement of the systems                                                Event coordinator
     that create and deliver a firm’s products and                                            Operations manager
     services. Operations managers work with their                                            Project manager
     organizations to find faster, better and more                                            Statistician
     economical ways to serve their customers.                                                Supply chain manager
                                                                                              Systems analyst
     Neither specific to any one industry nor restricted to manufacturing enterprises,
     what we study applies to all organizations in the private sector: airlines, hospitals,
     hotels, restaurants, insurance companies, government agencies and more.

     “The university’s focus on faculty engagement is still
     what amazes me. The faculty at UST are so helpful in
     class as well as outside of the classroom. I have had
     professors assist me in my search for internships as well
     as advise me on my next course of action in order to
     stay ahead of the game and involved with events that
     are related to my intended field of study.”
                                                                           Kari Johnson ’14
                                                               Operations Management Major

Career Development
Putting It All to Work
The professional team at the Career Development Center can partner with
you to build the skills you need to market yourself and focus your potential,
and put you in touch with UST alumni as well as the broader Twin Cities
business community.

Whether you want to examine and clarify your strengths and how they relate
to majors and career fields, learn about the recommended academic and career
activities timeline, start creating your résumé and preparing for interviews,
begin looking for internships or jobs, or get ready for on-campus interviewing,
Career Development has the team to help.

                                                                                  StThomas.edu/CareerDevelopment/   18
     A Focus on Your Goals                                                                         Advising Office Mission
                                                                                                   Undergraduate Business Program
     All business majors are assigned two                                                          advisers in the Opus College of
     advisers: a business program adviser and                                                      Business educate and inspire
                                                                                                   students to take responsibility in
     a business faculty adviser. Your program                                                      the development of meaningful
     adviser begins working with you at the time                                                   academic plans. In partnership
                                                                                                   with faculty, we connect students
     you enter St. Thomas and stays with you until                                                 with the people, programs and
     you graduate, and your faculty adviser is one                                                 resources that will enrich their
     of the professors who teaches in your major                                                   college experience so they may
                                                                                                   achieve their academic, career
     area of business. Both program and faculty                                                    and personal goals.
     advisers help you not only identify your goals
     but reach them.

     Program Advisers                               Faculty Advisers
     Business study often involves determin-        Faculty advisers have not only the
     ing the best of many excellent options.        academic credentials for the courses
     When you find yourself at that place,          they are teaching, but many have
     or you just want to keep on top of your        significant business experience as well.
     curriculum, your undergraduate busi-           They also serve as a career resource for
     ness program adviser is a great resource       you in discussions related to career
     to meet with each semester. In addition        possibilities and goals.
     to exploring your major and career op-
                                                    Faculty advisers will help you:
     tions, your program adviser will make
                                                    • Keep informed regarding
     sure that you have information about
                                                      professions, careers and career paths
     relevant activities on campus.
                                                    • Formulate academic and career            Betsy Lofgren is one of the business
     Program advisers will help you:                  objectives and long-term goals           program advisers.
     • Plan your course schedule                    • Develop a career strategy
     • Complete registration and                    • Determine the best elective courses
       scheduling                                     for your career goals
     • Explore concentrations and career            • Research and apply for graduate
       options                                        programs
     • Plan study-abroad opportunities
     • Begin your search for a summer job
       or internship
     • Resolve or minimize any obstacles in
       the way of your academic success
     • Get involved in co-curricular activities

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An Active, Connected
A St. Thomas business program can be
challenging, but it isn’t all about work.
Life outside the classroom is filled with opportunities to socialize, network and
develop lifelong relationships and interests. Student organizations add to the
academic experience and bring together students, alumni, faculty and business
leaders who share common interests.

Anderson Student Center                                                             Clubs and Organizations
The new Anderson Student Center, opened in January 2012, is the heart of            • Accounting Club
campus social activity and the home to student clubs and organizations, dining,     • American Marketing Association
entertainment and several administrative functions. Features include:               • Beta Gamma Sigma
• Three major dining areas               • A large multipurpose room for            • Delta Sigma Pi
• Coffee, smoothies and other              dinners, concerts, dances, lectures      • Entrepreneurship Society
  beverage vendors                         and other activities                     • Financial Management Association
• Four-lane bowling center               • The Hearth Room and 13 meeting           • International Business Association
• Dance floor                              rooms                                    • Legal Studies in Business Club
• Pool tables and electronic darts       • A permanent art gallery housing the      • Real Estate Society
• Recreation area that includes Ping-      American Museum of Asmat Art             • Student Society of Human Resource
  Pong, foosball tables and flat-screen • An emporium to purchase clothing            Management
  TVs for video games                      and supplies                             • Students in Free Enterprise
• Meeting rooms and offices                                                         • Supply Chain and Operations
                                                                                      Management Club
                                                                                    • Women in Business

                                                                                    StThomas.edu/Business/Undergrad/Clubs   20
     A Vibrant On-Campus Life
     St. Thomas is much more than a classroom education.

     Anderson Athletic and                    McCarthy Gymnasium                       O’Shaughnessy Stadium
     Recreation Complex
                                              Located on St. Paul’s south campus,      This 5,000-seat outdoor stadium,
     Athletic success is a hallmark of        the McCarthy Gymnasium is open to        built in 1947, is the arena for
     St. Thomas, and student participation    students, faculty/staff and neighbors    St. Thomas football and track events.
     in varsity, intramural and informal      with gym memberships. Amenities          The all-weather, Olympic-caliber
     recreational sports has contributed      include:                                 track has eight lanes and was
     greatly to the St. Thomas experience     • One regulation-size basketball court   resurfaced in 2004.
     for many generations of Tommies.         • Two intramural-size basketball
                                                                                       Adjacent to the stadium is the
     Features include:                          courts
                                                                                       North Athletic Field, with a 500-
     • 2,000-seat basketball and volleyball   • Four racquetball courts
                                                                                       seat collegiate baseball diamond
       arena                                  • Weight-training and aerobics areas
                                                                                       that doubles as a football practice
     • Aquatic center containing an eight-
                                                                                       area, a throwing venue for track and
       lane swimming pool, diving area
                                                                                       field, and space for a wide variety
       and spectator seating
                                                                                       of intramural sports and physical
     • Field house with a 200-meter,
                                                                                       education classes.
       six-lane track
     • Fitness center, weight room and
       aerobics rooms
     • Locker rooms, meeting rooms,
       training rooms, offices, classrooms,
       labs and other support facilities

21       StThomas.edu/LifeAtUST
UST seeks to admit qualified, motivated                                       Transferring to UST
students who are committed to being active                                    If you are interested in transferring
learners while bringing a diversity of thought,                               to the UST Opus College of
                                                                              Business, please arrange to visit an
background, race, religion and aspirations to                                 admissions officer and have your
their classmates.                                                             transcript evaluated – this will help
                                                                              us determine which courses you will
To start the application process, even if you intend to major in the Opus     need in order to complete your degree
College of Business, you must first apply for admission through the           at St. Thomas. We also urge you to
Undergraduate Office of Admissions. Once admitted to the University of        meet with a financial aid counselor
St. Thomas, you may choose to major in any of the 13 concentrations offered   and one of the undergraduate program
in the Opus College of Business with no additional admission process or       advisers in the college.
requirements. Visit www.stthomas.edu/admissions for detailed information.

                                                                                         StThomas.edu/Admissions      22
University of St. Thomas • Opus College of Business • Undergraduate Programs                                                                    Accredited by the Association to
2115 Summit Avenue MCH128 St. Paul, MN 55105 (651) 962-5544 (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5544
                          •             •                           •                      •                                                     Advance Collegiate Schools of
www.stthomas.edu/business/undergrad • cobundergrad@stthomas.edu                                                                                          Business International

The University of St. Thomas complies with applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national
origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, genetic information, or status with regard to public assistance or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in the employment
of faculty or staff, the admission or treatment of students, or in the operation of its educational programs and activities.

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