MAA Appropriations Info Sheet by McNeeseSGA



                                      McNeese SGA Appropriation of
                                       Allocation Information Sheet

 General Information:
 Name of organization: Mathematics Association of America
 Date submitted: 2/18/2013            Amount of funding requested from Senate: $ 873.60
 Funds contributed by organization:
        1) Fundraising: $ 88.80
        2) Out of pocket: $ 440
 Percent of total expenses provided by organization: 37.7%

Trip Detail:
Number of members attending: 11 Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Details of attending members (including classification, offices held within
organization, record of past participation in trip*): Kathryn Dowden (current MAA President, competed in
competitions at section meeting in 2011 and 2012), Christopher Moore (participated in competition in
2010, 2011, 2012), Benny Nero (current MAA Vice President), Taylor Williams (current MAA senator),
Lacey Arabie, Jennifer Olson, Elizabeth St. Cyr, Jacob Higgins, Luke Loukas, Garrett Mehal, Autumn
Reason for trip: Attending LA/MAA section meeting to compete in mathematics competitions, participate
in student paper sessions, and attend talks given on various topics in mathematics.
Number of times of past participation: Attended yearly since 1991
Number of student participating directly (competitions, workshops and presentations): 11
Awards won and year received: Mellitanya Bun won the Integration Bee in 2011, McNeese students won
2nd place in the team competition in 1993.
In what ways does participation in this event benefit the organization and its members: These competitions
broadens the student’s understanding of mathematics and exposes them to a range of topics in the field of
mathematics outside the scope of their curriculum on campus.

Various Information:
Number of years organization has been in existence at McNeese: more than 20 years
Number of members in organization: 22
Examples of organization involvement on campus (please specify year)*: Hosted the American
Mathematics Competition for area high school students on campus since 2011, helped the Engineering
Society with Math Counts competition for Middle School students.

Organizations participation in the Senate for the current year and the previous year (attendance,
committees, legislation, etc): Taylor Williams serves as the organization’s senator since beginning of the
Spring 2013 semester, Devin Quibodeaux served as the organization’s senator for the Fall 2012 semester.

Last time organization requested funds from the Senate and amount (to the best of your knowledge):
Fall 2010 in the amount of $800

*If more space is needed, please attach another sheet.

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