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									Emergency Tree Removal from Storm Damage - JL Tree Service Inc Specializes
in Storm Damaged Tree Removals

When a storm comes through a town with high winds, especially with wet grounds, trees have a
tendency to fall over onto houses causing major damage. Emergency tree removal is generally
needed upon storm damage. This release provides information for home owners to know what to do
during these extreme circumstances.

Fairfax, DC, February 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Sean Lewett is an ISA Certified Arborist who works for JL
Tree Service Inc. JL Tree Service Inc specializes in emergency tree removal. When it comes to taking
storm damaged trees off houses, it is critical to hire a qualified company to handle the job.

It is a fact, that hazardous weather conditions can cause trees to fall or split and create dangerous
situations. For this reason, dying trees that cannot be saved or dead trees close to residential houses
should be removed before a storm can potentially knock a tree down. Each year, quite a few trees fall
onto houses, automobiles, buildings, structures, power lines, etc. due to storm damage. Local qualified
tree service companies are highly specialized for this very type of tree removal service. Many
homeowners who face the situation of a tree that has fallen and damaged their house are usually unaware
of what to do.

They ponder:

Shall I call my insurance company? Is the damage covered by my insurance?
Is this my tree or my neighbor's?
If my tree falls into my neighbor's yard, am I responsible for the damage?
What about tree damage to my own property - am I covered?
Are local tree service companies available immediately to remove a large tree that fell onto my house?
Who will tarp the hole in my roof?

These are all great and common questions that arise during an emergency situation. In most cases it is the
insurance company that is responsible for paying the bill for these expenses. Some local reputable tree
services are on insurance companies' preferred vendor lists for handling emergency tree removal. In many
situations, homeowners will call their insurance company and the insurance company will provide the
name of a local tree service to use for the tree removal. If a tree falls through a house, the job is usually
performed within hours, unless it 3am when it is dark outside. In that case, an estimate will be completed
during this time, and the emergency tree job will be completed when the sun rises that morning. It is
unsafe for tree companies to work at night - many times with high winds, slippery grounds and structures,
it is not worth someone's life to risk. There are many emergency tree removal scenarios, and local
companies are immediately available for the customer.

To perform an operation as complicated as removing a large tree from a house, the appropriate experience
and machinery is critical. Hiring an experienced tree company that specifically own their own cranes, and
have staffed crane operators with tree climbers that work daily together is important when considering

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who to hire. There have been many times when large storms sweep through and cause major tree damage.
It is a fact that tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the service profession. Hiring a
licensed bonded, and insured professional service tree service is an absolute necessity. Lives are lost, and
major injuries occur every day in the tree service business. Many emergency tree removal service
companies can complete a job promptly and efficiently with the right expertise and equipment.

In summary, if you are a home owner with a tree on your house, the first thing you should do is make sure
everything is safe by visual inspection. Many times it is wise to leave the house and stay at a hotel for the
night. Once you leave the house, call your insurance company to explain what happened. They will tell
you to call a tree company right away. Ask the insurance company for any recommendations - they work
with tree companies often in this scenario. Call the tree service and request an estimate for the tree
removal. An estimator will come out, provide a price on the spot, and if it's not too late will usually
dispatch a crew immediately or very next day to remove the tree from the house. After the tree is
removed, a tarp is installed over the hole to keep water from coming in. Sometimes, an insurance
company will require that an adjuster comes out before the tree service comes, but it's usually best to get
the tree off the house immediately. The insurance adjuster will write a report and explain what is covered.
A renovation company then takes over to assess, and fix the damaged house. The entire process can
sometimes take between 1 and 4 months depending on the situation. The best advise is to be patient,
communicate well, relax, maybe take a vacation, and let the professionals do their job.

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Sean Lewett is a ISA Certified Arborist and works for JL Tree Service Inc in Fairfax, VA.

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