MINUTES Sunday, September 28, 2008 4:30pm-7:30 pm Gresham Schools Building, 1333 NW Eastman Parkway, Gresham
I. Meeting called to order at 4:38 pm. Voting Members Present: Arnold, Bull, Burri, Canales, Cop, Denman, Edmonds, Evans, Frank, Gille, Harris, Henderson, Huh, Kersting, Long, McBee, McCain, Monk, Rulevskaya, Shelley, Suarez Soriano, Uebel, Volpert, Westmoreland, Voting Members Absent: Anderson, Bauman, Bradley, Dominguez, Granbois, Gregory, Hood, Xu Voting Members Tardy: At-Large Members Present: Alness, Alvarez, Baldwin-Standard, Brandom, Heistuman, Pham, Siulagi At-Large Members Absent: Bowers, Mason, Sutton Staff Present: Travis Huntington, Josh Mead, Becca Stavenjord, Joshua Todd, and Nate Waas Shull Others Present: Sylvie Dady, Brea Henderson, Ashleigh Paschal, Pam Phan, Alma Siulagi II. III. IV.   Check-in- Members got a chance to check-in on the last two weeks of their life. Public Comment- No public comment Staff Report & Announcements: E. Dominguez and Tim Bauman called to say they would be absent. The Portland Police Bureau is hosting a meeting for East Portland youth to share their views and ideas on the needs of youth in East Portland around crime prevention and police bureau involvement.  Travis Huntington, media consultant introduced himself. He will be working with the media committee.


Rebecca Stavenjord works with the CCFC as the Academic & Life Success Coordinator. Any youth commissioners interested in academic success, reducing the achievement gap, or school supports should talk with her.


Commissioner Frank announced a petition to support the renaming of a Portland street in honor of Cesar Chavez. Any commissioners interested in signing the petition must be over age 16.


Parks & Recreation Survey- Parks and Rec would like the MYC to respond to a survey

to help figure out how to improve Park and Rec services. Surveys were distributed.


Letters of Resignation- Justin Sutton resigned his at-large position. Commissioner Cop

moved, Commissioner McBee seconded. 1 Abstention all others in favor. Motion passes. Jordan Anderson submitted a letter of resignation. Commissioner Frank moved, Commissioner McBee seconded. Motion passes unanimously. E. Dominguez resigned his voting position on the MYC due to time conflicts with his work scheduled. Commissioner Cop moved to accept his resignation. Commissioner Westmoreland moved to change E. to an at-large member, Commissioner Shelley seconded. Approved unanimously.

There are now two open voting positions. Any current at-large members who would like to fill those slots need to submit a letter to the MYC coordinating committee by Thursday of this week. Once those two members move into voting positions, there will be two at-large positions available. Any youth in the community who is interested in joining the MYC can petition to fill those seats after they have attended three full MYC meeting. City Youth Specific Website Focus Group (“Youth Portal)


Joy Hunt, Abbey, & Meagan from the Office of Management and Finance through the City of Portland. Staff passed out copies of several websites from around the world that are targeted towards youth getting in engaged in government. Staff are conducting focus groups with different groups of youth to learn what features and design elements they would like. MYCers Favorite Websites: Facebook vi Pandora i

NYT I Aol i i Yahoo vi Quizilla i Gmail vi Hotmail iii Myspace vi ESPN i Amnesty international i Craigslist ii Ultimate guitar ii i

Youtube vi I Deviantart I 1manga i Verizon i Google iiii PSU i Oregonlive i Webcam I Finaid i Fastweb iii Comcast I Ebay I

OMF is considering in creating a governance board to review content and helps build the website. Any Youth Commissioners interested should email Josh or Nate.

VIII. Dinner and Committee Time

Media & PR:
AT&T Client Established Tenants • Integrate high school football games • Integrates "Go Green" phone recycling drive • Integrates a "drive-to-retail incentive" or a "switch carrier" incentive • Provides opportunity to give $$ or services back to schools • Provides chance to capture youth voice re. environmental issues • Provides online posting/grass roots style distribution of the media or the program Results of the Focus Group 9.28.08 Multnomah Youth Commission proposes the following "Go Green" campaign strategy to accommodate AT&T's outreach efforts in Multnomah County during the fall of 2008: Concept Partnering with applicable High Schools and environmental clubs throughout Multnomah County, MYC proposes to host and promote (2) interwoven contests during the fall of 2008 in order to collect donated cell phones and instigate a web-based youth video response to the

environmental concerns of the day. A) A "Go Green" inter school competition for reclaiming the most recycled phones. B) An individual "Go Green" cell phone video submission contest surrounding youth driven environmental views. Contest A Summary MYC would set a school-by-school schedule for placement of established "Go Green" cell phone recycling bins for a period of a week leading up to Friday Football Games. Announcements the week before bin placement will be made by School or MYC staff raising awareness of the campaign and stimulating the student body to participate. Thereby each school would have a period of one week to collect as many cell phones as possible. In consideration of recognizing and engaging students who donate, MYC suggest the creation of a small and convenient donation form. This form at a minimum could contain a request for contact info as well as a few questions regarding the role of environment and youth commitment, but may also promote Contest B, as well as MYC in general. This form could take the form of a 1/4 sheet of 100% recycled paper or a 100% recyclable bag with the form printed on the front. Preceding the weekly Friday night football game MYC staff will tally weekly totals for participating schools and announce results as well as host a campaign table. Results could also be reported on an assigned web page dedicated to this particular campaign. At the end of our campaign, whether based on the end of football season or once all schools have had an option to participate, the school with the most cell phones donated will be eligible for a "prize." This yet to be determined prize should in some way recognize AT&T, MYC and the winning school in some mutually beneficial way. Note: With regard to the resultant dollars-for-cell-phone collection contest, members of the media committee will look into appropriate awarded options in accordance with state and federal law and relevant need. Contest B Summary MYC proposes to hold a cellphone video contest during which, students record a 30-second statement about their environmental concerns and possible solutions. The contest could be judged based on validity of concern, scope of solution, or at random. The winner could receive an AT&T cell or iphone. The submissions could be combined on the aforementioned campaign web page as a series of testimonials or commitment to action. As to avoid precluding students who do not have access to a video enabled cell phone, MYC proposes to host individual 30second taping sessions at designated football games in conjunction with Contest A. Campaign Notes: The effective start and end date of this campaign is yet to be determined, however it is thought that MYC would execute the program before Christmas break 2008. Mini-Documentary: As a side element to this campaign, MYC will document their process in executing the campaign via video footage for inclusion into a resultant project mini-documentary focused on raising visibility of county/private business partnerships.

Current Action Plan Stage 1 Deliverable(s) Due Sunday, October 12th
 

Sports schedule by High school - Jared, Alma, Olivia Web Information regarding AT&T's Go Green program to be emailed to Jared for inclusion into school newspaper article - Josh

Stage 2 Campaign Execution Strategy Contest A
         

Identify campaign coalition partners, i.e. high school environmental clubs, key administrators Contact and gain approval for all phases of the publicity event Develop submission form copy and print approved media Develop Bin Placement Schedule and coordinating announcement times Create announcement copy Establish Web Page donors/hosts, work flow - approve through AT&T Execute announcements, bin placement, and game day tabling/video services offer. Update Campaign Web Page Regularly Announce Winner - honor in press Announce beneficiary of accrued phones-for-dollars

Contest B
      

Set beginning and end dates as well as establish contest criteria Determine Winning Prize Establish Campaign Web Page with built in capacity for hosting self-posted or MYC staff posted video submissions Identify ways to effectively promote contest allowing for cross-pollination with existing efforts Find ways to incorporate existing media outlets for visibility of contest and participating party(ies) Develop participant submission forms for submissions gathered at community events or in combination with contest A Announce Winner - honor in press

MCHD Current Action Plan Stage 1 Agenda to be executed Sunday, October 12th
 

Forward information regarding the MCHD Initiative to media committee in preparation for... (Josh?) Creative Jam surrounding concept for 30 second PSA

    

Write creative brief and submit for approval to MCHD Form action plan for production of the 30 second PSA Pending approval, schedule production of PSA - Assign roles Form action plan for documentary including identifying subjects and relevant filming locations Develop schedule and assign tasks surrounding production

Stage 2 Production
 

Film relevant subjects and locations for documentary Execute production of 30 second PSA

Stage 3 Post Production
   

Assign post production team and task list Edit rough draft of PSA and submit for client review Edit rough draft of mini-Doc and submit for client review Make changes as needed and produce final draft of each project.

School Based Health Centers
We agreed that Nay'Chelle would chair our committee with the assistance of Chris Bradley. If Chris isn't interested, Chris Edmonds said he would step up. Second and most important for this email, there is a conference a week from this Friday on October 10th that I would like our whole committee to attend (if you are free). I am pretty sure all of you (except Kelly) don't have school since it is an in-service day. The conference starts at 9am and ends at 5:30pm. Lunch is provided. The conference is all about school-based health centers and there will be many professionals leading some great workshops for us to attend. A few of the workshops will be led by students that have done the similar work that we are trying to accomplish. It would be great if we could attend different workshops and come back together to share what we learned. You do not have to pay for anything and this is a very valuable resource for our project. Please look at the schedule tonight and email me your top 3 workshop picks for each session. You will see the conference is broken into sessions and for each session there are 4 workshops to choose from with a corressponding letter (like A,B,C, D, for example). I need this information ASAP so I can register you. I have already registered. The link for the schedule is below. Just click on it and check it out: Third, there is another event on Friday, October 24th that is a wellness fair at Harriet Tubman MS from 9am-12pm. Nay'Chelle and Chris E. said they would represent us with a table which I will also be at. If anyone else wants to come please let us know. We can have just 1 more person there. We will share information about SBHC's and talk about our project. Perhaps we can make some contacts there too!!

Fourth and also very significant, we discussed roles for our project last night. There are three roles or areas to choose from and 1 role we will all work-on. We will have 2-3 people in each role. Read and consider the roles and on Sunday we will decide on our roles for the project. I will participate and serve as an adviser for each area but I expect you to take leadership. Role 1: Focus Group Analysis: This involves transcribing tthe focus groups at home or downtown at the county. After all focus groups have been transcribed we will analyze the data to draw conclusions and develop recommendations. I'm not going to lie, this will be a tough one but I will help this role out a lot. This is also very good for your experience, especially with this skill. Role 2: Policy Review and Political Support: This involves reviewing policies that support SBHC's and Community Based Health Centers for youth. It will involve identifying how we can raise political support or advocating for SBHC's in Salem. This role will involve interviews with SBHC staff and other leaders in this area that work on Policy. Role 3: Financial Review and Financial Support: This involves reviewing financial resources that support SBHC's and Community Based Health Centers for youth. It will involve identifying how we can raise financial support or identifying potential financial resources for SBHC's. This role will involve interviews with SBHC staff and other leaders in this area that work on Financial Support. Role 4 (not an option): We will all work on developing a marketing campaign and how we want to design a marketing message. This has to represent many people so it will need all of our voices represented. We decided last night that if you finish your role then you should volunteer your time to another area that needs assistance. Lastly, we are going to meet next Sunday to outline our project, make a timeline, and decide on our roles. I will email you tomorrow or Wednesday with the location. It will be at 6pm and will run between 1 hr and 1.5 hrs. Please let me know about the conference tonnight or tomorrow night.

Check out these websites wehn you have time:

YouthVote!:  The committee created a list of possible questions for the candidate forum which is scheduled for Thursday, October 16th from 5-6:30pm at David

Douglas HS, Room 168. All candidates are confirmed except Diane McKneel who is running for district 4 on the County Board and has declined.  Olivia created the flyer for the event and Josh will mail out to all MYCers. All MYCers will ask their government, civics, social studies teachers to give extra credit to students who attend and also announce the event in their class.  The committee will meet on Sunday, October 5th to continue planning, create signage for the event, write the press release, and finalize who will say what and when.

Members of the committee stepped up to be part of two upcoming meetings: Sheree agreed to testify at the PPS School Board meeting on Monday, September 29 at 7pm, and Rachel, Catherine and Sheree agreed to come to a YouthPass meeting with TriMet and PPS representatives on Wednesday at 2pm. (NOTE: this meeting has now been postponed for one week, and in the future it will be scheduled at a youth-friendly time [4pm] - Nate will follow up with committee members to see who can make it next week). These meetings will happen at PPS every two weeks until the end of December and we will aim to have MYC representation at all meetings. Max also agreed to be involved with the process surrounding the State of Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit which funds the program - Nate will follow up with Max on how to be involved. The committee spent the remainder of its time writing personalized thank you notes to all the people who supported us last year as we created the YouthPass pilot program.

Youth on Boards
The committee talked about getting involved with the Bureau of Planning's Community Involvement Committee, and we had Pam Phan, from the Bureau of Planning, as a guest to explain it. Committee was interested in providing feedback to this group on how best to engage youth. Annie will try to be there to represent the committee. Here's an update on our three pilot commissions: Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC): Shantel and Savannah had initially said they'd like to join the committee, but it won't work for either of them to make it to the meeting this Tuesday at 5:30 at City Hall, so Sylvie and Marina will plan to attend; they'll bring back info and feedback for the group. Campfire USA: Andy Bell of Campfire USA is eager to join an upcoming MYC meeting to talk more about this board. CCFC: Klondy and

Kelly currently sit on this board. There are spots for 3 more youth; no one on the committee was available/interested. For next meeting we will look at some of the research and best practices around having youth on boards, and we'll draft a short document that we can give to committees who are interested in having youth on their boards. The committee discussed holding weekly meetings, and decided that they preferred to meet during regular MYC meetings, unless there is a special project or event. The committee has selected three co-charis: Shade, Marina and Annie.


Activity: Getting to Know City/County Policy Process & activities

Commissioners participated in 1 activity to teach them more about each City Council and County Board member.


Swearing-In Ceremony- Tabled until next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm.

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