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									                                    USANA Health Sciences

USANA Health Sciences is one of the leading companies in the field of health and nutrition selling goods
in 15 distinct countries. Their business structure is network marketing or perhaps also know as Multi-
Level Advertising and marketing which means their products can be purchased through independent
distributors who run their own organization.

USANA mission is: "To produce and provide the highest quality, science-based wellness products,
distributed around the globe through network marketing, developing a rewarding financial chance for
our Independent Colleagues, shareholders, and personnel."

This objective is simple, straight to the purpose and allows the workers of the company along with the
distributors to follow just what the company is trying to do. Network marketing is a tough business
model for most people to know because we are a new society that is enslaved by working for someone
else. When a person looks at a work from home business most of the time these people treat it very
similar to his or her job and this is why the turnover minute rates are so high in this business. There is
something unique about USANA when it comes to their firm, they have quite a few natural customers.
The difference from a distributor and a genuine customer is the fact any distributor is able to market the
product but a person can only consume the merchandise. The distributors tend to be customers as well
in USANA they offer a real customer the same discount on the products like a distributor. There are
amount of people who don't want to be suppliers and this is something special I haven't seen in other
businesses. If there are people only willing to use the product or service this is huge positive for a

The company is 18 years old in 2010 and this is a lifetime for multilevel marketing companies. In the
world of mlm, companies are going out of organization all the time and to uncover companies that have
been around over 5 years is very remarkable. The company was founded simply by Dr. Myron Wentz,
who started to be famous for his operate in the medical local community before he started USANA
operational called Gull Laboratories. The existing management team is actually led by Generate. Wentz's
son, Dave Wentz that's the current CEO who may have been with USANA because it opened in 1992.
The company is about pace to go beyond $500 million in income this years which will suggest they have
product In search of consecutive years throughout record sales. It is deemed an impressive stat thinking
about the past couple of years throughout the economy and how many companies have closed their
doors. The just opened the doors in Cina this year through a organization they purchased called "Baby
Care." USANA continues their growth technique with expansion straight into more international areas.
USANA produces 4 various product line focusing within the health and wellness industry, weight
reduction, nutrition supplements, electricity, and anti-aging skin care. These kinds of product lines have
earned a countless number of prizes for Best of State in Utah. This can be a huge accomplishment since
there are over 100 supplement producers in the point out of Utah and USANA was the first company
that produces products on the high recognized Producing Process of Pharmaceutical Grade Regular. This
means you know the products which you are consuming the top of the line without every one of the
contaminants in them.

Probably the most impressive thing I have come across with USANA is the Sportsman Guarantee
Program. I know a couple of professional athletes and the number one thing a bunch of their trainers
tell them is always to stay away from supplements and don't put anything in their body that could
possibly lead to a failed medicine test. Many of the items on the market contain toxins, traces of steroid
drugs, and other lubricants in the machinery that destruction the inside of our bodies. Your Athlete
Guarantee Software will pay an athlete $1 Zillion if they fail a medication test if it is proven that it is
failed by simply USANA Health Sciences products. This is uncommon in the nutrition market because I
haven't found another company that can back up their products such as USANA does.

Overall, your management team can be solid and is situated in a perfect position to grow into the
future. To remain growing for a number of years and will continue to expand in the future. If you are
looking into USANA i quickly would recommend to discover a great person you can study how to build
the business efficiently.

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