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									IT Executive Steering Committee
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Ben Berry, Chief Information Officer
May 11, 2007

CIO Update - CIO Update - IS Strategic Plan Update - Legislative Response to ODOT IT Related POP’s - Integrated Systems ERP Update - IS Budget Update


ODOT Information Systems IT Executive Steering Committee Transportation Building, Room 122

May 11, 2007 10:00am – Noon

ESC Agenda Item
Review 02/02/07 IT ESC Meeting Minutes

Ben Berry Ben Berry

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CIO Update
- SDC Migration Project Completion - DAS Policy Review – Acceptable Use Policy - Statewide Initiatives Impact - Customer Service Survey Results - ODOT Introduces Wireless Services

IS Budget Update IS Strategic Plan Update Legislative Response to ODOT IT Related POPs Integrated Systems ERP Update

Barry Nathan Tim Avilla Mike Marsh Ron Winterrowd

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Questions and Wrap Up


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Acceptable Use Policy
Internet Use Options: A) “No Personal Use” Model B) “Limited Personal Use” Model No Personal Use Feedback: • The focus is on improving security and reducing risk. • In-sync with State’s no personal gain rules. • Sends a message that we “don’t trust employees.” • Several State agencies would prefer limited personal use • Concern that with too restrictive a – lunches and breaks only. policy, the state may have difficulty attracting younger employees. • Manager’s time wasted • DOR implemented this as policy and determining if a particular saw an 80% reduction in network Internet access was for traffic and higher productivity. business or personal use. • DOR’s message to employees emphasized the reason for the more restrictive policy was for security; staff appear to accept that rational. 3 Limited Personal Use Feedback: • Cost/resources to monitor compliance of no personal use -- agencies believe it should be random monitoring

Camera Cell Phone Use
On 2/10/05: "The Ethics Committee with guidance from the Director's office has decided that it is not
appropriate for us to purchase cell phones with camera capability for our ODOT business use." 1) its decision because it was cost effective for some employees to use camera cell phones. In April 2005, the following revision of the Ethics Committee decision was made: "An ODOT Appointing Authority or designee may authorize the purchase of cell phones with camera capability, on a case by case basis, where there is a demonstrated business need for an employee or crew to have this technological capability. We are cognizant of public perception, but a limited use of camera phones has proven to be a cost effective tool that helps ODOT staff to do their work faster, better, and cheaper." 2) Cingular Vendor. Cingular plans to limit cell phones available to state employees to only camera cell phones. All the new cell phone contracts are not yet fully settled. Second, according to DAS, the available cell phones change on a monthly basis. Third, as of now, Cingular does not offer cell phones that do not have camera capability. 3) Vendor Coverage Varies. ODOT cannot limit the choice of cell phone service to its employees because each company does not cover all areas of Oregon equally well. 4) Ethics Committee Consensus. ODOT may have crossed a social threshold. Camera cell phones are becoming so ubiquitous that it is probable that soon ODOT employees will not be able to purchase one without camera capability. Therefore, the matter has been revisited by the Ethics Committee. There is consensus in the Ethics Committee that the limitation on camera cell phones should be lifted. 5) Misuse Consideration. Misuse of this technology can be avoided with internal controls because supervisors can check if employees are inappropriately sending pictures, causing the State a loss.

Ethics Committee Decision. Shortly after this decision, the Ethics Committee was asked to review

DECISION: For business needs, does IT ESC approve the use of cell phones with cameras?


Advanced Unified Messaging View in Microsoft Outlook Client

For end user productivity, voice messages appear in an integrated email & voicemail box. Voicemail is indicated by subject heading and microphone icon. Access to VM & Email from Outlook Exchange Investigations could include email & voicemail discovery DECISION: Does IT ESC want to include voice and email in one directory?

SDC Migration Project Completion
CNIC Strategic Timeline

You are Here

ODOT, DHS, DAS Complete OED OHCS Complete

2007 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

2004 Q4 Q1 Q2

2005 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2


Build Facility
Set Scope

Architecture Design
Technical Staff Involvement Begins

ODOT SDC Operations Transition
Readiness Planning Readiness Implementions Remaining Agency Start Meetings Individual Agency Implementation Planning Agency Implementations

SDC Service Level Agreement Template Completed
SDC Program SDC Program

Project QA


Legislative QA

Internal QA

Initial 3rd Party Project QA 3rd Party Facility QA/ Certification




State Data Center

Break/Fix Incidents Status
ODOT Q1 2007

Closed 49%

Opened 51%

Severity 1 Level Incidents = 7


State Data Center

Total Break/Fix Incidents Open
Total Incidents Open at End of Month
16 16

End of Month

ODOT Open Incidents

14 14
12 12

Open Incidents

10 10

88 66 44 22

Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07


State Data Center

New Infrastructure Support Requests
ODOT Q1 2007

Closed 42%

Opened 58%


State Data Center

New Infrastructure Support Requests Opened
End of Month
Total Incidents Open at End of Month
16 16

ODOT Open Requests

14 14
12 12

Open Incidents

10 10

88 66 44 22

Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07


State Data Center

Change Management Requests by Service Domain
Q1 2007
Network 34% Operations 23%

Enterprise 6%

Other 4% Voice 1% Security 1% Server 1%

State Data Center

Change Management Requests by Service Domain
Q1 2007
Medium 21%

Low 13%

Urgent 19% Emergency 7%

High 10%


Mainframe Upgrade with Zipp Processor
The Zipp processor makes the z-Series enterprise server more efficient and significantly expands its workload processing for the System z9's IFL (Linux), zAAP (Java), and now zIPP (DB2 database) specialty engines.


Statewide Initiatives Impact

Enterprise Portfolio Management. All statewide

enterprise projects ought to be managed as a single portfolio. It won't help the agencies much for SDC, EISPD, Security, DAS HR, etc. each to have their own view of scope of work to be done by agencies. The attached spreadsheet is an example of this, but there is a need for DAS to track multiple requests for agency work across the entire scope of how they are asking agencies to help make enterprise wide improvements.

Work Breakdown Structure. There should be some

standard work breakdowns and processes established to feed into the enterprise portfolio. This would establish commonly understood project types and gateways that projects go through.

Enterprise Portfolio Reporting. Once the project is

established, there should be agreed upon, regular reporting about the status and plans for the projects.

Time Reporting.

There should be agreed upon time reporting on the project, to include hours spent by DAS as well as the agencies.


Secure Web Site for Reporting. Each enterprise project
ought to have a secure website, wiki, or some venue to communicate and, hopefully, collaborate with agencies. 16

How are we doing?
Customer Satisfaction
Central Services Customer Service Survey

Half of the ODOT Supervising Managers are surveyed each year about their level of satisfaction with the IS service. I’m glad to be able to share the results which show we are making improvements in all areas between 2006 & 2007.


2006 Customer Satisfaction


2007 Customer Satisfaction


ISB and All of Central Services


Timeliness of Service for Nine Years


The Goal: Introduce Wireless Wide Area Network Service

WWAN Regional Office
Site-to-Site SSL-VPN

Employees using Agency managed and controlled laptops

Agency Headquarters District Office

BlackBerry Messaging SSL-VPN
End point terminals controlled and managed via Commercial Wireless Vendors

Telecommuters & Contractors

Authorized partners and customers


Thin and Thick Client Wireless Architecture using SSL-VPN & Application Layer Security
Remedy Users
Frame or Remedy Remedy Remedy Network Users Users Frame VPN Users

Frame or Frame or or Network Frame Network Network VPN

Frame Relay or Network Frame Frame or or SSL-VPN Frame or Frame or

Remedy Remedy Remedy ARS

ngular Cingular Cingular CoreCore ngular Core RAN etwork Network Network

or Network VPN Commercial

Cingular Radio Cingular Cingular CingularAccess Net Cingular CingularCingular Core Core Core RAN RANRAN Core Core Network Network Network Network Network

Network Network Network Network VPN VPN VPN Aeroprise or Aeroprise VPN Aeroprise or Aeroprise or Aeroprise or BEA/BEA/ Aeroprise or or BEA/ BEA/ Aeroprise BEA/ Aeroprise or or Aeroprise or MobileAware Aeroprise or MobileAwareBEA/ BEA/ BEA/ MobileAware MobileAware MobileAwareBEA/ BEA/

Remedy Re Remedy Remedy

MobileAware MobileAware MobileAware MobileAware

ate N

Private Private APN APN APN


Private APN

Private Private Private APN APNAPN

Private APN

Netmotion MobileIP MobileIP VPN

Netmotion VPN

MobileIP MobileIP VPN Netmotion MobileIP VPN Netmotion MobileIP VPN VPN Netmotion MobileIP VPN MobileIP VPN

Netmotion Netmotion Netmotion Netmotion

MobileIP VPN

Inspection Application
Inspection Inspection Inspection Application Application Users Application Users Users

Inspection Inspection Inspection Potential Wireless Applications Application Application

Inspection Inspection InspectionIns Applicatio Applicatio Application Ap

Inspection Application Users

nd-to-End VPN

End-to-End End-to-End VPN End-to-End End-to-End VPN VPN


• • • • • • •

Inspection Application Truck Inspection Application Incident Response Vehicles Road Inventory License Lookup Over Dimensional Permits Trucks Over Scale On-Call

Roadside Wireless Initiative
End to End Netmotion persistent VPN ODOT servers

2.5G/3G WWAN
inMotion Mobile Optimized Wireless Server BlackBerry

Internet/ Frame Relay

Netmotion Server

Commercial Radio Access Network

Private Wireless Network

Roadside Mobile Computing

Secure Extension of ODOT Network


Wireless Access to Remote Facilities Initiative
End to End Netmotion persistent VPN ODOT servers

2.5G/3G WWAN

Internet/ Frame Relay

Netmotion Server

WWAN Router
Commercial Radio Access Network


Secure Extension of ODOT Network

Remote Facilities

CIO Update
“The Future of ODOT IT!"


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