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									Vision Issue 01 --2012

From the Principal… Janette Scott                                                                       Inside this issue >>

97.5 was the score that our top Year 12 student                                                         1 From the Principal
achieved in 2011! Our sincere congratulations                                                           2 National Year of Read-
go to Arthur Prica, who has been offered a place                                                          ing
to do an Engineering Degree at Adelaide Uni-                                                            3 Mission Discovery
versity. Everyone who knows Arthur saw how                                                              4 Part time jobs -Pro’s
hard he worked to achieve this fantastic result.                                                          and Con’s
We wish him all the best.                                                                               5 Materials and Services
We were very pleased with our Year 11 and 12                                                            6 Community Corner
students’ SACE results and the following
achievements deserve a special mention:
                                                                                                         Term Dates 2012
   the percentage of As &Bs scored by our                                                              Term 1    30/01/12 - 05/04/12
     year 12 students was the highest ever!                                                              Term 2    23/04/12 - 29/06/12
   the number of Year 12s offered a university                                                         Term 3    16/07/12 - 21/09/12
                                                           Our 2012 Year 12 PE students who              Term 4    08/10/12 - 14/12/12
     course doubled and is our highest ever!
                                                          participated in Aquatics at West Lakes
   2 students gained Merits for the SACE Re-                                                           Diary Dates
     search Project and will be presented with      As well as welcoming all of our new students
     Certificates at Government House on 14                                                              Sports Day .............. 06/03/12
                                                    and their families, I am pleased to introduce
     February; 3 other students achieved A          our new staff:                                       Pupil Free Day ........ 07/03/12
     grades for the Research Project
                                                        Mr Guy Harrison, Deputy Principal                Adelaide Cup .......... 12/03/12
   4 students achieved A grades in the Child          Mrs Kay Brindal, Coordinator Humanities &        Yr 8 Camp .............. 14/03/12
     Studies class;                                       Literacy across the Curriculum
                                                        Ms Sylvia Fisher, Coordinator Arts, Special      Gov Council AGM .. 21/03/12
   5 students were offered Engineering de-
     grees at Adelaide, Flinders and UniSA                Education & School Promotion                   End of Term 1 Early Dismis-
                                                        Mr Mick Fleming, ESL teacher                     sal 2.00pm ............. 05/04/12
   6 Year 12 students gained full-time appren-        Ms Sasha Pudney, English teacher
     ticeships and 6 undertook school-based             Ms Nancy Xavier; Maths & Science teacher         90 Beafield Road
     apprenticeships in 2011                            Ms Rachel Hall: Art & Design teacher             Para Hills
   16 students completed VET Certificate 3                                                             South Australia 5096
     and many have been offered TAFE courses        You may be aware that the state and federal          tel (+61)8 8258 5466
     in 2012.                                       governments agreed to develop a national cur-        Fax (+61) 8 8250 9527
                                                    riculum for schools. The first four subjects that
We have had a smooth start to the 2012 school       have been developed are Maths, Science,
year thanks to your support, the students’ enthu-   English and History. To assist schools with this
siasm and our teachers’ work. We have been          work, the SA Department of Education and             South Australian Department of
                                                                                                         Education and Children’s
pleased with the students’ compliance with our      Child Development decided to give schools an         Services
expectations with respect to uniform, although a    extra 2 pupil-free days for the next 4 years. Our    T/A South Australian Government
few warnings and yard duties have been given.       first pupil-free day in 2012 is 7 March.             Schools
                                                                                                         CRICOS 00018A

                                                        Electronic versions of the newsletters are                     Page
                                                        available on our website
Vision Issue 01 --2012

THE NATIONAL YEAR OF READING                         In addition a survey (of major employers) by the
                                                     Australian Industry Group in May 2010 found
2012 will see lots of amazing, fun, reading activ-   that more than 75% felt their businesses were
ities taking place within the school, around Aus-    affected by low levels of literacy and numeracy
tralia and online, so that all students, from all    in the workforce.
backgrounds, can discover and rediscover the
joy of reading.                                      To address this issue the Federal Government
                                                     has pledged nearly $120 million over four years
If your parents read to you when you were very       for literacy initiatives.
young; if you learnt to read at an early age; if
you went to a school, where reading for pleas-       There is compelling evidence to support the
ure was encouraged, and if you were inspired         need for, and benefits of, Australia becoming a
by the people around you to keep reading as a        nation of readers.
young adult, then the word on the page (or the
screen) will be part of your DNA.                    This year staff and student at Para Hills High
                                                     School will provide additional opportunities for
But that’s not the case for 46% of the popula-       students to become involved in a range of activi-
tion. Nearly half the population struggles without   ties to ignite or rekindle the passion for reading.
the literacy skills to meet the most                 We will again be participating in the Premiers
basic demands of everyday life and work. There       Reading Challenge 2012, and the English fac-
are 46% of adult Australians who can’t read          ulty have already arranged for well known indig-
newspapers; follow a recipe; make sense of           enous author Monty (Boori) Pryor to speak
timetables, or understand the instructions on a      with the Year 8s. Arrangements are being
medicine bottle.                                     made for students to hear authors speak as part
                                                     of Meet the Writers Festival in June this year.
                                                     Stay tuned for further opportunities.

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Vision Issue 01 --2012

                         MISSION DISCOVERY
                          January 16-20th 2012

Para Hills High School was fortunate to be repre-
sented by three Year 9 students, Dhaval Solanki,
Zoe Lynch and Yati Upadhyay at the Mission Dis-
covery Program.

The International Space School Educational Trust
(ISSET) together with the University of Adelaide
hosted a Mission Discovery programme for students
to work for a week with the Mission Discovery team
that included Scott Kelly (NASA astronaut Space
Shuttle Commander and International Space Station
Commander), Jay Honeycutt (former Director of          “The opportunity allowed to us to work alongside such
NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre) and Michelle Ham          inspirational people and is something we will never
(lead NASA astronaut trainer).                         forget”.
                                                       The students will be sharing their experiences and
                                                       their mission brief to other year 9 students and staff in
                                                       the coming weeks.

During the week long programme, our students
worked in teams to accomplish their mission brief –
to come up with an idea to be carried out in space.
The best idea would be launched from Kazakhstan
on a Progress Mission and then taken to the Interna-
tional Space Station.
The students explored their leadership capacity, how   CONGRATULATIONS
to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, how space ex-    Congratulations to Elise Naumann who participated
ploration benefits the earth, the environment of       in the National Youth Science Forum, held in Janu-
space, the experience of being in space, what          ary 2012 in Canberra.
makes a great experiment, budgeting, presentation      Sincere thanks to Mawson Lakes Rotary for their
skills and the whole programme is orientated to de-    support.
liver the ‘you can do it’ spirit.

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Vision Issue 01 --2012

PART TIME JOBS Pro’s and Con’s                              Part time jobs are cool.
My first job was working in a Night Club…… I was            As long as they’re not robbing you of truly living.
16 at the time. I thought it was going to be the most
amazing experience ever!                                    Luke Greaves (CPSW)
Now it may sound glamorous to some, but trust me,
this was a horrible job - picking up glasses from an                       MATERIALS & SERVICES CHARGES
alcohol soaked floor, bottles from toilets and spew                        Materials and Services Charges 2012
splattered sinks…. Then there were the fights                                          REMINDER
(broken noses - the first time I heard that I cringed
man, it was the worst sound), the drunk people (who                      M & S Fees for 2012 are now due for
aren’t that funny at 5am in the morning) and the bro-                    payment. Payments can be made by
ken into cars of our fellow employees.                      Cash, Cheque, Credit Card/EFTPOS deductions.
Wanna work in a nightclub still?                            If payment will cause undue hardship – please con-
                                                            tact the School’s Finance Office on 8258 5466
Well I was out of there by 17 and I moved on to             where payment arrangements/instalment plans can
Woolies. Way better.                                        be negotiated.
Part time jobs seem like a great option- but there is
                                                            SCHOOL CARD ASSISTANCE 2012
one cost we don’t often think about - and that’s the
long term cost.                                             All applicants wishing to be considered for School
                                                            Card Assistance – must apply each year. Eligibility
For those who can study well, a part time job means         for School Card assistance is dependent upon the
a car, a bit of money to spend on the weekend, a
phone and other cool stuff.                                 combined Family gross income for the 2010/2011
                                                            financial year being within the School Card income
The cost for some is missing out on your youth, and         limits. Applicants are also encouraged to apply if a
working so much outside of school, the school work          change of circumstance or undue hardship applies.
takes a back seat and you’re working for peanuts the
next 20 years because you didn’t get the grades to
get into Uni and attain a career in something that will
earn you 10 times the amount!                               Community Corner
I asked one lad here at PHHS how many hours he              DARE TO DANCE 
worked in his part-time job-                                Local Para Hills Dance School specialising in Hip Hop clas‐
“15 a week.” was the answer, “So I can buy a car”.          ses 
“What do you need a car for?” I asked.                        20 years teaching experience 
“So I don’t have to catch the bus and I can spend time        Safe teaching / learning methods 
with my friends on weekends”                                  Fun, relaxed and friendly environment 
“How much time do you spend on a bus?” was my next            Commi ed to inspiring and nurturing crea vity 
                                                              Students from four years to adults 
“About 15mins each way.”
                                                              Annual Concert to showcase students achievements 
Me -“So half an hour each day?”
                                                              Annual Examina ons (op onal) ‐ 100% success rate 
Him -“Yep”
                                                              Affordable fee structure 
Me- “So two and a half hours each week?”
                                                            Enrolments are now being taken for 2012 classes. 
                                                            Please contact Michele for details. 
Me- “And how much time with your friends driving on the
                                                            Michele Enthoven BA (Dance) 
                                                            Registered BBDS Hip Hop Teacher 
Him “about 4 hours I suppose on Sat Night.”
Me “So you’re working 15 hours a week, so you don’t
have to catch a bus for a couple of hours, and drive your   Phone: 8265 3210 or 0411 016 022 
friends for 4 hours? Why don’t you just spend 15 hours 
with your friends instead?”                                 JANE GRECH DANCE CENTRE 
Him- “I never looked at it that way.”                       The Jane Grech Dance Centre offers specialised dance 
I had the car… but it didn’t make me any happier. So        classes in several North East loca ons for school aged 
I thought a more expensive panel van would make             students including Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contem‐
me happier. Nope.                                           porary and Tap. 
They just cost me a lot of money and a lot of work.         The first lesson is offered free of charge. 
Wasting my weekends working, instead of just en-            Timetable, booking and enrolment informa on can be 
joying them with my friends.                                found on the website 

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