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									Golf Holidays Promoted In Menorca
The tourist board in Spain announced recently what millions of golfers already know - the Balearic Islands are a superb place to golf. Now golf holidays in Menorca are going to be promoted throughout Europe and the UK.

180,000 euros of the Balearics advertising budget has been set aside to market Balearic Island golf holidays. The move is in response to reports that indicate over 112,000 tourists visited the Balearic Islands last year specifically to play golf. Golf holidays in the Balearic Islands are on the increase.

This is no surprise to locals, or to the many tourists who have golfed the Balearic Islands in recent years. Even the small island of Menorca stands to reap financial benefits from the new push for golf holidays. It may only be home to one golf course, but it's well worth the time for golfers to include it in their travel itineraries.

Menorca's lone course, the Golf Son Parc, is located just off of Son Parc Beach. The beach has long been one of Menorca's favourite tourist attractions, with its pristine white sand and aqua-marine waters. Players will enjoy warm ocean breezes as they make their rounds of the championship course's 18 holes.

Golf not withstanding, the island of Menorca is a virtual treasure-trove of ecological gems. Tourism is a staple of Menorca's economy. Overall visitor numbers have increased dramatically since the 1960s. Despite this, the island has remained relatively unspoiled. It is home to one of the world's most unique protected wet zones.

The wet zone, located in the northern part of the island, is home to a number of indigenous species of birds and wildlife. It also boasts plant life that cannot be found anywhere else.

Menorca's golf course lies on the outskirts of this majestic eco-preserve. Players have been known to encounter wildlife from the preserve on the greens. This includes a famed peacock flock that has taken up residence near the third green.

Visitors who come for a golf holiday should stay long enough to take in Menorca's other famous sights. The island is also known for its rich culture and history. A Menorca visit should include a trip to some of its great ruins. Ancient monoliths, centuries-old stone fortresses, castles, towers and churches remind tourists of some of Menorca's earliest influences.

Of course, a Menorca weather forecast and her Mediterranean food has always been a tourist draw. Visitors will find good food at most any restaurant on Menorca. The island is known for traditional Spanish-influenced dishes, as well as cuisine unique to the Balearics.

Those who enjoy water sports in addition to golf can enjoy some of the world's best. Menorca's most popular include swimming, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Boat tours are available on many of Menorca's beaches.

Most of the island's resorts and clubs are concentrated on the southern part of the island. However, quality accommodation can also be found on the northern part of the island. Golfers needn't worry about being too far from the greens. Many cater to those who come specifically for a golf holiday.

Promotion of golf holidays in the Balearic Islands will undoubtedly spark new partnerships between Menorca's course and local businesses. Golf-and-stay packages and special rates for UK tourists will continue to crop up as the campaign progresses. Other popular deals include special golf rates that can be found only on the web. No matter what, Menorca stands to be a big player on the Balearic Island golf scene for next year.

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