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					Investment Property Mortgage Loans
1. Information on mortages Mortages can be easily used. There really is not much of a difference between an investment property mortgage and a
normal property mortgage. In fact the only difference is in the terms of the mortgage for the investment property. Mortage terms can vary. 2. Be
prepated Comprehending things relating to mortages can be extremely useful. By being prepared you will definitely be able to secure a better deal for
yourself. 3. Mortaging investment properties Investment property mortgage terms are an important key to obtaining the investment property. With any
mortgage on an investment property you will need to look at the interest rates as well as the other terms involved and make sure that they are what
you feel comfortable with. 4. Information on rates A person can easily locate investment property mortages Types of loans such as non-owner
occupied units are normally considered to be negative amortization loans and generally 1. 375% 2. 75% on fixed rates. Now many of these rates are
applied to 40-year loans. You can achieve productive income by using this kind of investment mortage.

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