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					             PowerChip PNV
                                                                      Ultra High peak power UV microchip lasers

Features & benefits                                     Ultra high peak power UV
                                                   Passively Q-Switched Nd :YAG laser
Licensed Technology
Exclusive licence on Passively
Q-switched         picosecond    Teem      Photonics’           PowerChip
                                 series    are    ultra        high   peak
US Patent 5394413
                                 power, high repetition range
Gaussian beam
TEEM 00, M²≤1.3                  passively Q-switched MicroChip
                                 lasers    capable        of    producing
100’s ps pulse width
Very short pulses down to        hundreds of picoseconds and
300ps resulting in high          several    tens     of        microJoules
peak power.
                                 pulses at kilohertz repetition
kHz repetition rate
Flexible from 10Hz to 1kHz.      rates     with    excellent          beam
                                 quality. Furthermore, the PowerChip is a completely integrated platform
Sealed package
Proven long lifetime even in     which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact,
harsh operating condition.
Dust and up to 90% relative      rugged, turnkey package.
humidity resistant.

Air cooled                                                             Ultra Violet 355nm
Not need for cumbersome
water cooling. Integrated heat                          Model           PNV-M01510   PNV-x02510   PNV-M05005
sink.                                       Peak Power (kW)                 70           90           100
                                        Average Power (mW)                  18           28           25
RS232 connection
                                         Repetition rate (kHz)              1            1            0.5
Easy laser diagnostic      and
control.                                     Pulse Width (ps)              300          300          450
                                           Energy/Pulse (µJ)                18           28           55
Rugged design                    Typical values
Shock resistant up to 2g.                                      Applications
Vibration resistant up to 25g.
Low power consumption
                                    Micro Machining
Requires typically 25W during       Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
normal operation thanks to its      Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
optimised design and efficient      Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
diode pumping.

External Trigger
TTL compatible input on Sub-
D connector

Photodiode Output
TTL compatible output on BNC

RoHS ans CDRH compliant
With optional

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