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					    Enterprise Business Management Solutions

Computron Software
   Solutions to Manage Your Business

        omputron Software is a leading supplier of business management solutions for accounting

C       and financial needs. The flexibility of our financial software suite provide our customers
        world-wide with capabilities necessary to manage financial implementations having a wide
variety of business processes from quite simple to very complex.

Computron has provided scalable business management solutions since 1978 addressing mission
critical processes that directly affect the overall performance of an enterprise. Rapid implementation,
high performance and years of experience enable our customers to achieve a lower total cost of
ownership. We strive to deliver value and benefits to all our customers whether they are small-medium
businesses or large scale enterprises.

                         The products and services you need to succeed

                         Computron offers the most          The Computron P2P solution provides an organization
                         cost effective and productive      with the ability to:
                         software and service solutions
                         for mission critical business         I Raise electronic requisitions and route them
                         management processes like               automatically for review/approval
                         general ledger, accounts              I Punchout to web catalogues and Marketplaces

                         payable, accounts receivable,         I Perform appropriate budget/encumbrance checks

                         purchasing, workflow and              I Approve requisitions online and generate the

                         much more.We provide our                necessary Purchase Order
customers with solutions that are designed to meet             I Send Purchase Orders to Vendors via e-mail, fax,

financial requirements in small to large deployments             post, or cXML
encompassing various local requirements.                       I Receive the goods or services with real-time

                                                                 updates to Inventory
Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)                                          I Scan invoices and other related documents.

The Computron P2P is a comprehensive e-based solution            OCR and Workflow combine to provide full
that enables organizations to manage the entire                  automation, including the routing of scanned
procurement cycle from requisitioning to the eventual            images for approval.
payment. It reduces costs by providing fast, controlled        I Process Vendor invoices and match to purchase

online access to key procurement functions, and delivers         order and GRN.
timely budgetary control over expenditure.An extensive         I Authorize and generate payments

set of reporting and inquiry tools offers visibility, and      I Generate appropriate Management and

provides Management with effective controls at each              Operational Reports and Inquiries
stage of the process.
                                                            Computron’s Professional Service Team work with
                                                            Customers to ensure their organizations gain maximum
                          Request                           benefits from their investment.A fully Hosted option is
                                                            available for the P2P solution thus keeping the total
                                                            cost of ownership to a minimum.
       Pay                                       Source

                          P2P                               The P2P solution fully integrates with Computron’s
                                                            Inventory and General Ledger modules, thus providing
                                                            a real time end-to-end financial management solution
             Process                   Receive              for the organization’s procurement needs.
                                                                     The Computron Revenue Management solution provides
                                                                     excellent integration with other applications, such as
                                                                     third party billing and customer systems, thus ensuring
                                                                     high levels of data consistency and integrity.

                                                                     A comprehensive suite of reporting and inquiry
                                                                     tools is provided. Seamless integration with Microsoft
                                                                     Excel provides the User with additional flexibility
                                                                     and the ability to manipulate data.

                                                                     Financial Management
                                                                     Computron’s world-class General Ledger is at the core
                                                                     of our Financial Management based solutions. These
                                                                     make full use of Computron’s workflow technology to
                                                                     automate and control key Finance functions such as:
Revenue Management
The Computron web enabled Account Receivable and                        I Multiple parallel books dealing with local manage-
Invoicing modules use automated workflow to offer a                       ment, corporate and statutory conventions
comprehensive solution to the organization’s Revenue                    I Multiple parallel management and tax bases for

Management needs. It provides the the ability to:                         Asset Depreciation
                                                                        I The automatic distribution of General Ledger

   I Generate sales invoices and statements and make                      transactions and their related documents for manager
     them available to customers electronically.                          review and approval, prior to posting to the Ledger
   I Receive customer queries electronically thus                       I Cost allocation and Currency Revaluation

     facilitating accurate capture, timely resolution                   I Seamless integration of our Budget module with

     and increased customer satisfaction.                                 Microsoft Excel allows budget data to be
   I Manage customer accounts and recovery risk through                   automatically routed for review and approval
     a comprehensive set of credit management tools.                    I Reconciliation of open and unmatched positions

   I Automatically generate alerts and queries with                       on ledger accounts
     ownership, responsibility routing and escalation.                  I The automated generation and distribution of

   I Manage high volume cash receipts through                             regular management and other reports
     extensive cash application and matching rules.
     Compatibility with Industry EDI standards ensures               The General Ledger module offers a comprehensive
     cash information is received electronically, ensuring           financial accounting and management system. It provides
     prompt processing and accuracy.                                 full support for multi-currency and multi-company
   I Automatically capture exceptions and manage them                functions. Management and Statutory reporting require-
     within an automated tracking and resolution process.            ments are fully catered for by the provision of a flexible
   I Provides extensive performance management                       Account structure and an unlimited set of Books.
     statistics.                                                     Drilldown facilities to sub-systems provide the Finance
                                                                     User with a powerful inquiry tool.

                  Analysis &                Customer
                  Reporting                Management                Full integration with Microsoft Excel and Crystal
                                                                     Reports provide additional flexibility to meet business
                                                                     specific reporting requirements.
    Credit &                                              Order
   Collections                   Revenue                Management   Accounting for Fixed Assets is simplified as Computron’s
                                                                     Fixed Assets module offers seamless integration with
                                                                     the General Ledger. Computron offers strong integration
                 Cash Receipt/              Invoice                  with other external financial systems, thus ensuring
                  Application              Generation
                                                                     prompt and accurate data transfers in a controlled and
                                                                     secure environment.

                               w w w . c o m p u t r o n s o f t w a r e . c o m
Professional Services                                                                 Computron Software Office Locations
Computron’s professional services team helps our
                                                                                      UNITED STATES – COMPANY HEADQUARTERS
customers assemble our product modules into complete
                                                                                      301 Route 17 North, 11th Floor
business management solutions. We are experienced in                                  Rutherford, New Jersey 07070
small to very large implementations and use of our                                    Phone: 201-372-6100
software solutions allowing us to aid our clients in                                  Toll Free: 800-421-3136
providing scalable, high performance solutions meeting                                Fax: 201.372.6844
a wide variety of the most demanding business and
financial requirements.
                                                                                      Computron (a division of Ctronsoft SA (Pty) Ltd)
                                                                                      1st Floor Building 27                   P.O. Box 1929
Whether your need is for custom development, database                                 The Woodlands Office Park               Gallo Manor
and application design consultation, process and                                      Western Services Road                   2052
workflow consultation, training, or all of the these,                                 Woodmead, Sandton                       South Africa
                                                                                      Johannesburg, South Africa
we have the people and the technology to help you
                                                                                      Phone: +27-(0)11 802-4998
meet your objectives.                                                                 Fax: +27-(0)11 802-5161

Training Services                                                                     Hospitality Warehouse (a division of Ctronsoft SA (Pty) Ltd)
Computron’s training programs increase familiarity with                               1st Floor Building 27                    P.O. Box 1929
our software, accelerating user productivity. Classes                                 The Woodlands Office Park                Gallo Manor
                                                                                      Western Services Road                    2052
are offered that can be customized and arranged at
your facility. I
                                                                                      Woodmead, Sandton                        South Africa
                                                                                      Johannesburg, South Africa
                                                                                      Phone: +27-(0)11 519-1600
                                                                                      Fax: +27-(0)11 804-1733

                                                                                      ASIA PACIFIC
Computron has made scalable financial solutions                                       Computron Software Australia Pty. Ltd.
since 1978. We understand the demands and                                             Melbourne Office:
                                                                                      Level 1,
challenges faced by accounting and business                                           541 Blackburn Road
professionals.                                                                        MT Waverley, Vic 3149
                                                                                      Phone: +61-3-9005-4910
                                                                                      Fax: +61-3-9562-8683
Computron has a proven track record in developing
robust, high-volume, scalable, secure and                                             Sydney Office:
                                                                                      Level 6
effective e-business and financial solutions for                                      77 Berry Street
more than 500 companies worldwide.                                                    North Sydney, N.S.W. 2060
                                                                                      Phone: +61-2-9929-8925
                                                                                      Fax: +61-2-9929-9965
Headquartered in Rutherford, New Jersey,
                                                                                      Singapore Office:
Computron has offices in Australia, Europe, South                                     331, North Bridge Road
Africa and the United States. Visit the Computron                                     Odeon Towers #20-06
                                                                                      Singapore 188720
Web site at                                                Phone: +65-6536-7808
                                                                                      Fax: +65-6536-7303

                                                                                      Computron Software Ltd.
                                                                                      34-36 High Holborn
                                                                                      WC1V 6AE
                                                                                      United Kingdom
                                                                                      Phone: +44 (0) 20 7190 1619
                                                                                      Fax: +44 (0) 20 7190 1601

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