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									索书号:G219.712.0/T888 (HF)
   Froth & scum: truth, beauty, goodness, and the ax murder in America’s first mass
Part I. Fighting for the Truth
1 The Penny Press Is Born
2 On Public Duty
3 Who Was Aspasia?
4 Who Killed Helen Jewett?
5 Truth or Humbuggery
6 The Truth about Humbug
7 Murderous Conventions
8 Getting away with Murder
9 The End of the Affair
Part II. From Humbug to Authority
10 Death of a Printer
11 A New Face
12 A War of Morals, a Clash of Cultures
13 For the Virtuous and Refined
14 Greeley Expounds on a Murder
15 The Human Race Advances
16 The New, Improved Herald— Misses a Story
17 In Search of James Gordon Fishblatt

                           In 1833 an entirely new kind of newspaper -cheap, feisty, and politically independent — introd
                        readers to the novel concept of what has come to be called objectivity in news coverage. The pen
                        first medium that claimed to present the true, unbiased facts to a democratic audience. But in F
                        Andie Tucher explores - and explodes — the notion that "objective" reporting will discover a s
                        truth. Chronicling the coverage of two notorious antebellum New York murder cases — a prostitu
                        elegant brothel and a tradesman bludgeoned by the brother of inventor Samuel Colt — T
                        journalistic scrambles over the meanings of truth, objectivity, and the duty of the press that rev

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