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Gives Residential Dealers Access to More Commercial Business; Uses Mohawk’s
100% Recyclable Encycle System For An Exceptional Environmental Benefit

DALTON (June 17, 2008)—What to do in a down market? Look for new opportunities.

Mohawk has identified carpet tile as a
category that promises growth, and has
added tile to the Aladdin Home and
Office collection. Modular by Mohawk
is the first carpet tile offered to Mohawk
residential dealers as part of this

The line features four dynamic styles and
innovative design options, along with
superior performance, ease of installation
and waste reduction.

“Light commercial is still a strong market   Carpet tile allows Aladdin’s Home and Office line to reach a
                                             broader light commercial market. Four easy-to-install styles are
segment, and this lets dealers pursue
                                             available, and can be combined for unique patterns.
business they couldn’t before, with a
stylish, competitive tile product,” said Phil Stoner, Mohawk Market Development Director. “Not
only can dealers build tile business now, but the availability of tile opens discussions for other types
of commercial business.”

A Powerful Environmental Story

To further Mohawk’s pledge of being environmentally responsible, the new Home & Office tile line
Mohawk’s Encycle® backing, which is produced in an ISO_14001-certified and Clean Air Class 1
facility. Encycle is the first and only non-PVC carpet tile that can be completely recycled back into
itself in a single process, which Mohawk calls "thermal re-activation."

Encycle carpet that has reached the end of its
useful life is melted down and made into new
Encycle backing without ever separating the
face fiber from the backing layers. Avoiding
the separation process altogether reduces energy use and saves resources in the recycling process.
The reclamation and recycling of Encycle tiles is all handled by Mohawk’s unique ReCover program.

Encycle is a 100% non-PVC thermoplastic modular backing technology. No PVC and no plasticizers
in the carpet tiles means a more environmentally-friendly product and helps decrease dependency on
non-renewable petrochemicals.

Encycle uses a minimum of 28% less virgin raw materials than its previous generation PVC modular
carpet tiles. It also contains 35% pre-consumer recycled content (by total product weight). This
makes Encycle the perfect example of successful dematerialization - the development of product
using fewer raw materials than earlier versions of the same product, yet which performs as well or
better than the previous versions.

Tiles with Encycle backing are also significantly lighter—a box is about 16 pounds lighter than
comparable PVC-backed tile, so there is less shipping expense and easier installation.

Mohawk dealers will get a variety of merchandising materials to help promote Modular by Mohawk,
including 18 x 18 cards, architect folders and a story board as part of the Home & Office update
To learn more, see your Mohawk representative or call 877.ASK.MOHAWK.


Mohawk is a leading supplier of flooring for both residential and commercial applications. Mohawk offers a complete
selection of broadloom carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone, vinyl, rugs and other home products. These products
are marketed under the premier brands in the industry, which include Mohawk, Karastan, Ralph Lauren, Lees,
Bigelow, Dal-Tile, American Olean and Quick-Step. Mohawk's unique merchandising and marketing assist our
customers in creating the consumers' dream. Mohawk provides a premium level of service with its own trucking fleet and
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