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Genworth Ipo

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									THE MARKET                                                                                                                insurance offerings have helped open
Genworth Financial is one of the world’s                                                                                  doors to new homes since 1980.
largest insurance holding companies, with                                                                                      Over the years, the company has
more than $100 billion in assets and 15                                                                                   grown by bringing together many great
million customers in 22 countries. Head-                                                                                  companies under a single umbrella and
quartered in Richmond, Virginia, the                                                                                      creating an exciting family of businesses
company’s products and services help                                                                                      capable of strong growth and opera-
people achieve home ownership faster,                                                                                     tional excellence, and dedicated to
create for themselves a financial security                                                                                world-class service.
safety net, and generate an income for life                                                                                    Genworth’s reputation for honest
during their retirement years.                                                                                            business conduct is anchored in sound
     The insurance industry is highly com-                                                                                corporate governance and a disciplined
petitive, but Genworth is well positioned                                                                                 approach to legal and regulatory com-
for growth. In 2004, Genworth spun out                                                                                    pliance. Genworth companies are proud
of General Electric to become an inde-                                                                                    of their membership in the Insurance
pendent company, raising $2.8 billion in                                                                                  Marketplace Standards Association, and
the largest IPO of the year — the 11th-                                                                                   of the honors received from the American
largest IPO of all time.* Unlike many                                                                                     Council of Life Insurers, which recog-
startups, Genworth began life with sig-                                                                                   nized commitment to business ethics by
nificant strength. It has leading U.S.                                                                                    awarding Genworth companies the indus-
industry positions in long-term care                                                                                      try’s inaugural “Integrity First Award” in
insurance, immediate annuities, and term                                                                                  both 2001 and 2002.
life insurance, as well as leadership on an
international scale in mortgage insurance.                                                                                 THE PRODUCTS
                                                                                                                           The Genworth Financial family of com-
ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                                                               panies offers products to help address
Genworth Financial is new and old at the                                                                                   three key needs: Protection, Retirement
same time, with a new brand that repre-                                                                                    Income and Investments, and Mort-
sents underwriting companies that date                                                                                     gage Insurance.
back to 1871. With more than 6,000                                                                                             Protection products produce a safety
employees worldwide, Genworth’s insurance com-            While the numbers and rankings certainly tell         net that helps people protect themselves, their
panies boast some of the highest financial strength   a story that Genworth can be proud of, its greatest       families, and their assets. In the United States, the
ratings in the industry.                              achievement continues to be a singular focus on           Genworth companies offer life insurance; long-
                                                      being there for people during difficult times.            term care insurance; and group life, health, den-
                                                      Genworth never forgets that its products and serv-        tal, and disability insurance for small and
                                                      ices ultimately exist to protect people, to build their   medium-sized businesses. In Europe, where it has
                                                      lives, and to help make their dreams come true.           been working for more than 30 years with some
                                                                                                                of the most prestigious names in the financial sec-
                                                      HISTORY                                                   tor, Genworth is one of the leading providers of
                                                      Genworth Financial traces its history back through                      Payment Protection Insurance. The
                                                      multiple acquisitions and organic growth as part                          company’s independent distribu-
                                                      of GE’s financial portfolio of businesses.                                  tion network is well established
                                                      However, the first policy written by a                                        around the world, with more
                                                      Genworth underwriting com-                                                       than 230,000 financial pro-
                                                      pany was issued 133 years                                                          fessionals, 1,800 dedi-
                                                      before Genworth first began                                                          cated long-term care
                                                      trading on the New York Stock                                                         specialists, 5,000 work-
                                                      Exchange. Its universal life                                                       site brokers, and 195
                                                      insurance product and marketing                                                financial institutions.
                                                      innovations were an integral part of                                       Retirement Income and Investment
                                                      building the universal life product cat-                       products help families achieve a reliable
                                                      egory more than 20 years ago.                             stream of retirement income — “a paycheck they
                                                          In 1974, another one of Genworth’s under-             can’t outlive.” Products include fixed, variable, and
                                                      writing companies wrote one of the first policies         income annuities; variable life insurance; asset
                                                      for a product that is known today as long-term care       management; and other specialized products. The
                                                      insurance. What’s more, Genworth’s mortgage               company’s independent distribution network

                                                                                                    allows it to be even more agile            Of course, the brand also lives on the Internet
                                                                                                    and responsive.                        24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s all part of
                                                                                                        Recent demographic and             the company’s 360-degree marketing plan to
                                                                                                    market trends point to a grow-         explain Genworth’s key difference: a commitment
                                                                                                    ing demand for the products            to present information in a clear, straightforward
                                                                                                    offered by Genworth’s family           way that lets people make smart decisions about
                                                                                                    of companies. An aging popu-           insurance and investing.
                                                                                                    lation needs more retirement
                                                                                                    income. There are enormous             BRAND VALUES
                                                                                                    gaps in lifestyle protection.          Behind the Genworth Financial name and identity
                                                                                                    Home ownership continues to            is the brand promise. Everything Genworth peo-
                                                                                                    expand in the United States and        ple do exemplifies the values the brand stands for:
                                                                                                    internationally, and Genworth          • Ingenuity. Genworth constantly searches for a bet-
                                                                                                    has the experience, skills,              ter way to work — perpetually reaching higher,
                                                                                                    and vision to satisfy custo-             charting new courses, and always evolving.
                                                                                                    mers’ needs today and well             • Clarity. In an industry that has traditionally been
                                                                                                    into the future.                         complex, Genworth aims to make things more
                                                                                                        But the company also rec-            straightforward.
                   O N E S O U RC E S O LU T I O N S                                                ognizes that relationships with its    • Performance. Genworth honors its promises and
                   F O R YO U R C L I E N TS ’ N E E D S                                            ultimate consumers are only part         commitment to integrity. It believes that excep-
                   E M P LOY E E B E N E F I T S G R O U P
                                                                                                    of the solution. The equation            tional performance grows naturally from disci-
                                                                                                    becomes complete as Genworth             pline, teamwork, deep expertise, and superb
                   Products underwritten or administered by
                   GE Group Life Assurance Company                                                  nurtures and builds strong long-         products and services.
                   GE Group Administrators, Inc. (In California, GE Administrators)                 term relationships with its distrib-   • Heart. Genworth never forgets the human dimen-
                   Professional Insurance Company (In California, PIC Life Insurance Company)
                                                                                                    utors. Genworth’s advanced sales         sion. Personal touch is woven into everything it
                                                                                                    and marketing support, person-           does and every product and service it offers.
                                                                                                    alized service through its Plati-           These are the values that define Genworth.
                                                                                                    num Customer Service desks,            They are the criteria against which the company
                                                                                                    and technology leadership have         judges all of its actions and progress.
includes more than 900 financial intermediaries all been designed for one thing: to make it easier for
and 2,000 accountants and advisors.                                         Genworth’s distributors to serve their clients.                *Source: by Renaissance Capital
    Mortgage Insurance products open the doors
to homeownership. These products make it possi- PROMOTION                                                                                      THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT
ble for families around the world to buy homes Genworth Financial has built its brand from the                                                 GENWORTH FINANCIAL
with low-down-payment mortgages. Genworth is ground up, starting with its name. The name
a leading mortgage insurance provider in the “Genworth” reflects the company’s heritage, con-
United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, veying the company’s stature and integrity.                                              r, the Genworth
and the company is expanding rapidly across                                       Genworth has also created a unique logo fea-                Center for Financial Learning’s award-
Europe. Their diverse distribution network includes turing a futuristic compass symbol. The compass                                           winning Web site, and its Spanish counter-
more than 400 commercial banks and more than reflects that the company is taking a new direc-                                                 part,, promote finan-
5,000 mortgage bankers and brokers.                                         tion — while sending a signal to customers that                   cial literacy for everyone and provide
                                                                            Genworth can help them navigate their way                         objective financial information while not
RECENT DEVELOPMENTS                                                         through the complex world of personal finance.                    promoting any specific product or service.
Genworth Financial began trading on the New                                       Brand building continued with a consistent                r Genworth hosts an annual Retirement
York Stock Exchange in 2004 under the symbol graphic look that appears on Genworth’s Web                                                      Income Summit to bring customers and
“GNW.” The company’s new independence site, in print advertising, and in a popular tele-                                                      industry leaders together to talk about retire-
                                                                                       vision commercial featuring a young                    ment issues.
                                                                                       actor playing the three-year-old son of              r Genworth teamed with Delta Sigma Theta
                                                                                       married tennis stars Andre Agassi and                  Sorority, Incorporated, one of the nation’s
                                                                                       Steffi Graf. In the commercial, the boy                largest African American sororities, to launch
                                                                                       competes shot-for-shot with tennis pro                 the Delta Homeownership Initiative. Through
                                                                                       Taylor Dent, delivering a very clear mes-              educational workshops and home-buyer fairs
                                                                                       sage: with “good genes,” anything is pos-              conducted nationwide, the Initiative provides
                                                                                       sible, even when you go it alone at a young            first-time home buyers with the tools and
                                                                                       age. The idea generated a great deal of                information needed to become home owners.
                                                                                       attention while introducing Genworth                 r In 2002, Genworth created an annual
                                                                                       Financial to the public.                               National Long-Term Care Awareness Day
                                                                                           The second phase of the company’s                  and continues to sponsor it in order to bring
                                                                                       branding efforts focused on communicat-                attention to this oft-neglected issue.
                                                                                       ing what the company does. A second tel-             r Genworth created “Tu Casa Ahora” (Your
                                                                                       evision commercial, again featuring                    Home Now), an online Spanish-language
                                                                                       Agassi and Graf, debuted on NBC’s hit                  program that provides Hispanics with useful
                                                                                       reality series The Apprentice — episodes               information on the complex home-buying
                                                                                       in which Genworth itself played a starring             process. Available at,
                                                                                       role when finalists were challenged to                 the program gives users access to discounts
                                                                                       manage Genworth-sponsored charity                      and special offers on home-related products
                                                                                       events. No insurance company had ever                  and services and provides access to mort-
                                                                                       tried such a venture before, and Genworth’s            gage loan originators who have Spanish-
                                                                                       industry recognition skyrocketed follow-               language capabilities.
                                                                                       ing the episodes.


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