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Aircraft: [Year, Model]                             N Number:____________
Airframe TT: ________                               Engine TTSMOH:_______
The owner/builder to show and/or demonstrate the following:

1.      Show Aircraft Log – Airframe – Current?
2.      Show Aircraft Log – Engine and Prop - Current?
3.      Show Aircraft Registration – Valid?
4.      Show Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate
5.      Show Aircraft Operating Manual
6.      Show record of test flights performed (if available) and if structural flight tests were made
7.      Show Weight and Balance calculation
8.      Show date of most recent ELT test, if installed (test annually)
9.      Is Owner/Builder A&P certified for this aircraft? YES NO
10.     Show passenger warning placard in cockpit
11.     Show manufacturer plate
12.     Show/demonstrate that aircraft controls (aileron, rudder, stabilizer) are working correctly
13.     Show when last condition inspection was conducted Date___________
14.     Verify that there are no hydraulic, oil, or fuel leaks
15.     Examine control surfaces, hinges, cables, control linkages, and hardware on aircraft for proper operation and airworthy
16.     Show that all electrical equipment is in good working order, including avionics equipment, if installed
17.     Examine the engine installation for loose wiring, proper installation of accessories, leaks, connections, and overall
18.     Overall condition of airframe appears POOR AVERAGE GOOD (circle)
19.     Overall condition of engine appears POOR AVERAGE GOOD (circle)
20.     Buyer was taken on demo flight YES NO Date _________

Owner/Builder Name: _________________________________

Signature ___________________________________________ Date: ______

If AI or A&P has reviewed checklist:


Signature_______________________________ Date: ___________
                                    AIRCRAFT PURCHASE AGREEMENT


Purchaser’s Name:____ ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address, City, State:

Seller Name:
Address, City, State:

I, the undersigned purchaser, hereby agree to purchase the Aircraft as detailed below with the above named dealer/seller. The
deposit of $ ____________ is to be applied against the total purchase of $ ____________. After notification that the aircraft is
ready for delivery and/or financing has been approved, the balance of the purchase price is to be paid at the time of delivery,
subject to the terms set forth below. Purchaser and Dealer/Seller realize and acknowledge that this aircraft is being sold.


______________________        (initials)        “Complete Original Logs”                          Yes _ ____ No ______
______________________        (initials)        “As Is” with no warranties, expressed or implied.
______________________        (initials)        Warranties ______ _____________________________________________
______________________        (initials)        Damage History ______________________________________ (include “337’s)

The undersigned Purchaser(s) agree(s)            Year, Make, Model: __________________________________________
that they have read the terms, conditions,
and limitations or liability set out in the      FAA Reg. #:            ________         Serial #:           ___________
face of this order.
                                                 Total Time A/F:        _____________    Engine TT:          ____________

                                                 Date Last Annual:      ___________      Engine SMOH:        _______________
Purchaser’s Signature
                                                 Equipment List:

Seller’s Signature


Make/Model: ________________________
S/N:         ________________________
Remarks:     ________________________

ACCEPTED BY:                                     Price with Accessories & Equipment
                                                 State & Local Taxes
Signature of Seller                              Total Purchase Price
                                                 Cash Deposit

Date of Acceptance:       _________________      Trade Allowance
Expected Delivery Date: _________________        Balance Due/Amount Financed
                             AGREEMENT AND RELEASE
The builder of Experimental aircraft _(Type, Make, Serial Number)___, states that he/she
built the aircraft to strict specifications provided by the manufacturer, and believes it to be
airworthy, safe, and free of defects except as listed below.

Known defects include ___________________________________________.

This aircraft is being sold “as is”, and carries with it no guarantees or warranties.
Purchaser or their agent has performed an inspection of this aircraft and is satisfied with its
current condition.

The Purchaser accepts sole responsibility for the operation of this aircraft and hereby
indemnifies and holds harmless _(seller)______for any liability, including bodily injury or
property damage, arising from the operation of the aircraft.

PURCHASER: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this release.

______________________________________________ Date _____________


______________________________________________ Date _____________