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      SILVER                                                                 SILVER
      Client                                                                 Telemarketing was the
      Volvo Cars UK                                                          second category this year
      Agency                                                                 that failed to attract a gold
      MM Teleperformance                                                     award winner.
      The team                                                                  Fleet managers have
      Abby Foggin                                                            different motivators to
      Rachel Robinson                                                        retail customers when
      Claire Malone
                                                                             choosing company cars.
      Jane Burton
                                                                             Volvo Cars UK recognised
      Other companies                                                        that rather than selling
      involved                                                               the car, the contact centre
      EHS Brann                                                              needed to sell the brand
                                                                             via the expertise and
      BRONZE                                                                 assistance that operators
      Client                                                                 can offer fleet managers.
      Fiat Auto UK                                                              The agents spent time
      Agency                                                                 getting information from
      Ion Group                                                              prospects by allowing
      The team                                                               them to talk about their
      Tali Jenkins                                                           needs and areas of
      Michael Truman                                                         interest. Key to the
      Carly Hall
                                                                             success of the campaign
      David Tuson
      Andrew Johnson                                                         was the relationship with
                                                                             dealerships. A lead
      Other companies          BRONZE                                        management system to
      involved                 Fiat wanted to build                          allow realtime download
      ARC Marketing (agency)   potential for its Stilo                       of data to a secure website
                               model, and wanted to                          for dealers to access was
                               target decision makers                        created, enabling dealers
                               with company fleets of                        to download leads to their
                               more than 25 vehicles.                        own databases.
                               The telemarketing                                Conversion to
                               campaign used a cheeky                        appointment has
                               IVR to convince decision-                     performed above the
                               makers that the Stilo                         industry average,
                               would better meet their                       reaching 5.5 per cent from
                               requirements. The                             cold prospects. Volvo
                               campaign achieved more                        delivered 32 vehicles in
                               than 100 fleet sales within                   the first month of the
                               three months.                                 campaign, resulting in
                                                                             50-65 per cent qualified
                                                                             leads. In 14 months, 3,000
                                                                             appointments were made.         JULIAN DODD

      28                                                               Marketing Direct / December 2005

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