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									                          CAPITAL RENAISSANCE LLC

Capital Renaissance LLC (CapRen) is engaged in a very familiar business enterprise, namely
real estate investment. However, we have developed a unique and creative strategy, which not
only sets us apart from the vast majority of such businesses, but gives us a competitive
advantage over them as well.

CapRen purchases distressed residential and commercial real estate located in up-and-coming,
high demand neighborhoods of the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas,
renovates them into a high quality end product, and then sells or rents them for a profit. To
ensure a profit, CapRen only seeks out properties that can be purchased for 70% of their After
Repair Value (ARV) less renovations. CapRen locates these types of properties through a
uniquely comprehensive database (developed by CapRen), and a vigorous marketing-for-
properties campaign that utilizes a variety of methods which have proven to provide a steady
supply of opportunities that meet our criteria. Our acquisition strategy “puts us in the right place
at the right time” – even before the competition has an opportunity. Once a property is
acquired, CapRen has the right people and proven system in place to put a quality product on
the market in less than sixty days.

Although CapRen welcomes a “hot” real estate market, our business plan describes why we do
not have to rely on that to make a profit. CapRen is not intended to be an enterprise dependent
on speculation or even on any appreciation in the housing market. Rather, we have developed
a business plan for long-term, consistent profitability. Our view is that the real estate market will
offer an abundance of opportunities, albeit in different forms, in all kinds of market conditions.

CapRen was created and is managed by Jake Bowen, who has been involved in real estate
investing for over five years. In that time, he has successfully completed over twenty profitable
transactions (details of some of these properties are located at the end of this business plan).
Jake is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he was chosen by his
teammates to be Football Team Captain. He has served in active duty and reserves for over six
years. He brings the same integrity, work ethic and dedication to CapRen that he has learned
and practiced throughout his military career. Jake has contributed $200,000 in personal funds
toward the company’s operations and will be fully engaged in all managerial aspects of the

While CapRen’s primary objective is to make a minimum profit of 15% of the ARV on each
property, we are no less aware of our responsibility to the communities in which we do
business, and our role in the betterment of those communities. Therefore, we will always make
every effort to provide homes that are of good quality and blend in well with the neighborhood.

CapRen will not compromise our individual integrity for any reason. We will hold ourselves to
the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. CapRen vows to pursue excellence in all
of our professional endeavors and remain above the conflicts that unfortunately exist in the real
estate industry.

CapRen seeks to raise $10 million from private investors with a $10,000 minimum investment.
We are currently offering two different investment opportunities.
Having cash on hand to purchase promising, distressed properties is a major key to CapRen’s
success. These types of properties usually require a quick closing and can usually be
purchased for a lower price with a cash offer. We are looking for private investors who are
interested in a high rate of return on a relatively safe investment in high equity real estate to
provide the capital necessary to purchase and renovate these properties. We are able to pay a
higher return than most investments, as well as current standard lending rates, because of the
significant benefit that cash on hand offers us. We are currently offering two different
investment programs:

1) Investment Income Program

Receive a guaranteed fixed rate of return on your investment giving you a high-yield, low risk
investment. Your investment is invested in the properties we purchase which have at least 30%
equity. Our Investment Income Program currently pays between 9.00% and 13.80% APY on a
minimum cash investment of $10,000. The higher the investment, the higher the yield.

Each investment will be for a one year renewable term. Investors can choose between monthly,
quarterly or yearly interest payments. Each investor will also receive an investment package on
each property that their investment is involved in to include pictures, renovation plans, timeline,
cost analysis and investment strategy (example included with this business plan). This is a
solid, secure investment for new and established investors. Earn up to three times more than a
standard CD account.

            Program         Regular          Deluxe         Premium           CD
                            Monthly         Quarterly       Annually         Yields
              Gold          13.00%           13.57%          13.80%
            $250,000                                                         4.91%*
                             APY              APY             APY
             and up
            $100,000        11.00%           11.41%          11.57%
               to            APY              APY             APY
             Bronze          9.00%            9.27%          9.38%
           $10,000 to                                                        4.91%*
                              APY              APY            APY
                                      *CD rates of 1 year investment national average
2) Active Investor Program

The Active Investor Program allows you to invest in one property at a time as they become
available. The Investor receives a guaranteed fixed rate of return on their investment plus the
opportunity for profit sharing. Your investment is secured by a promissory note or a second
deed of trust. We are presently offering to pay a guaranteed 12% annual return on a first note
and 14% annual return on a second note. Investors also receive 35% of all profits above
CapRen’s targeted 15% profit margin. Initial investment, interest and profit sharing will all be
distributed at the end of the project, which usually lasts 4 to 10 months. Typical annualized
ROI’s for the Active Investor Program are 12% to 28%. Minimum investment for the Active
Investor Program is dependent on the project - it is typically $200,000.

Investor will receive via email Request for Funding (RFF) documents on eligible properties as
they become available. When a property becomes available in which they are interested, the
necessary paperwork is filled out and the Investor must have funds available within 5 business
days. This is a great investment vehicle for established investors with the necessary capital
who are looking for an opportunity to make higher returns on a secure investment.

Our paramount goal is to promulgate a superb name and an exemplary reputation by solidifying
a trusting rapport with everyone with whom we do business. With that commitment as our
bedrock and this business plan in effect, our expansion plans are realistic and achievable. We
are confident that we have the right people on our team and the right process in place to
achieve our goals. We are continually researching the market and reviewing our techniques to
keep us ahead of the competition. We believe our conservative approach to real estate
investing and our adaptability to changing conditions will keep us profitable and moving forward
in any type of market.

We thank you for your interest in Capital Renaissance LLC and for taking the time to review
this business plan. We are very excited about what CapRen has been able to do so far and
where we are headed. We hope that you decide to be a part of our business by helping us to
grow and establish ourselves as a highly reputable and highly profitable real estate enterprise.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Jake Bowen any time at
888.999.1090 or .

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