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									                        ARIS Solutions
                                                                        June 2009

                                                                Call us at: 1-800-798-1658
Effective July 1, 2009, the Vermont Minimum Wage for
                                                                     8 AM AND 4 PM
Developmental Services increases to $8.06 per hour. This is
                                                                 MONDAY – FRIDAY
the minimum you may pay an employee for hourly services.
                                                                     E-MAIL US AT:
Effective July 21, 2009, the Federal Minimum Wage
increases to $7.25 per hour. This is the minimum hourly 
wage you may pay an employee for providing 24 hour respite
services. Based on current guidelines, as of July 21, 2009,
the minimum daily rate you may pay an employee for 24
hours of respite will be $116.00 per day (or, $7.25 an hour x
16 hours).                                                          Important Date To

                                                                      July 20, 2009

           Employer Tax Rate Decrease                            Monday July 20 is the last
As of July 1, 2009, the Employer Tax rate will                    day ARIS Solutions will
decrease from 10.15% to 9.4%! This is the rate                    accept timesheets for
charged to all budgets when wages are paid to an                 services provided before
                                                                       July 1, 2009.
employee. The employer tax includes:
                                                                  Timesheets which have
  • 7.65% for matching Social Security and                       not been received in our
    Medicare taxes.                                              offices by July 20, 2009
  • 1.0% for Workers Compensation                                  for services provided
  • .75% for Unemployment taxes                                  before July 1 cannot be
                                                                  paid by ARIS Solutions.
Visit our website for a new Rate Conversation chart.               Be aware that you are
This chart shows the actual cost to the budget for                responsible to pay your
each hourly wage you pay an employee.                                employee if ARIS
                                                                     Solutions cannot.

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