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									Exactly what is Green Card Marriage?
Many people each year aspire to get a US citizenship as the US offers a nice standard of living as well the potential for a great future. Yet most of
them struggle to get in front of the visa offices or even worse get scammed by agents claiming to be able to get them permanent Green cards.

There are different methods whereby a person can get a green card. It can be through a permanent employment or anything. However, the easiest
method is to get a green card through marriage.

Marriages bring together couples and the government understands it. It will not like it if one of the partners is staying in another country just because
he or she is not a citizen of the US. To solve this problem of the young couples, the government amended its immigrant laws to let the foreign spouses
of a US resident to apply for a permanent citizenship of the US. This means that you can get a green card through marriage with a US national.

Lots of the people that live in the US and like to travel end up falling in love with a foreigner or the reverse can happen when a foreigner visits the US a
lot for business and decides to marry a US citizen. After you get married you'll have to inform your government that you want to live together in the US.

The first step for someone living outside the US would be going to the US embassy to get a K-1 Visa, and if you have children a K-2 as well. Once you
get to the US then you try and apply for Green card marriage.

The process is not very tough and the government takes care that nothing hurts your or your spouses sentiments as long as the plea is under review.
Finally, you will have to face an interview to explain how you got married. If you clear the interview, the foreign spouse will get the green card through
marriage within weeks.

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