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									Human Resources

                                                                 Apply for Visa

This document outlines the process for new staff applying for visas to work in New Zealand.

Follow the process map and where there is an asterisk, further information on the steps required is
outlined in the procedures on the following pages.

If you have any questions regarding this process or the attached tools/procedures, please contact
your relevant Human Resources Administrator or Recruitment Advisor.

Process Maps

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Provide support for visa application if required

When to use
Use this procedure to provide support to a new staff member’s visa application if required.

Who's responsible
Senior/HR Advisor.

Before you begin
Ensure you have:
    •   A signed copy of the new staff member’s Letter of Offer
    •   Been informed what type of visa the staff member is applying for
    •   An Employer Supplementary Form - NZIS1113 (PDF) (for work visa or permit)
    •   Sighted a current copy of the Employer Accreditation Certificate (for Talent Visas).

1   Check that the staff member has informed you of the type of visa they are applying for.
2   Determine what documentation is required:

    If the staff member is     then...
    applying for...
    A work visa or permit      Forward the Employer Supplementary Form - NZIS1113 (PDF) to the
                               Manager/Head and ask them to complete and return it to you.
    Permanent Residency        Complete the Support for Visa Application Letter, referring to the new
                               staff member’s signed Letter of Offer for details.
    Talent Visa                Generally the staff member should have all of the required
                               documentation and a Support for Visa Application Letter is not required.
                               If the staff member wishes to find out what documentation is required,
                               refer to the letter from the Immigration Department which is attached to
                               the Employer Accreditation Certificate.
                               A Support for Visa Application Letter can be completed if the staff
                               member specifically requests this.
    Any other visa             Contact the Immigration Department to check what documentation is

3   Forward the appropriate documentation to the new staff member, to accompany their visa application
    and store a copy on their personal file.

What happens next?
The new staff member completes their visa application.

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