H 1 B Visa Application by EchoMovement


									                          Approval to Initiate H-1B Visa Application for
                                        Staff Employees
                                        (to be sent to Human Resources)

At the time that the department agrees to sponsor a staff member for an H-1B visa, this form must be
completed, approved by the department chair and sent to the Director of Recruitment in Human
Resources at MS 92. This must occur before initiating the process with the immigration attorneys.

This form is used for all staff positions except postdoctoral appointments.                  For postdoctoral
appointments see the specific H-1B process sheet for postdocs.

1) Name of Sponsoring Department: ___________________________________________________________

2) Name of Department Chair/Head: ___________________________________________________________

3) Name of Applicant/Staff Member Seeking H-1B Visa: ____________________________________________


4) What is the current or anticipated job title and position number of the staff member to be sponsored? ______


  If not a current employee, please indicate the anticipated start date: _________________________________

5) What is the status of the individual?

   Current employee of Rice University?           YES   NO

   Current type of visa held? _________________________________________________________________

   Expiration date of current visa? _____________________________________________________________

6) As the department chair/head of the department, I commit to paying the anti-fraud fee associated with the H-
   1B visa application. All other financial commitments over and above these required fees have been worked
   out between the employee and the department and are noted in a written and signed memorandum which is
   on file within the department.        YES      NO

Department Chair Approval/Signature: _______________________________________________________

Return this form and a copy of the job description from RICEWorks directly to the attention of the Director of
Recruitment, Human Resources, MS 92 as soon as you are aware of the need for H-1B sponsorship for the staff
employee or applicant.

If anything changes that would halt the H-1B application process after sending this form, IMMEDIATELY
notify the Director of Recruitment.

Approval to Initiate H-1B Application for Staff                                          10-24-07

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