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									                                      MARINE SURVEYOR

Ship surveyor also termed as a marine surveyor a person who conducts inspections, surveys or
examinations of marine vessels to assess or monitor and report on their condition. They usually
inspect the tools and equipments intended for new or existing vessels which ensure the compliance
with various standards.

It also includes the machinery system i.e. navigational, safety, radio etc. These are highly qualified
and have technically sound which are selected after thorough evaluation procedures. Now when it
comes to define the qualities and qualifications of a marine surveyor, we should take utmost care.
Committee plays a vital role in selection of men with talent, integrity, and firmness as surveyors,
who appeared to them to be most competent to discharge the important dutied of their situations
with great ability and to ensure strict and impartial justice to all parties who come under their

A Marine Surveyor conduct surveys throughout the ship's life just as building new ship, annual
survey, interim survey, special survey, to ensure that standards are maintained. They also measure
ships for tonnage and survey them for load line assignment; they even attend an expert witness and
assist in corners enquiries. Additional they investigate marine accidents. Marine surveyors use
many credentials letters and terms such as ‘‘accredited’’, ‘‘certified’’, ‘‘qualified’’ ‘‘AMS’’,''CMS''
etc. There are numerous ways to train them which become a marine surveyor including taking
correspondence courses, apprenticing and opening business. Currently, there is no requirement for
national or international licensing for marine surveyors.

We can even classify Marine Surveyors as government surveyor, classification surveyor, private
surveyor, yatch and small craft surveyor. Both government and classification surveyors involve
confirming compliance with international treaties associated with pollution, international security,
and safety management schemes. They examine cargo gear which ensures requirements or
regulations. Government and classification surveyors are also stated as marine professional’s

Main question which can be easily arises that what does a marine surveyor do? Basically, as
discussed above marine surveyors evaluate , inspect , and appraise a variety of marine vessels and
water craft such as ships , yatchs , boats , dredges , and tankers to determine overall condition and
ensure safety and quality. At last we must appreciate the role hold by MARINE SURVEYORS.

Cairo Marine Service is now one of the largest marine, crane inspection and certification
corporations in existence.

Marine Surveyor, Surveyor, Marine Engineer, OSHA accredited crane inspections

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