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					GiveXpress Program

 The GiveXpress Card Program is a perfect way to start your gift card program with ease and                     .40
 simplicity. The secure GiveXpress website enables you to order the program from Givex quickly
 and conveniently. The GiveXpress gift card package allows you to choose the quantity you wish
  to order, select a card from a variety of designs and personalize it with text, your logo, address
 and phone number.

 GiveXpress is a rapidly deployed gift card program for first-time gift card issuers and smaller
 merchants that require reliable and easy to learn gift card services.

   Program Features

       Select from 9 card designs and 6 presenter designs
       Personalized card with text and company logo
       Complete package includes: personalized cards, matching number
       of presenters, and 1 acrylic card holder

Services Include

       Real-time transactions
       Real-time online reporting
       24/7 Customer Care
       Interactive Voice Response (IVR) For Phone Authorization


 By acquiring the GiveXpress quick-start program you will:

       Encourage your customers to come back
       Build brand awareness and strengthen customers relationships
       Increase quick turn-around revenue with gift card sales
                                                                                Examples of Gift Card Designs

 Order the package today and have your personalized gift cards delivered to you in 2-3 weeks.
 100 Cards     $4.00 per card           SET-UP FEE--        No Charge
 250 Cards     $ 2.80 per card          GATEWAY FEE—No Charge
 500 cards     $2.00 per card           PER TRANSACTION FEE—No Charge
                     For further information please visit

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