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									Camp Confidently: Choose The Right Tent For Your Trip
When you're headed out over a summer break or vacation for the perfect Kiwi camping holiday,
having all the gear that you need to take with you is the most important way that you can prepare.
There's nothing worse than realising that you haven't packed enough food or that you're missing key
cooking or sleeping equipment once you finally get to your destination to set up. Choosing and
bringing the right camping gear is vital for your safety as well as a good trip.

Picking a suitable tent is an absolute necessity when you're planning on heading out - you need
something made from durable materials with enough room to fit you and your gear. Extra precautions
need to be taken if you're heading out in the cold or up a mountain. Make sure you research carefully
the type of tent and the size that you need to choose one right for your trip.

Common Tent Types
There are different types of tents suitable for every season and every situation. Stay safe and
comfortable by choosing carefully during the planning stage of your journey.

Three Season Tents
While they might stand up to a light shower, three season tents are generally meant to be used in the
spring, summer and autumn. Built with lots of mesh windows to keep you comfortable during those
hot nights and with humidity levels in mind, three season tents are well ventilated and come with a
rain fly to keep out any unexpected rain that might surprise you in the night.

Four Season Tents
Commonly used in winter or when mountaineering, four season tents are built to withstand harsher
conditions for a trade-off in weight and complexity. Reinforced, durable materials offer protection
against the snow and additional poles and supports will keep your shelter up during stronger winds.
Ideal if you're planning to be a little more adventurous on your trip!

Convertible Camping Tents
If you want a tent to cover all the bases, the convertible tent is the one for you. Cut down on weight by
leaving some of the poles behind during summer and deconstruct extra protection when it isn't
needed. When you plan on heading out in any season, a convertible camping tent lets you stay cool
in summer and gives you durability when you need it during winter.

Warm Weather Camping Tents
Made very lightweight with lots of mesh, if you're headed somewhere hot and you want the shelter
without the humidity then a warm weather tent is a must. It's not much fun overheating all night,
desperately trying to get to sleep while the sweat drips down your forehead. Minimum protection from
a lightweight rain fly means you need to be confident in the conditions when choosing to use a warm
weather tent.

Remember that you need to choose a tent sized to sleep the total number of occupants plus two for
gear storage to stay comfortable. Don't get caught in the rain; choose the right tent and make sure
you are properly prepared for your trip with suitable camping gear.

Check out Kiwi Camping for a range of camping gear available online today.

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