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					United States citizenship is one step beyond permanent       A visa grants the holder the right to apply for      A Green Card, officially known as a
residence (Green Card). Citizenship provides the             entry into the United States.                        Permanent Resident Card, is evidence of
maximum immigration rights available in the United                                                                lawful permanent resident status in the
States.                                                      ▪ B-1 Business Visa                                  United States.
                                                             ▪ B-2 Tourist Visa
▪ U.S. Citizenship Application                               ▪ B-1/B-2 Visa Extension                             ▪ Green Card Lottery
▪ U.S. Citizenship Test                                      ▪ E-3 Visa for Australians                           ▪ Green Card Marriage
▪ Dual Citizenship                                           ▪ F-1 Student Visa                                   ▪ Green Card Employment
▪ Certificate of Citizenship                                 ▪ J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa                          ▪ Green Card Investment
▪ Certificate of Naturalization                              ▪ H-1B Work Visa                                     ▪ Green Card for Relatives
▪ Passport Application                                       ▪ H-2B Work Visa                                     ▪ Green Card Renewal
▪ Passport Renewal                                           ▪ K-1 Fiancée/Fiancé Visa                            ▪ Lost or Stolen Green Card
                                                             ▪ L-1 Intracompany Transfer                          ▪ As a Special Immigrant
                                                             ▪ P Visa Athlete/Entertainer
                                                             ▪ TN NAFTA Work Visa

 U.S. Citizenship Test                                        Tourist Visa and Visa Waiver                        Green Card Renewal
 Taking the U.S. Citizenship Test is a required step in       Application requirements for B-2 Tourist Visas      If your Green Card is lost, stolen,
 the naturalization process. Prepare yourself with            are stricter since 9/11. Citizens of Visa Waiver    destroyed, or expired, you should apply for
 exercises and sample questions.                              countries are allowed to enter the U.S. visa-free   a new one immediately. Download the
                                                              for up to 90 days. Check if you qualify for the     Green Card Renewal or Green Card
 Download the US Citizenship Test Study Guide.                Visa Waiver Program.                                Replacement application guide.

                       Social Security Card/Number
                       for Immigrants and Foreigners                                                     How to get a Green Card through
                       Download Application Forms                                                        Family Members or Relatives
                       and Instructions                                                                  Learn how to sponsor your Relatives
Each United States citizen and permanent resident (Green Card holder) has         Individuals who have close relatives or family members in the United States
a unique social security number. Some individuals non-immigrant visas are         may apply for permanent residency (green card) if the sponsoring relative is
also allowed and sometimes required to obtain a Social Security number.           U.S. citizen or green card holder.
However, not everyone is eligible to receive a Social Security number. There      The following relatives of U.S. citizens and Green Card holders may qualify:
are 2 types of social security cards that are issued to foreigners without work   Husband or Wife (Green Card through Marriage), Widow and Widower,
authorization, as well as foreign students and individuals on temporary           Brother and Sister, Son and Daughter, Stepson and Stepdaughter,
visas. Apply now for a Social Security Number.                                    Stepparent, Adopted Son or Daughter, Father and Mother, and Battered or
                                                                                  Abused Spouse and Child. [Green Card through Relatives]

                      U.S. Work Visa Applications                                                     United States Citizenship Application
                      H-1B Work Visa for Professionals                                                Enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of the United States
                      H-2B Work Visa                                                                  of America
                      E-3 Work Visa for Australians
All foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States must first obtain a   United States Citizenship is one step beyond permanent residency (Green
work visa. A work visa is a temporary permit to live and work in the United       Card). Citizenship gives the individual the maximum rights available in the
States. Individuals who work without the appropriate visa are breaking the        United States. United States citizens may also find it advantageous to use a
law and may be deported.                                                          U.S. passport when traveling abroad.

A work visa may be obtained prior to entry into the United States or the          Most United States citizens acquired citizenship by birth, but persons born in
applicant may change status after entering the U.S. on a different visa.        other countries may also become U.S. citizens, this process is called
Changing status from F-1 Student Visa to H-1B Work Visa is quite common         "naturalization".
among international college students. H-2B Work Visas are available to
workers without higher education, E3 Work Visas are only for Australian
citizens, and H-3 Trainee Visas are available for short-term training at
American companies.

                   Get a Green Card through Marriage to a United States                         Green Card Lottery Application
                   citizen                                                                      Download the DV Application Guide
                   Green Card Interview Questions                                               Apply Yourself and Avoid Scams
                                                                                The process of submitting a Green Card Lottery application can be
Each year thousands of American citizens marry foreign-born persons and         confusing. A large number of applicants have fallen victim to Green Card
petition for them to obtain a permanent residence in the United States.         Lottery scams. Therefore is highly recommended that all applicants submit
Spouses of U.S. citizens are considered "immediate relatives" under             their own applications.
immigration laws, therefore they are excluded from all numerical quota
limitations. This means that there is an unlimited number of Green Cards        The Green Card Lottery Application Guide contains the latest information
available to foreign nationals who marry U.S. citizens.                         and application procedures for the DV Lottery Program. It also contains
                                                                                detailed information on how to proceed if selected in the Green Card Lottery.
Apply for a Green Card through Marriage now and sponsor your wife or            It is a misconception to believe that “winning” the Green Card Lottery
husband to live permanently in the United States.                               automatically grants the applicant U.S. residence. The Green Card Lottery is
                                                                                a complex issue, make sure you are prepared.
You can also obtain a Green Card through the Green Card Lottery,
Investment, Employment, Relatives and Family Members or as a Special

                U.S. Immigration Forms                                                         U.S. Embassies and Consulates
                U.S. Passport Application Forms                                                USCIS Offices Nationwide
                Download PDF files. Instant Access                                             USCIS Approved Doctors

Do-it-yourself Immigration Guides:                                              CLICK HERE to locate:
All immigration guide include detailed information, requirements,               ▪ USCIS District Offices
procedures, filing instructions, and official USCIS immigration forms.          ▪ USCIS Sub-Districts Offices
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▪ Available in eBook and hard copy versions                                     ▪ US Immigration/INS Approved Doctors
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Download Immigration Forms:                                                     ▪ United States Consulates
If you already know which immigration forms you require, and you do not
need any additional information or filing instructions, you can download        Unlimited Access: from $19.95
immigration forms instantly and print them in the convenience of your home
or office.                                                                      Unlimited download access to all United States immigration forms.
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▪ Instant download

                United States Student Visa                                                     United States Passport Applications
                Locate schools that issue the form I-20 (required for F-1                      Application requirements and forms
                Student Visas)                                                                 Download the US Passport Application
USA Student Visa is an organization dedicated to assisting international
students locate schools that issue US student visas. USA Student Visa can       There are over 7000 passport acceptance facilities located throughout the
help you locate a school that issues the immigration form I-20, which is a      United States for regular applications and 13 regional passport agencies for
required document in order to apply for United States F-1 Student Visa.         special or urgent applications.

Almost anyone, regardless of age or educational background, may apply for       Find out how to apply for your first US passport or renew an expired
a F-1 Student Visa and legally live in the United States. [USA Student Visa]    passport.

                                                                                The United States Passport Application and Renewal kit contains the latest
                                                                                requirements, procedures and official passport application forms.


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