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					                            Acceptable I-9 Documents

                                        List A
                          Identity and Employment Eligibility

United States Passport (unexpired or expired)

Foreign Passport with I-551 Stamp (unexpired only)
     Passport and I-551 stamp must be unexpired.
     Temporary evidence of permanent resident status may be included in the alien‟s foreign passport in
      the form of a temporary stamp. This stamp may be accepted for employment verification only if

Alien Registration Receipt Card or Permanent Resident Card – INS Form I-551
   Known as “green card” but actually blue, blue and pink or pink in color.

Temporary Resident Card – Form I-688
     Given to foreign nationals who received approval for temporary residency under the Legalization or
      Special Agricultural Worker Program.
     Contains photograph and signature of bearer as well as DOB.
     Must be unexpired to be acceptable – sticker on back, issued by INS, may extend this date.

Employment Authorization Card – Form I-688A (unexpired)
     Card contains a photo and signature.

Unexpired Employment Authorization Document – Form I-688B or I-766
     Form I-688B is the old form and I-766 is the new form.
     Both versions contain an expiration date.

                                             List B
                                          Identity Only

Native American Tribal Document (Also List C)
    Listed separately in INS Rules as suitable evidence for identity and employment eligibility.
    It is not included in List A of I-9 form and no other document needs to be provided if it is shown.
     Employer should simply identify document under both List B and List C in Section 2.
    100s of different tribal documents – may or may not contain a photograph or descriptive

US Citizen Id Cards – Form I-197 or I-179 (Also List C)
    Haven‟t been issued by INS since 1970s but some cards are still in circulation.
    Form I-179 and I-197 are on the back of the I-9 form as List C documents but also can be used as an
     ID card issued by a federal gov‟t agency under List B.
    If one of these cards is presented by the employee, no other documentation needs to be presented.
     The employer should enter the document under both List B and List C in Section 2.
    Cards contain descriptive information and I-179 includes signature of bearer.
    Don‟t need to reverify when one of these cards is presented.

State-Issued Drivers License or ID Card
    State-issued ID cards
    The license or ID cards must contain a photograph or descriptive information such as name, date of
     birth, sex, height, eye color and address.
    No requirement that the license or ID card be currently valid; it may have already expired but is still
    Hint: The issuing authority will be the state which issued the driver‟s license.
    May be presented by employee even if they state in Section 1 that they are an alien with time-limited

ID Card Issued by Federal, State or Local Government Agencies
    No rules about types of ID cards that are acceptable.
    Can be anything from state-issued Medicaid card to city issued ID card for use at local tennis courts.
    ID card must contain a photograph of the bearer, or it must contain ID information like name, date of
     birth, sex, height, eye color, etc….
    No requirement that the ID card must be currently valid.

School ID with Photograph
    School id must contain a photograph.
    No requirement that ID card be currently valid.

Voter Registration Card
    Often contains no photo or descriptive information; it may not even have the person‟s signature.
    INS rules do not require that the card be currently valid.

US Military Card or Draft Record
    US military cards are issued to active duty and reservist military personnel.
    No requirement that the card be unexpired.
    Department of Defense Form 2 has photograph and older version has fingerprint.
    Draft record can only be presented by male employees.

Military Dependent’s ID Card
    Card contains photo of bearer, name, signature and description of the bearer on the front.
    No requirement that ID must currently be valid.

US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
    Card contains photo and descriptive info.
    Card contains a seal partially covering the photo.
    No requirements that the card must be currently valid.

Drivers License Issued by a Canadian Government Authority
    INS rules do not specify that they must have a photo and/or descriptive information.
    No requirements that the card must be currently valid.

                                         List C
                                   Employment Eligibility

Social Security Card
    Card has changed in form numerous times over the years.
    Cards that state “not valid if laminated” can‟t be accepted if they have been laminated.
    Social Security numbers beginning with “9” aren’t valid. These cards shouldn‟t be accepted.
    A card marked “not valid for employment purposes” can‟t be accepted.
    A card marked “valid for work only with INS authorization” can only be accepted with an unexpired
     INS-issued work authorization document. **This is the one situation in which an employer can
     request INS documentation.
    Metal and plastic replicas are not acceptable.
    The card must be signed in order to be valid.

State Department Certification of Birth Abroad
    Given as records of birth to US citizens born outside US.
    Form FS-545 is issued by Consular office outside US and is usually issued at time foreign birth is
    Form DS-1350 is issued by State Dept in Washington DC and usually issued at some later date when
     a foreign-born US citizen wants documentation of his/her birth abroad.
    Certificates must contain raised seal.
    Form FS-240 – Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America – NOT
     ACCEPTABLE document for verification.

Birth Certificate Issued by a State, County, or Municipal Authority Bearing a Seal
(Original or Certified Copy)
    Hundreds of formats used by local government authorities.
    Some newer certificates are in the form of laminated cards, called “short-form” certificates. The seal
     can be found on the backside of the short-form.
    Certified copy acceptable if it contains certifications and official seal.

Other Employment Authorization Documents Issued by the INS
    An I-94 Arrival/Departure record is a List C document.
    These are considered List C documents and must be unexpired to be accepted:

     -   Form I-797
    Issued to many nonimmigrant aliens, including those in the visa categories E, H, L, O, P, Q, R, and
     TC categories.
    Immigrants in these categories are only authorized to work for the employer who petitioned for them
     to enter into the US.
    The version used since 1994 has a tear off section that is considered to be a „replacement I-94‟ – the
     extension of stay is annotated on this.
    When Form I-94/I-797 is presented with unexpired foreign passport then it should be List A of
     Section 2. When I-94/I-797 presented without an unexpired foreign passport then it should be List C
     in Section 2.

     -   Form IAP-66
    The J-1visa type is a nonimmigrant category for exchange visitors.
    IAP-66 is the only way to document that a J-1 alien is entitled to work in US.
    The IAP-66 is issued by the sponsoring exchange program.

    If the nonimmigrant is going to work for an employer other than the sponsor, the employer can only
     accept the I-94 and IAP-66 in conjunction with a letter from the exchange program sponsor
     affirming that the J-1 alien is permitted to work for non-sponsor employers.

     - Form I-20 ID
    The F-1 visa type is a nonimmigrant category permitted to work in limited circumstances i.e.
     practical training after alien‟s course of study is complete.
    I-20 ID issued by designated school official which would be the International Center.


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