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                              F amous Natur alized
                              U.S. Citizens
                              Throughout our history, people have immigrated to the United States to pursue the
                              American Dream. Many have chosen to fully integrate into American civic and
                              political life and become U.S. citizens. Below is a list of some famous naturalized
                              U.S. citizens:

                              Madeleine Albright, diplomat               Claudette Colbert, actress
                              Czech Republic                             France
                              Isabel Allende, writer                     Nadia Comaneci, gymnast
                              Chile                                      Romania
                              Pamela Anderson, actor                     Willem de Kooning, artist
                              Canada                                     the Netherlands
                              Hannah Arendt, philosopher                 Dinesh D’Souza, writer
                              Germany                                    India
                              Desi Arnaz, actor/musician                 Albert Einstein, scientist
                              Cuba                                       Germany
                              Isaac Asimov, author                       Patrick Ewing, athlete
                              Russia                                     Jamaica
                              Dan Aykroyd, actor                         Sergei Fedorov, athlete
                              Canada                                     Russia
                              Mischa Barton, actress                     Enrico Fermi, scientist
                              England                                    Italy
                              Mikhail Baryshnikov, dancer                Errol Flynn, actor
                              Russia                                     Australia
                              Felix Bloch, physicist                     Peter Frampton, musician
                              Switzerland                                England
                              Pierce Brosnan, actor                      Diane von Furstenberg, fashion designer
                              Ireland                                    Belgium
                              Zbigniew Brzezinski, diplomat              Greta Garbo, actress
                              Poland                                     Sweden
                              Mother Cabrini, saint                      Samuel Gompers, labor union leader
                              Italy                                      England
                              Frank Capra, film director                 Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
                              Italy                                      Scotland
                              Jim Carrey, actor                          Jennifer Granholm, governor
                              Canada                                     Canada
                              Oleg Cassini, fashion designer             Cary Grant, actor
                              France                                     England
                              Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor            Wayne Gretzky, athlete
                              Taiwan                                     Canada

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     Fact Sheet                ■   Famous Naturalized U.S. Citizens

Salma Hayek, actress                               Yoko Ono, artist
Mexico                                             Japan
Alfred Hitchcock, director                         I.M. Pei, architect
England                                            China
Bob Hope, entertainer                              Wolfgang Puck, chef
England                                            Austria
Anthony Hopkins, actor                             Albert Pujols, athlete
Wales                                              Dominican Republic
Khaled Hosseini, author                            Anthony Quinn, actor
Afghanistan                                        Mexico
Djimon Hounsou, actor                              Ayn Rand, author
Benin                                              Russia
Arianna Huffington, author                         Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer
Greece                                             Russia
Iman, model                                        Ciro Rodriguez, congressman
Somalia                                            Mexico
Peter Jennings, journalist                         Mark Rothko, artist
Canada                                             Latvia
Henry Kissinger, diplomat                          Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor
Germany                                            Austria
Peter Lawford, actor                               John Shalikashvili, military
England                                            Georgia
Ivan Lendl, athlete                                Siegfried and Roy, entertainers
Czech Republic                                     Germany
Guy Lombardo, bandleader                           Gene Simmons, musician
Canada                                             Israel
Béla Lugosi, actor                                 Annika Sorenstam, athlete
Hungary                                            Sweden
Dave Matthews, singer                              Sammy Sosa, athlete
South Africa                                       Dominican Republic
John Muir, preservationist                         Henry Steinway, piano maker
Scotland                                           Germany
Dikembe Mutombo, athlete                           Paul Tillich, theologian
Congo                                              Germany
Vladimir Nabokov, writer                           Johnny Weissmuller, athlete/actor
Russia                                             Romania
Thomas Nast, cartoonist                            Elie Wiesel, writer
Germany                                            Romania
Martina Navratilova, athlete                       Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist
Czech Republic                                     Germany

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