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									WMEP electrical equipment list current load (amps) 10 200 400 400

item 12KV pole mounted transformer 480V ground mounted transformer high speed disconnect switch designed to protect equipment from power surges coming in from grid 3-way switch connecting grid or generator but not both connection box for gathering grid-compatible power sources in parallel - insert monitoring devices for different sources? connection box for connecting grid-compatible generators, fuel cells, etc. Microturbine generator #1 Microturbine generator #2 connection box for connecting grid compatible renewable energy sources such as grid-tie inverters from solar and wind generators solar grid tie inverter #1 solar grid tie inverter #2 wind turbine grid tie inverter #1 3-position manual knife switch (on1, off, on2), normally set in on1 position, which powers inverter bank from power sources. Setting both switches to on2 will completely bypass inverter bank. 3-position manual knife switch (on1, off, on2), normally set in on1 position, which passes power from inverter bank to distribution panel. Setting both switches to on2 will completely bypass inverter bank.

ref# power description 1 split phase 12KV 2 split phase 480V 3 3a split phase 240V split phase 240V

wire size specifications use existing 6 move from dog building 1 1 ?? sunny boy switch

web sites

4 5 6 7

split phase 240V split phase 240V split phase 240V split phase 240V

400 400 125 125

1 1 1 1

approx 14x18" box, 8" deep approx 14x18" box, 8" deep capstone C-30 capstone C-30

8 8a 9 10 11

split phase 240V split phase 240V split phase 240V split phase 240V

400 30 30 60

1 ? ? ?

approx 14x18" box, 8" deep sunny boy sunny boy ?


split phase 240V



use existing shop switch


split phase 240V



use existing gen room switch Outback can gang up to 8 inverters in parallel and manage batteries and solar panels. Generators? surrette 4V batteries seem like a good value warranty to 10 years and should last 15 yrs. Weight of 147 lbs means they can be moved without a forklift - 2 banks of 12?? 52 KWH; $11350 incl tax and shipping approx 14x18" box, 8" deep move from shop hallway put in shop hallway where distribution box was move from small animal building or astro huts; install pole and mount. Alternately, purchase new ground-mounted transformer matching the one up at the dome. https://www.affordable-solar.com/fx2548t.outback.inverter.htm https://www.affordable-solar.com/sma-sunny-island-4248uinverter.htm

inverter bank

split phase 240V 24 or 48 V DC 13a-f



battery bank connection box for distributing power to station main distribution panel (9-10 100 amp disconnect switches plus main panel switch) connection box in shop hallway to splice wires for pace lab distribution

14 14a 15

48 V DC


4-0 1


16 split phase 240 V 17 split phase 240 V

100 100

1 1

1240V-12 KV transformer on pole connection boxes or panels for outbuildings

18 split phase 12 KV


6 1

solar panels (3 in 4LF)….69 panels should fit




15.5" x 18' 135W output 33VDC


EPDM mounting material (ask uni-solar for source once we have specs)

several sheets, x' wide and 37' long

OUTBACK QUAD STACK (affordable-solar prices) VFX3648 FXA adapter kit PSDC 175 DC box OBDC breakers PSMP mounting plate PSAC100Q AC box X-240 balancer OBAC50 breaker MATE controller HUB10 communications Big bus to bus4 breakers temp sensor DC fan MX-60 charge controller

$1,700 $90 $305 $120 $179 $600 $260 $15 $245 $375 $40 $29 $35 $480

4 4 1 3 1 1 1 4 1 1 4 1 2 4

$6,800 $360 $305 $360 $179 $600 $260 $60 $245 $375 $160 $29 $70 $1,920 $11,723 $280

Outback PSPV array combiner box



WMEP propane equipment list design temperature (out)

item 1000 gallon propane tanks (6) mounted on hill 20' vertical feet above station, approximately 150' to the north first stage step down vapor pressure regulator first stage step down vapor pressure regulator gaseous propane feed liquid propane feed liguid propane filter



contract pipe size or WMRS specifications

web sites

1a 2a 2a 3 4 5 16 psi 16 psi

-40 -40 -40 -40 -40 -40

3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"

contract contract ?? contract ?? contract large diameter for sludgy liquid? Insulate before contract entering ground where to locate? best gravity pressure in utility contract shed feed to boilers and connect to existing station contract propane distribution system (kitchen, etc.) contract model? Specs? contract propane-fired vaporizer system contract heat tape or hot water pipe (need addl. hydronic contract circuit? - only about 10' of length available)

second stage step down regulator liquid propane pump raise pressure to 150 psi propane vaporizer gaseous pressure regulator

6 7 8 9

0.2 psi 150 psi 50 psi

-40 -40 21 11

1" 1"

heat tape or hot water trace


50 psi


Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system 5000 gallons pure water kept below 180 degrees F at 650 millibar (ambient) air pressure tank contents will be mixed heat exchanger source hydronic heating system co-generated waste heat hydronic solar collectors (6) fluid antifreeze 50% antifreeze soln. pipe diameter 1" or 3/4" btu/hr 105,000 600,000 42000

system custom designed and built standalone capstone co-generation system unit? stiebel-eltron panels and solar pump station

WMEP hydronic equipment list contract or WMRS specifications contract contract contract Lochinvar KBL105 high altitude LP fired boilers need air intake as well as exhaust ducts as installed summer 2006

item propane boiler #1 propane boiler #2 low pressure system charged to approx. 30 psi. expansion tank - allows for thermal expansion and minor water loss from system without introducing air or causing damage make up water connection - a series of valves and regulator to allow additon of make-up water in case of water loss to hydronic circuits air separator - removes air bubbles from system pump - pumps water through circuit loops, radiators, etc. circuit loop to large animal (dog) building - this loop must run out into utility shed, then underground, then into building to radiators space heating zone circuits (6 zones in Pace Lab branch off main piping in ceiling) circuit loop to small animal building - this loop must run out south side of Pace lab, then underground, then into building to radiators flow check valves automatic valves - actuated when return water temperature is cooler than hot water storage tank

ref# 1a 1b 2

web sites http://www.lochinvar.com/product.asp?cat=B&cls=ALL&prod=KB N080&ln=KBN# http://www.lochinvar.com/product.asp?cat=B&cls=ALL&prod=KB N080&ln=KBN#



as installed summer 2006

5 6 7

contract contract contract

as installed summer 2006 as installed summer 2006 as installed summer 2006 uses insul-pex insulated pipe for underground controlled with on-off switchable thermostats

8 8

contract contract

8 contract 11 contract

uses insul-pex insulated pipe for underground TBD


?? specs

locations which need 1" wiring conduit for monitoring and control connections Boilers Inverters MTG's High speed disconnect switch TES tank hydronic valves to TES tank outputs from main distribution box solar, wind inputs battery bank outside air temperature office dining hall monitoring and control unit (location?)

General questions: DG room. This room will be partially insulated by construction of sheds on the west and north side of the building. Should we insulate the south and east walls by adding a layer of insulation and panelling? (roof is already wellinsulated). Garage door may need some special work to insulate. What is a good ambient temperature for the DG room? How do the solar rooftop electrical connections work? How will we conduit wires into the DG room. Where will the grid-tie inverters go? In the DG room? How about the wind turbine? What kind of interface will the control system have? Will it have an IP address and serve http? A serial interface to a host computer? I assume the controls box will be in the DG room, but it would be good to operate it remotely. I have fairly detailed pencil drawings now of the generator room - but have not converted to dwg format. Too big to scan. I can take a photo if that would be helpful. There are 2' square openings in the east and west walls of the DG room, way up high (12' above ground). And some ducting for exhaust-ventilating the radiator of the diesel generator. Could we use that ducting to install a radiator for shedding excess heat from the MTG's when the TES tank is unavailable.

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