K1 Visa Guide

					          K-1 Visa Guide (http://www.visak1k3.com)

The forms can be filled out on and printed from your computer. Make sure
to double check them as well as making sure they are all signed and dated.
      Make sure you check www.uscis.gov for any updated forms.

  The assembling of the I-129F Package for the K-1 Visa. All forms and
                     documents must be in English.

 1. Personal Check or Money Order for the payment to the USCIS. Please
    check www.uscis.gov for the cost.

 2. Cover Letter. This should include a cover letter (what you are
    petitioning for) and a table of contents. Make sure you list everything
    included in packet and use an additional sheet for description if
    needed. Make sure everything is signed and dated including the cover
    letter and table of contents. (Cover Letter Example)

 3. Form I-129F: Petition for alien Fiancé (e). (I-129F Example)

 4. Declaration of how you met in person in the last two years. This
    should be a typed page attachment regarding question # 18 on the I-
    129F. Make sure it is signed and dated.

 5. Proof of having met in the last two years. (see Below)

 6. Original statements from the US Citizen and the foreign finance (e).
    This is to certify your intent to marry within 90 days of entering the
    US on a K-1 Visa. (Letter of Intent Example)

 7. Form G-325A (all 4 pages) filled out by the US Citizen. Make sure it
    is signed and dated. (G-325A Example)

 8. One passport-type photo of the US Citizen. Write full name of US
    Citizen on the back and place inside a plastic bag. Make sure to label
    plastic bag and attach to a plain piece of paper. This paper should then
    be placed behind the corresponding G-325A form.
   9. Form G-325A (all 4 pages) filled out by the foreign fiancé (e) signed
      and dated. (G-325A Example)

   10. One passport-type photo of the foreign fiancé (e). Write full name of
       foreign fiancé (e) on the back and place inside a plastic bag. Make
       sure to label plastic bag and attach to a plain piece of paper. This
       paper should then be placed behind the corresponding G-325A form.

   11. Copy of Divorce Decree(s) or Certificate(s) for the US Citizen and/or
       foreign fiancé (e) if either has been previously married. If previous
       marriage ended due to the death of their spouse, then include a copy
       of the Death Certificate.

   12. Copy of the Birth Certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a
       copy of all pages of the US Citizen’s passport. Passport must have a
       validity of at least 5 years. Can also use a copy of the US Citizen’s
       naturalization certificate (front and back). These are sued to establish
       US Citizenship.

  Mail the I-129F Package to the USCIS service center. Section 12 of the I-
 129F instructions lists where you will need to send the completed package.
     For safety, mail the package with return receipt request and delivery
  confirmation. Also, make sure you make two copies of the entire packet
including the check or money order. All forms must be original with original
    signatures. Please retain all original supporting evidence and send the
USCIS photocopies. The USCIS has the right to check your originals if they
feel the need and will request an RFE (Request for Evidence) if they want to
                                  see originals.
  Proof of having met in the Past Two Years and an Ongoing

Try to include as many items as possible to avoid a possible RFE.

   • Color photos of you and your fiancé (e) together. Make sure you write
     information on the back of the photo’s including name, date and the
     location photo taken. It is a good idea to include anywhere between 4-
     10 photo’s.

   • Copies of airline boarding passes, itineraries, hotel receipts, passport
     stamps, credit card receipts and any other documents that show
     evidence of being together within the past two years. It is a good idea
     to use post it notes with the dates and locations on the copies.

   • The following items do not show proof of meeting, but do show proof
     of on going relationship. Items that show proof are copies on phone
     bills, copies of cell phone bills, emails, letters, hand written letters,
     copies of the stamps and envelopes and engagement ring receipt. It is
     a good idea to include 2-4 of each type to include in packet.

Packet to send to fiancé (e) once the I-129F has been approved.
                  (Notice of Action 2 (NOA2))

   • A copy of the I-129F packet that was sent to USCIS. Also include any
     copies of information that you did if you received an RFE.

   • Send all original proof documents that you submitted with your I-
     129F packet. Your fiancé (e) will need this for their interview.

   • Send another original letter of intent to your fiancé (e) that is signed
     and dated. Need this for the interview. This shows that your still
     supporting the K-1 visa application and your desire to still be married.

   • A copy of your Notice of Action 2 that was received in the mail.

   • I-134: Affidavit of Support form. Make sure it is signed and includes
     all supporting information. Should collect this as soon as possible as
   some documents take a while to receive. You will need a minimum of
   2-3 of your most recent pay stubs, a signed letter from your employee
   (Listing your job position, start date, salary and job status), bank
   statements and assets. Begin collecting once you receive your NOA2.
   (I-134 Example)

• Proof of ongoing relationship from the date between your I-129F file
  and the present. Use the same examples from the I-129F proof of
  relationship documents.

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