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									Werner Grosse - IPM (International Perforation Management) Copyright

ODSTM-1 in-situ dynamic measurement of surface tension, surface energy

dyne level or wettability at fast moving plastic substrates, films, foils

prior German patent application DE19543289

modifications - tests with monolithic spectrometer process, 21.12.2010

Test condition - LDPE film - one side corona treated - A - 38 mN/m - B - 48 mN/m - C - 52 mN/m

graphics scales - X = wave length in nm - y = relative optical transmission

Graphic 1 – LDPE film 38 mN/m – one side corona treated
Graphic 2 – LDPE film 38 mN/m – one side corona treated

Graphic 3 – LDPE film 48 mN/m – one side corona treated
Graphic 4 – LDPE film 48 mN/m – one side corona treated
Graphic 5 – LDPE film 52 mN/m – one side corona treated

Graphic 6 – LDPE film 52 mN/m – one side corona treated

surface tension wettability dyne
Opto Dynamic Surface Tension Wettability Dyne in-situ Measurement
ODSTM-1 at fast moving plastic or packaging film, foil or other substrate as like BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE,

Patent application : DE19543289
Patent classification : G 01 L 1/24


Non-contact, real-time and optical online operation surface-tension or surface-energy dynes control systems
for running webs as like plastic films in general, coatings, laminates etc. does not exist worldwide. Due to the
broad application field of surface-treated or surface-non-treated webs of plastic film, foil, tear tape, non-
woven, fabrics, laminates or coated paper, there is unimaginable market potential here in respect of the inline
process measuring of the surface tension dynes or wettablity and an inline control of the dynes treatment
level and moderate quality control.

A large number of companies are interest in project cooperation, system development, prototyping,
manufacturing, testing, and worldwide sales, system purchasing and licensing in order of the working
principle of the ODSTM-1 Process Measuring System and former Patent application DE19543289.

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Publications, patent applications relating to state-of-the-art STATIC surface tension measurement

Significant here are the recent relatively new applications which, without exception, concern the static
detection and determination of the surface tension value with sequentially applied liquid drops and imaging
system. It includes: DE4102990, DE3808860, EP0237221 and DE3410778. Further information mention in
application document.

Actual status ODSTM-1 development

Further information concerning publications, patents and engineering reports are specified in the below
applications. Spectral measurements as well the feasibility study with well known optical institutes are
positive finished. Furthermore some significant modifications and breakthroughs of the base ODSTM-1
measuring process in using state-of-the-art monolithic spectrometers and PC support. Specific information of
current project status on request.

Regarding ODSTM-1 development and project status together with a well known optical institute specific
measurements with monolithic spectrometers wave ranges from 1,200 up to 1,600 nm are successful done
all measurements are based on the detection principle which are described in the former patent application
DE19543289 used non treated LDPE films in 15 and 30 microns thicknesses by 28 mN/m base level
comparison measurements of LDPE films with one side corona treated of 38, 48, 52, 60 mN/m test results
are positive with good prospects for further developments.

Extracts of publications, patent applications relating to state-of-the-art of STATIC surface tension
measurement have been compiled.

Significant recent relatively new applications which, without exception, concern the static detection and
determination of the surface tension value with sequentially applied liquid drops and imaging system. This
includes DE4102990, DE3808860, EP0237221 and DE3410778. Further information are mentioned in the
application document.

datas of Opto Dynamic Surface-Tension Measuring system ODSTM-1
     web widths: up to 6,000 mm
     web speeds: up to 600 m/min
     substrates : PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, EVA, BOPP, etc.
     surface-tension measuring range: 30 - 55 mNm
     resolution, respectively, reproduction: +/- 0.5 mNm
     single-sided or double-sided measurement of the treated or untreated sides of the film
     IR wavelength range: 1,200 - 1,800nm
     mode: dual scattered light, multiple sensor system, variable wavelengths in transmission
     measuring method: similar to ellipsometry
     measuring gap: approx. 5 - 20mm
     stationary and/or web-traversing measuring head
     optical fiber waveguide to measuring head system
     spatially remote, highly-stable IR light source with beam processing
     wavelength variation via a monolithic optical converter
     industrial PC, multiple processor system, data recording, analysis, product documentation, statistics
     actual value output : optical fiber, serial RS 232, RS485, RS 422, PROFIBUS, CANBUS, Ethernet
Described is a method and device for optical dynamic inline surface tension measurement in which a
substrate web running vertically through a measuring gap is subjected to a chromatic light transmission from
two optical channels displaced by 90° to each other.

This light transmission is detectable by two optical detection systems located on the other side of the web.
Material-specific wavelength selection, light transmission angle changes, polarization slot diaphragms and
transverse displacements of the light beam feeder along the optical X-axis result in extreme scattering and
diffraction of the IR light photons in the boundary layer area on both sides of the sub nano layer within the
substrate web. Their transmitted light intensity enables, after detection and evaluation, the determination of a
direct relationship to the absolute surface tension.

And this entirely independent of the material specific influences like: material and surface consistency,
crystallinity, thickness, density, structure, polar grouping, temperature and type of pre-treatment.


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